Football: Zach Kline to transfer to Oregon St.

Zach Kline, who served as Cal’s backup quarterback this season, has told Oregon State’s coaching staff he intends to transfer there, the Portland Tribune reported.

Kline, a redshirt freshman from Danville, would have to sit out next season before becoming eligible to play in 2015.

There have been questions about the penalty for an intra-conference transfer, including suggestions that Kline would have to sit out two seasons.

I don’t believe that’s the case. Based on the excerpt below, from the Pac-12 Conference, sounds like Kline would sit out next season and attend school without financial aid, and then would be cleared to play the following season:

 “If you intend to transfer directly from one Pac-12 school to another and have previously attended or participated in practice there you may be subject to the Pac-12 Intra-Conference Transfer Rule. This rule’s penalty requires that you fulfill one academic year of residence and lose one season of competition in all sports before being eligible to compete. You also may not receive athletically related financial aid during this period of ineligibility.”

An exception is that a transferring student-athlete may apply for a reduction of the penalty, including elimination of the ban on athletically related financial aid. But that must be approved by nine of the 12 Pac-12 faculty representatives, and it seems likely to be many would not want to encourage intra-conference transfers.

Jeff Faraudo

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Thanks for coming to Cal, Zach. I know you bled blue and gold. Hope things work out for you.

    I have a feeling Zach’s going to flourish at Oregon St. It’s always sad to see a player go.

    I’m needing some good news about the program.

    Go Bears!

  • gobears91

    I always thought it was considered “poor form” to transfer within conference. Not disputing the fact that Zach was loyal ’til the end, but can’t we all see this coming back to haunt us in 2-3 years?

  • Gobears49

    At some point, it would be nice to read why Kline chose OSU and what competition he will face from existing OSU QB’s who are projected to still be at that school in 2015. Perhaps Jeff can just provide a link at some point to a good state of Oregon newspaper article on this subject.

    While I think that Goff is a more accurate passer than Kline and the possibility that our incoming QB Rubenzer could be something Cal has never had before — a good to very good passer AND runner (hopefully a bit like Johnny Manziel, though that is hoping for a lot), I recognize the possibility, perhaps a strong one, that Kline could surpass them, especially in a future game he plays as an OSU QB.

  • Larry

    At least we will only have to face him twice if he wins the job after Mannion leaves.

    Good luck to Kline, except against Cal.

  • Good for Zach. He deserves a shot with a good program.
    You can make the case that Mike Riley is the best coach in the Pac-12 given the results he has produced over the years, without the recruits other schools get.
    Although the look to be having a solid year on the recruiting trail, now adding Zach as a 4 star recruit with still 3 years left to play. Seems they took two good players out of our backyard as well, Ross the RB from Pittsburgh, who put up big numbers and is rated higher than Watson. And Houston big DL from De La Salle. Shame theTop HS in the country next door and we always seem to come up short with their top kids…

  • Rob Bear

    Like most, I do not know this young man personally, but when he, Kline, knowingly chooses to attend a school from our own conference with full knowledge that he will be competing against and trying to defeat former teammates, then you have to turn the corner on the guy and treat him as if he were a USC recruit. Goff beat him out fair and square and the guy picked up his toys and quit on us. With or without Kline, with EXTREME PREJUDICE against the Beavers, regardless of who is behind the center! GO BEARS!

  • rollonubears

    maybe he will still rep “california” when he’s on sunday night football.

  • Steve W

    Had he stayed, Kline would have joined Mansion, Hinder, Bridgford and Riley in a parade of Elite 11 and highly touted recruits who couldn’t cut the mustard in Berkeley. Like Tagoloa, he got beat out by a true freshman. If anyone can coach him up and resurrect his self confidence, Riley is a pretty good choice.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I think Kline should do the “Eddie Vanderdoes” argument. Just tell the NCAA that you want to play “close to home.” Vanderdoes, from an area near Sacramento, was able to transfer from Notre Dame to UCLA without sitting out a season. Yes, Corvallis is farther from San Ramon than Berkeley. But it’s still “close to home.” Upon hearing the argument, the NCAA will tear up, especially when Kline tells them that his dad has athlete’s foot and that playing “close to home,” will help him personally.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    He will thrive at OSU. I hope he makes All American and his education at OSU will be just as good considering what kind of Mickey Mouse programs football players get stuck in at UC East Bay. With your pathetic defense he will rack up 600 yards of passing against you. Mark this post.

  • manus

    Let the kid play. He competed to get the starting job at Cal, but lost out, so let him have a shot at OSU: the sooner, the better. I hope he is successful and it should make for a great game when Cal plays OSU, with Kline as QB!!

  • Gobears49

    Here’s an article about Kline from an OSU website. Plays up the fact that he is “mobile.” He might be more mobile than Goff but, if so, not by much. In a comment to another article, someone said Kline would never take the field at OSU, citing his performance against DLS in high school. I don’t know the current OSU QB situation, but I think he should have a very good shot to eventually start.


  • covinared

    Matt Moore transferred to OSU from UCLA after Olson got the nod. He parlayed it into a nice little NFL career. Good luck Zach. I hope Goff stays healthy, you’d be great insurance.

  • 707 Bear

    I have no idea if he will start at OSU.

