Football: No surprise — Mixon is out

C’mon, are you really surprised?

Five-star running back Joe Mixon crossed the hometown school off his list of final three schools today.

The Freedom HS-Oakley standout tweeted that the choice will be among Wisconsin, Oklahoma and UCLA. Cal is out.

 On Dec. 3, Mixon announced that Cal was one of his top four teams, but that’s as far as it went.

I talked with Mixon little more than a week ago and he said that Cal’s 1-11 record would not be a deterrent. That’s a little hard to believe, especially considering that recruiting experts say Cal appeared to be the leader three months ago.

Mixon rushed for 1,704 yards and 28 touchdowns in 11 games his senior year, including 470 yards and nine touchdowns in two North Coast Section playoff games. He produced 4,281 rushing yards and 76 touchdowns during his three-year varsity career.

Mixon intends to make his announcement on Jan. 4 at the Army All-American Game in San Antonio.

My guess: UCLA. It’s not home, but it’s close. And it’s not 12 degrees in Westwood in January.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Its always been oklahoma.

  • 707 Bear

    Mixon’s tweet:

    Man The way I’m Gunna Commit is Gunna Be Too Creative! I Can’t Wait! #ArmyBowl #JustWaitOnIt #Jan4th

    I’m gunna thank my lucky stars I don’t gunna have to recruit these 17 year olds.


    Best to the blog and have an enjoyable holiday.

    Go Bears

  • Juancho

    Happy Holidays everyone. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Kwanzaa. Festivus for the Rest of Us.

    Thanks for another great year on the blog. A very memorable year for the best Cal blog on the internet. As we know those other blogs are amateur hour. We are lucky to have an actual journalist as the leader of this blog, in THE GREAT JEFF THE CAT FARAUDO.

    This is one of the handful of web sites I read in my spare time. And this is the only I really look forward to. Because of the comraderie and the brotherhood. Even when we disagree, it’s hard not to develop a connection to the fellow posters. Because we’ve been through good and bad times together.

    Some of the highlights of the year:

    *The reconciliation between myself and my brother Boalt. They said it couldn’t be done but we repaired our friendship.

    *GB49’s accidental post about stocks or securities. Where it appeared he got mixed up on what blog he was posting in.

    *Daredevil treating us to his poetry.

    *Eric and Dan with the continued maturity and leadership of this blog with their always objective and fair view points.

    *The whole Kline thing was fun to watch this year. Even though as you know it was hard for me because of how I feel about that kid.

    *Wehofx’s continued relentless monitoring and reporting of what the social media sites are abuzz about.

    *Bovine’s health scare, when we thought about launching a new Bovine Butter as some kind of lung clearing cream. Bovine I hope you are much better now. Even though obviously you are a dissapointed Cow given the Sonny Money Man’s lacklustre first year.

    What were some of your favorite moments of the past year? JEFF JUMP IN. WE SHOULD DO A 2013 BEST OF.

  • Juancho

    My top highlight was probably when Jeff mentioned me in his post. I believe for my birthday.

  • Juancho

    Oh and we can’t forgot those weeks when we were suffering all the technical issues and we were posting under other people’s user names and were able to see everyone’s email addresses.

  • covinared

    you only left out me and moron/woj.

  • Juancho

    Covinius. I think my favorite of your posts this past year was the controversey around So Cal vs Nor Cal.

  • covinared


  • So can someone explain to me how we get to the top 3 HS recruiting class in the Pac-12 without Mixon? I thought I read just the other day Mixon’s last home visit was Cal? What other ESPN top 300 recruits are we in the running for? Coach lacks credibility big time. By contrast what a hire Mora has turned out to be for UCLA. My New Year’s wish is that Texas hirers him away. Or better yet the Raiders.

  • Juancho

    Eastcoast. Its simple. Sonny is lying.

  • Picard

    Based on the tweet 707 Bear provided, it’s best that Mixon not come to Cal. I’ve always thought Tre Watson has more talent. Anyone have any updates on him?

  • David Swartz

    Faraudo, do you intend to call all of Cal’s recruits and remind them of Cal’s 2013 record?

