Football: Four Bears earn postseason honors

Seniors Deandre Coleman (DT) and Vincenzo D’Amato (PK), sophomore Chris Harper (WR) and freshman Khalfani Muhammad (KR) were named the Phil Steeele’s all-Pac-12 third team.

Earlier, Muhammad was named a third-team freshman All-American as an all-purpose player by Athlon Sports.


Jeff Faraudo


  1. Someone must have done an amazing PR job in getting any Cal player on an All-American list. With one victory, I assumed, rather presumed, that this dismal record would cancel any and all out. Apparently not. Hats off to those who made it and / or you learn something every day….

  2. I know Phil and the only reason he chose even one of your players for an honor is so that you lemmings will continue to buy his magazines.

  3. Congratulations Bears! Bright spots in a dark year.

    Twitter Pic at Blue Grey Bowl: Rubenzer and Enwere throwing “C’s.”

    Seems like Rubenzer is recruiting hard for Cal.

  4. USC – 45
    Fresno State – 20

    Two take aways from this game:

    1. Fresno is much better than you guys and would have killed you if you played them this year

    2. USC will destroy you again next year. We have almost the whole team coming back.

  5. Comment #6,

    Might not be with Sark, depending upon what the NCAA finds when they investigate his assistant, Lupoi.

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