Football: Big NFL day for ex-Bears

Pretty good Sunday for former Cal football stars:

— Keenan Allen: The San Diego wideout caught three passes for 59 yards, including touchdowns of 43 and 4 yards, in a 37-14 rout of the New York Giants. Allen, after a slow start, has 61 receptions for 902 yards and five TDs.

— Tony Gonzalez: The Falcons tight end caught his 109th career touchdown in a 22-21 loss at Green Bay. Gonzalez caught three passes for 25 yards, including a 2-yard TD. He is 54 receiving yards shy of 15,000 for his career.

— DeSean Jackson: Among his four catches for 59 yards, Jackson caught a 19-yard TD in the Eagles’ 34-20 win over Detroit in a snowstorm.

— Marvin Jones: The Bengals’ wideout caught three passes for 60 yards, including  a 29-yard TD, in a 42-28 win over the Colts.

— Marshawn Lynch: The Oakland-raised running back topped the 1,000-yard barrier for the third straight season and the fifth time in his career in the Seahawks’ 19-17 loss to the 49ers. Lynch rushed 20 times for 72 yards, including an 11-yard TD run, and has 1,032 yards and 10 TDs for the season.

— Jeremy Ross: Oops . . . didn’t mean to ignore Ross, who merely returned a punt 58 yards for a touchdown and a kickoff 98 yards for another TD in the Lions’ loss at Philly. In 18 degrees, he returns six punts/kickoffs for 244 yards –more than Detroit’s total offense on the snowy day.

— Shane Vereen: No touchdowns, but the former Cal running back caught 12 passes for 153 yards in the Patriots’ remarkable come-from-behind 27-26 win over Cleveland.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Im a raiders fan. And ive always wondered how the raiders didnt draft some of these guys.
    I remember oakland pasing on rodgers. And desean. And keenan.

  • Eric

    Jeremy Ross? A punt return and a kick off return for TDs?

    Cameron Jordan – two sacks of Cam Newton.

    Michael Kendricks had a great day for the Eagles.

  • Steve W

    Hey Tre Watson….

    Are you paying attention to this? There is a pipeline of Cal running backs to the NFL,and two of the best are Marshawn Lynch and Shane Vereen. I know that USC is trying to get you to decommit to their program, but how many USC tailbacks are making noise in the NFL? At USC, you would just be joining a committee of five-star running backs, all bickering for playing time and none standing out from the crowd. Remember, Marc Tyler?…..I don’t.

    At Cal, you will be THE MAN. That offense is going to get a lot better next year with you in it. You have a returning quarterback who set school records as a true freshman last season and an offensive line that is going to get a lot nastier to open holes for you to run through. Stick to your commitment, young man, and extend the pipeline.

  • Juancho

    Me and marshawn were freshmen the same year. Met his mom at that first home game.

    No player comes close to him as my favorite cal player. I hope one day he will wear that silver and black.

  • Rollonubears

    Juancho, I met Momma Lynch at te Tennessee game. Awesome lady, all decked out it #10 gear. We have so much talent in this league it’s ridiculous. I’m glad they play that up with posters and the like in the updated memorial

  • Juancho

    Roll my beloved brother.

    I will never forget his first game. She was wearing a t shirt with home made lynch and number ten customizations. And she was pure energy. So proud.

  • wehofx

    Juancho and Roll, great stories$$$

    Mr Tre Watson, please, please what Steve W said! Not to mention, you’ll get an education from a great academic institution!

  • Josh

    Didn’t Vereen get a rushing TD??

  • rollonubears

    receiving TD. got him and keenan on my fantasy team. started 0-4 after auto draft, including auto picking a lions kicker that retired last year. took me 3 weeks to realize it!

    go bears!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    This just makes me sad given the current state of recruiting.

    The complaints were “We have NFL talent and can’t compete.” Now we just can’t compete.

  • Gobears49

    Below is the top 20 schools with the most players in the NFL for the 2013 season. Cal is sixth on the list. Would be interesting to see which of those schools, if any, had a worse college football record over the past ten years than Cal. Probably Rutgers is on that list.

    For the full list, go to —


    Number of NFL Players ranked by College: 2013 NFL Season
    Each year the NFL stages its annual college draft. The usual powerhouse NCAA football schools tend to graduate the most player into the National Football League. Below is a list ranking the most NFL players for each collegiate school by season. While the bulk of NFL star players in the come from the most successful College programs, there is always the example of a big-time player from a small school (like Walter Payton from Jackson State & Jerry Rice from Mississippi Valley State).

    More about Number of NFL Players ranked by College
    – “FBS” refers to schools in the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision which is governed by the NCAA.
    – “FCS” refers to schools that are part of Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), formerly known as Division I-AA.
    – “II” refers to Division II, the intermediate level governed by the NCAA.
    – NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) consists of smaller colleges and universities across the United States.

    Select a Season:
    Number of NFL Players Ranked by College
    # of Players School Nickname
    58 USC Trojans
    58 LSU Tigers
    58 Miami (FL) Hurricanes
    51 Ohio State Buckeyes
    50 Georgia Bulldogs
    49 California Golden Bears
    46 Florida State Seminoles
    45 Texas Longhorns
    44 Alabama Crimson Tide
    43 Florida Gators
    42 Oregon Ducks
    42 Oklahoma Sooner
    42 Tennessee Volunteers
    40 Penn State Nittany Lions
    39 South Carolina Gamecocks
    39 Texas A&M Aggies
    39 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    38 Rutgers Scarlet Knights
    38 Iowa Hawkeyes
    37 UCLA Bruins

  • milo

    Yup, it’s sad but this is one of the few positives Bear fans had this season. And sadder yet, with Dykes and Tony Franklin, the ranks of Cal Bears in the NFL might thin. Tedford did quite a job getting players ready for the NFL.

  • Steve W

    Yes he did, until he became a sloth. I can’t put my finger on when it happened, but it was somewhere between moving the cot out of his office and telling his wife to keep the portions coming. His 2009 and 2010 recruiting classes will sadly not be remembered for how many guys made the NFL, but for how many guys that couldn’t even make the team.

  • 707 Bear

    Speaking of NFL talent, which seniors/juniors could be drafted?

  • Gobears49

    I doubt any. The only one that I think made Pac-12 first team was our punter, though I’m not sure of that. Maybe Rodgers. We do have a lot of talent at wide receiver, but they have not yet demonstrated they are NFL talent. I think Lawler, Harris, and Rodgers are best on that list. Treggs is not far behind. Supposedly, most of our best talent has been in street clothiers, being injured.

  • rollonubears

    d’amato should get drafted.

  • 707 Bear

    How about Coleman? Fortt?

  • Gobears49


    Yeah, I agree. I think he was named all Pac-12, not our punter. My bad.