Football: Bears land 3-star JC defensive tackle

Cal got its second commitment in a week from a junior college defensive tackle when Trevor Kelly, a sophomore from College of San Mateo, chose the Golden Bears, according to Scout.com.

Kelly, a 6-foot-3, 305-pounder from El Camino High in South San Francisco, is rated as a three-star (out of five) prospect off a CSM team that went 10-1 this season.

Kelly also had offers from Florida, Colorado and Illinois.

A week ago, Cal got a commitment from David Davis, a 6-2, 295-pound defensive tackle from Long Beach City College and the grandson of NFL Hall of Famer Willie Davis.

Signing day for junior college players is Wednesday.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    From a rating standpoint, I like this kid a lot. Three stars for me is the starting point. But the bigger thing is the list of scholarship offers he has. He had offers from Illinois, Florida and a few other football schools.

    Look forward to him BEING HEALTHY and contributing right away.

    The other news is Joe Mixon will give Cal the final in home visit slot on his calendar before the black out period begins. A good sign.

  • covinared

    I like what they are doing. Tedford built his early defenses thru the jucos: Maningo(sp.?)Gutierrez,Giordano, Bishop, Riddle…. keep it coming.

  • Rollonubears

    Mixon, some jucos, a second year qb, older offensive line, healthy d….put it all together and things might be decent next year, even with sonny! I still think we need a natural grass practice field, and that field should be witter.

  • Juancho

    Rollon, my one comment is we need quality Jucos. Not just Jucos. We got Jucos last year. Drake Whitehurst, Kyle Kragen, Sione Sina, and I believe one other D Lineman who never played.

    We need guys who are healthy and who can play very well.

    Myles Jack and the two straight redshirt freshman heismans show that being a Juco versus a youngbuck don’t matter.

    Talent wins out.

  • Woj

    Trevor Kelly must’ve had no other offers. Or other schools had him as a 2star talent. Winless Cal getting any 3star recruit is worth popping champagne corks.

  • Daredevil fan

    I work with a former cal walkon player and he said that tedfords juco guys struggled and didn’t graduate at a good rate. So we need to be careful. But not too many options for sonny at this point.

  • Shades of Mike White who was a great JC recruiter. But in those days there was clearly more talent that was undiscovered in the JC ranks. Now with all the scooting services for high school kids and with many more programs competing for top kids there seem to be far fewer kids falling through the cracks. Which is why most top schools aren’t taking more than a couple of JCs each year. At least this DL is big. That is good. We also seem however to have two recent commits from two two star JCs – how much can you expect there really? Given Cal seems to have only 20 scholarships to offer this year, I worry they are not getting good news from their top remaining HS targets. Has USC come calling on Mixon yet or the new and improved UW? Recall how many kids Mora got to look again at UCLA when he was hired.

  • rollonubears

    i hear ya juancho, but from what i’ve read, the JC guys we’ve got, and it’s only a few…they seem like pretty solid guys in positions of need. daredevil, the culture has apparently changes at Cal. JT was fine with subpar academics, which was a bit reason for our overall academic failures. don’t assume these guys are juco guys because they’re not bright enough. first of all, i know a ton of guys that transferred to cal from JCs that did very well. for one, it’s a financial decision, but for many, they just want to play football and weren’t offered by a good school. two years of development can make a big difference for a two star guy. the strategy is very much akin to the billy beane (college kids over high school kids in the draft) strategy. short term, for us, it’s a must. you can’t go 1-11 and expect to get much of anything, but mixon is apparently still pretty firm on cal. i think the strars (as dim as they are right now) may be aligned. we can’t ask for much better than what we’ve got right now, under the circumstances. i’m semi-excited for next season.

  • rollonubears

    jeebus. just reread my post. i need some coffee.

  • BlueNGold


    Sorry Rollon but you still have not provided any convincing evidence that the turf at CMS is responsible for causing all the injuries. And I think that most coaches would believe that a team is better off practicing on the field it will be playing on.

  • Eric

    Is there doubt that Woj is just the non de guerre of the Moron?

    “Trevor Kelly must’ve had no other offers. Or other schools had him as a 2star talent. Winless Cal getting any 3star recruit is worth popping champagne corks.”

    That is the Moron’s way of writing. Ad hominem attacks just for the sake of trolling for responses.

    As Jeff F wrote, “Kelly also had offers from Florida, Colorado and Illinois.”

    Having read Jeff F’s article stating that Kelly had offers from three schools, writing that Kelly must not have had any other offers is typical of the Moron ignoring facts.

  • rollonubears

    bng, i don’t have time to research the turf. yes, it’s all circumstantial, but if another year of “unexplained” injuries doesn’t finally convince people that the turf needs to be investigated, i guess i’ll just weep for their ineptitude. two horrible years, two different s&c coaches, one constant. the turf. i do hope it turns around. i even mentioned it in my post “healthy d.” i’d rather try something different, though, now, than gamble on it happening again. real grass on the field, and practicing there, too, would be fine.

  • Dan

    Eric- that seems to have pretty much come out recently that Moron IS Woj. Woj couldn’t control itself and blurted out the same ” educational” background as Moron. With no edit feature on this, the secret was out.

    Also, re: your last paragraph that Moron, it’s been pretty clear that Moron/Woj either can’t read/listen/process understand, or just chooses not to- so there’s that too.

  • BlueNGold


    Rollon, the big flaw in your theory is that there were a lot of injuries before the new turf was installed during the CMS retrofit, as well as during the time the stadium was closed.