  • Fool me once, but hard to believe that Picard. While the high school scouting services are always suspect — Mixon is rated top 10 by most and ESPN has Watson as #137 RB in the nation and low 3 stars, hardly a game changer. Assume a big difference is size. We badly need a big power back. Small and fast we have now in Muhammad, hard to be any faster given his 100 meter dash speed is almost Olympic qualifying. Certainly we are missing former RB Coach Gould,great recruiter and perhaps even better coach in developing kids once he got them here. Least we forget his last recruit was in fact Muhammad that is before Dykes gave him the boot, without even a call back.

  • covinared

    We need help on the o line more than a great back.

  • Easy Ed

    Good Luck Joe, I understand why you would go with UCLA or Oklahoma, winning programs we are not. I wish you the best but I sincerely hope we turn it around and you’ll come to regret life in Norman.

  • Juancho

    Easy. Wish him the best but hope he regrets life ?

  • Juancho

    Were like the raiders. We need game changers everywhere. And this class is adding none if farmer decommits.

    With the defections our depth will be just at risk next year.

    Add joe to the list of myles jack and shaq thompson of immediate game changers.

    He will be a god in norman.

  • Easy Ed

    Juancho, I hope the kid has a great career at Oklahoma but Norman? I’ve been there and it sucks. I can’t see how he’ll be happy there. It’s spilled milk at this point so let’s hope Sonny can move us along to a better place.

  • Agree on the OL — in past years one of Cal’s strengths. Underwhelmed by Dykes coaching choice there as well.

    Raiders that sounds about right.

    Hard to believe WSU played in a bowl game yesterday and our guys are sitting at home.

    Anything new on the Tosh front to change the subject?

  • Steve W

    As George Costanza once famously said, “it’s not a lie if you believe it.” The scouting combines will rank Cal’s class as either 10th, 11th or 12th in the conference, but Sonny will stick to his Top 3 claim while professing an insider’s knowledge that no one else has.

    As for Watson and Muhammed being the same type of backs, I have no doubt who would prevail in the 100-meter dash. But I think that Watson will be a more effective everyday back because he appears to have more quickness off the snap and is extremely durable. He was taking 40 to 50 carries during his team’s section play-off run.

  • Eric

    @Steve W – the race wouldn’t be close. Khalfani would win by 10 meters in a 100 meter race and 20 in a 200 meter race. That is the difference between Olympic level speed and fast high school speed.

    Since I follow Southern Section CIF football relatively closely, I’ll tell you Tre Watson is definitely a gamer and would be a great edition, but the big difference between him and Khalfani is the catching out of the backfield. Tre doesn’t. If we stay with an offense where the RB serves both roles, then Tre will be more limited than you think. But if we run two RBs in the offense (something I want to address on January 1) then you’ve got something.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Steve W, this will, no doubt, be how he explains it to Sandy, who will buy it, of course, but he better not try to pull that crap in a press release.


    Sonny is a slick talking used car salesman until he proves otherwise.

    I just had the last flicker of hope extinguished by this news. Mixon would have been a game changer because his talent would have helped bring in the OLs we need so badly.

    I just get more and more disappointed keeping up with this team. I constantly find myself wondering what could have been with a different hire, or at least if Sonny would have kept just a few assistant coaches, guys that retain the sales pitch of having sent guys to the NFL.

    Honestly, I can’t think of what Sonny’s program offers recruits besides the school, which puts it behind a sizable number of fine schools, a few within the Pac 12, and Stanfurd in our own Bay Area.

    So what does he offer? Playing time? You are already on the 2nd teir of recruits in this case as the top ones are playing anywhere.

    His system? Offense only, he has to resort to pimping his LT numbers in a weak division. There was no run game to speak of, so the OL guys are not likely to be eager to come in, especially with the news Tagaloa is willing to sit out 2 years to go back to our former OL coach.

    The only thing he can sell are dreams. Maybe if the recruits are as gullible as Sandy we can still land a few, but I’ll lose it if he tries to sell us on them with more Top 3 crap.

    Santa, put a nice chunk of coal in Sonny’s stocking for me.