    By sitting out another year, he will have gone almost 4 years between his last start in high school to his first potential start at OSU.

    Man plans and God laughs.

    Good luck to the young man.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I wish Kline the best, a one loss season (to us) with a Rose Bowl win (cause even if we beat them, Sonny and Co. ain’t getting us to the Roses any time soon).

    I think he did more and handled himself better than anyone could possibly expect under the circumstances of his Cal tenure, primarily talking off-field, of course.

    Mike Riley obviously sees something in him, and from all I have read of Riley over the years, I highly doubt he would have recommended Kline to transfer to him if he did not see a legitimate shot at Kline getting playing time. He’s too much of a stand up guy to blow smoke up a kid’s rear that could definitely go to a different school and play.

  • rollonubears

    if it doesn’t work out for him at osu, i think we should hire him to take over the team.

  • Gobears49


    Starting a game really means nothing. Just playing in games is most important, followed by getting lots of reps in practice. Kline had lots of reps in practice and, I think, attempted over 80 passes in games last year.

    Though it’s not normal, Matt Cassel never started at QB in his four year career at USC and only attempted 33 passes. Yet he has had a very good NFL career, which is ongoing.


  • wehofx

    I wish only the best to Zach. Wish he didn’t stay in conf. Classy move on SD’s part.

    As noted, Riley is the perfect hc to coach up ZK.

    Bad news. per twitter: Tx DE Isadore Outing decommitted.

  • Eric

    Sorry to see Zach go, but Riley at Oregon State will give him a legit shot to become a terrific college, and maybe even NFL level, QB. I like the fact that Cal did not interfere with a North division competitor. For Zach, sitting a year behind Mannion will be helpful.

  • 707 Bears


    Good points, and like I said, I have no idea if it will work out for him. Seems like a nice kid, best of luck.

    To be serious for a moment, one of the interesting aspects of following a college team closely is observing the unfolding drama over the course of the years.

    When Kline made his 5-year plan with his parents on signing day, I can’t imagine he could have forseen all the twists and turns.

  • rotfogel

    Cal has not offered Larry Allen Jr. You might remember his Dad as being one of the best lineman in the history of football and a hall of famer.

    Cal should be embarrassed looking all over the country while there are better players in the Bay Area they have yet to offer.

  • wehofx

    per twitter:

    Marcus Griffin ‏@TheRealMG96 18m

    Next Official Visit: Cal Berkeley January 17th #GoBears

    Juancho or any other fellow recruiting geeks, does it seem like we have a legit shot?

  • Part of college football now days kids transfer all the time.

    And they should be able to given all the money coaches make , who can leave at the drop of a hat and transfer within the conference. Least we forget our fav coach Tosh and now coach Shark. None of them even has to sit out a year and they get paid big bucks to boot. Cannot wait to see the $$ paid to the new Texas Coach.

    I just wish a couple of good transfers would come our way. Opportunity to play right way at OL, DL and DB certainly.

  • Woj

    Recruiting decommits and transfers abound. This is to be expected from a winless (FBS) woeful 2013 Cal season.

    The situation in D.C. echoes what is/will happen at Cal in 2014. The owner/president simply doesn’t want to or in Cal’s case can’t pay the massive buyout $$ required to start over when its clear a do-over is required – Maybe Stormy and Mike Shanahan can switch places?


  • covinared

    dipshit: if shanahan was finishing his first year, there might be a comparison.

  • Juancho

    Wehofx, we’re the favorites for that kid.

    Best of luck to Kline. He was a class act and handled this year’s turmoils and challenges like a man much wiser than his years. He had plenty of opportunity to publicly complain or wine. He didn’t. He was mature. He was professional. And he was a great ambassador for our school.

    I will always wish him well and hope he has great success.

  • Drizzlyboy

    That’s too bad for Mannion. Nice kid, shoulda had a chance to finish his college career as a starter. Best of luck to Kline when he’s not playing Cal.

  • wehofx

    Twitter: juco DE Jonathon Johnson flipped from asu. Cal loi. Sounds like a big get.

    Juancho, good news. I still hope SD fires buh now that the Holiday recruiting dead period has started – but it’s looking more and more unlikely.

    It’s early days – we won’t really know till loi day – but doesn’t it seem like buh & co can recruit?

  • Mr. B

    Wait a sec…Just got tweet from JF, “Dykes said he won’t sign off on transfer of a player to Pac-12 school. So QB Zach Kline will have to appeal to avoid 2-yr wait at OregonSt.”

    Is Sonny bad for saying no?
    Tough question!

  • Uh Huh!

    These penalties against player transfers are no good. I know the rationale for why they exist, and I believe the 2nd year penalty for within conference only applies to football and basketball. The only reason that intra-conference penalty rule exists is to save coaches from looking like jackasses when someone like Kline comes back into Berkeley and lights up his old superiors who didn’t give him the nod.

    Please, someone, anyone, tell me how these rules benefit the players – and isn’t what collegiate sports is supposed to be all about?!?!?! No, they are unpaid labor which benefits the universities pocket books by the collective BILLIONS of $$$. See TV contracts: “well over $10 billion among the entire Football Bowl Subdivision”, according to this article: http://cbsprt.co/1cJzhAg

    That Zach Kline has to sit out one minute, let alone two seasons is an insult to the NCAA.