  • Juancho

    I was saving this. But the fact kline, tagaloa and ragin are all transferring in conference is worrisome. Especially for recruiting.

  • Wehofx


    April 1 🙂

    Go Bears! Beat Creighton!

  • ScottyBear

    Where are Tagaloa and Ragin going? Knew Freddie was leaving, but Ragin too??

  • Juancho

    Tagaloa to arizona and former o line coach michalzik. Ragin looks like hes going to oregon. Kline to oregon state.

    Remember wilkerson transferred to arizona too.

    Ive never seen anything like this.

  • wehofx

    imo, kline and tags transferring in conf is not that big a deal because they’re clearly doing it in search of pt. they were not going to start at Cal, esp tags. (wilkerson will be lucky to play on special teams.) they’re california kids that want to stay on the west coast – in one of the best conf in the country.

    ragin, however, is troubling. he is the only one of the transfers/dismissal/withdrawals that was recruited by sd and co. I was surprised he didn’t play more as lb’s went down. (same way I thought puka should’ve been starting by the pku game.)

    for ragin it might be as simple as homesickness but given the current state of the team – esp D – it’s reasonable to conclude there is dissatisfaction w the coaching.

    per twitter: chad whitener is also likely to transfer. an lb recruited by SD and co. if true, another data point. perhaps, finally, the straw that breaks…

    I remain hopeful – probably because ima a dumbass – as bowl season progresses and staffs shake out, that SD will fire/demote buh.

  • Steve W

    Let’s put some perspective on this and remember that Tagoloa and Kline got beat out by true freshmen. I would want to leave town, too. We have to take Ragin at his word that he is going back to Oregon for family reasons.

    A cool moment on NBC’s Sunday night football post game interviews. Michyal Kendricks was the star of Philadelphia’s defense tonight, and after summing up his thoughts on the game, ended the interview with “Go Bears.” Bob Costas had to remind everyone that Kendricks wasn’t giving a shout out to the Chicago Bears.

  • Dan

    Kendricks’ “Go Bears” shout out tonight was no doubt Cal football’s highlight of the year. So sad. So true.

  • Woj

    @The Wisdom Cow Says:
    December 22nd, 2013 at 2:54 pm
    ….Sonny is a slick talking used car salesman until he proves otherwise.
    …. I just get more and more disappointed keeping up with this team. I constantly find myself wondering what could have been with a different hire…
    …Honestly, I can’t think of what Sonny’s program offers recruits besides the school, which puts it behind a sizable number of fine schools, a few within the Pac 12, and Stanfurd in our own Bay Area.
    …The only thing he can sell are dreams. Maybe if the recruits are as gullible as Sandy we can still land a few, but I’ll lose it if he tries to sell us on them with more Top 3 crap.

    Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.
    Alumni of Cal – You had low expectations for Dykes and he didn’t even meet those with his winless (FBS) initial campaign. I’ve been right before and I’ll be right in saying this — It’s not getting any better for you in 2014. Cal might not want win a conference game during his entire tenure. Cal certainly won’t be favored in ANY Pac12 game next year.

    Recruits that had Cal on the periphery are bailing. Heck, players in the program now are bailing left and right. You cannot blame them. They saw or contributed to Cal finishing last in conference, get their behinds handed to them weekly partly b/c of the horrible coaching emanating from the sidelines. You cannot honestly expect a 3/4/5 star recruit to now waste his opportunity at both the NFL and a good education on Cal where they certainly don’t get the the former and only maybe get the latter (Cal was last ranked in academic achievement for its football program in 2012.)

    2014 = another last place finish in the Pac12. Mark it down — 2014 = 1-11 or 0-12. Farudo hints at it, I’m telling you it will happen. I was correct on 2013’s final record in week #4 and I’ll be correct again.

    For good Norcal college football in 2014 – come watch UC Davis or perish the thought…Stanford.

  • covinared

    1:18 am. Alone. No woman, no life. Can’t sleep. Badger Cal fans to try to fill the void.

  • BlueNGold

    Wow. Maybe woj really is moron. Claims to be leaving this blog permanently, then returns 2 weeks later to resume posting the same old shyte. What happened woj did your caregiver put you on a timeout?