Basketball: Oregon game thread

* Click here to read my game story. And here for the Cal-Oregon boxscore.

FINAL SCORE: Cal 96, Oregon 83. The Bears (11-4, 2-0 Pac-12) beat the No. 17 Ducks (13-2, 1-2) for the 12th straight time. Mathews scored a career-high 32 points. Cobbs had 20 points and 11 assists. Solomon added 16 points and nine rebounds, Wallace had 14 points and four steals and Kravish had 12 points and eight rebounds.

9:05 2nd H: Cal leads 69-62 after fastbreak layup by Cobbs off steal and assist by Wallace. But Cobbs going to bench with cramps in his left leg. How long will he be out?

10:05 2nd H: An 8-0 run by the Bears and they lead 67-60. Oregon timeout. Solomon scored on a layup and free throw, Wallace a breakaway layup and free throw, and Christian Behrens just tipped in a miss by Cobbs. 

11:56 2nd H: Fouls and turnovers are killing the Bears. They lead 59-58 after a 3-pointer by Cobbs and a dunk by Solomon off a Mathews assist. But Cal now has 13 turnovers and already has nine personal fouls in the half. Mathews, Solomon and Wallace each with three PFs. The Ducks are one more foul from the double-bonus for the rest of the half and that will be trouble for Cal as Oregon is 13 for 13 at the FT line.

15:47 2nd H: Young’s jumper with 16:12 left gives Oregon its biggest lead, 52-49. Cal hasn’t scored on its past four possessions.

16:41 2nd H: A 3-pointer by Mike Moser — after two Oregon offensive rebounds — gives the Ducks a 50-49 lead. Monty calls timeout. His team suddenly getting careless and outworked.

18:15 2nd H: In a span of 34 seconds, Mathews has picked up his 2nd and 3rd fouls. Oregon within 49-47.

HALFTIME: Cal 46, Oregon 42. The Bears led 44-36 with the ball with just over 2 minutes left, but a turnover on the inbounds play led to a steal, layup and free throw by Joseph Young. The Bears turned the ball over three times on their final four possessions of the half, but still take a four-point lead into the break. Mathews with 20 points on 7 for 9 from the field and 5 for 5 at the FT line. Wallace with 10 points, 3 steals and 3 assists and Cobbs with six points and six assists. Young leads Oregon with 13 points.

1:59 1st H: Cal in midst of 8-0 run and lead 44-36, with the ball. Mathews has 20 points. Bears now shooting 51 percent to 54 percent for the Ducks. That wasn’t nearly as close earlier.

3:39 1st H: Cal is up 40-36. Mathews has 18 points, Cobbs has six assists and is running things very nicely. Wallace has 10 points and three assists. Young has 10 points to lead Oregon, which is shooting 59.1 percent. The teams have combined to shoot 16 for 17 from the FT line. Rebounding is even.

7:27 1st H: Cal lost the lead briefly after a 6-0 run by the Ducks made it 24-23, but the Bears are back in front 32-29. The Bears are 9 for 9 from the FT line and Wallace has made a pair of 3-pointers. Oregon still red-hot at 70.6 percent (12 for 17), but has seven turnovers, worth 14 points to the Bears.

11:59 1st H: Cal lead is 23-18 after two more FTs by Mathews, who is 5 for 5 at the line and has 14 points. (BTW: Mathews’ career-high is 22). Oregon actually made its first six shots, but sprinkled in the five TOs. Ducks now 8 for 11 from the field. Montgomery has just put Sam Singer and Christian Behrens into the game, trying to give Cobbs and Solomon some rest with a five-point lead. After the timeout, Cobbs is back.

14:59 1st H: Cal leads 14-11 and Jordan Mathews is shooting an and-1 after a fastbreak layup. Oregon has five turnovers, including on its past three possessions. The Bears have eight points off those TOs. Mathews already has nine points. Cal started two big men, but has played four guards against the smaller, quick Ducks since 18:16.

STARTING LINEUPS: Cal will go with Richard Solomon, David Kravish, Tyrone Wallace, Jordan Mathews and Justin Cobbs. Oregon is starting Mike Moser, Joseph Young, Johnathan Loyd, Richard Amardi and Damyean Doston.

WELCOME: I’m here at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Ore., for tonight’s Pac-12 game between the Bears (10-4, 1-0) and No. 17 Oregon (13-1, 1-1).

Cal has won 11 straight in the series, unbeaten against the Ducks since Mike Montgomery took over as coach in 2008-09. The Bears are coming off a road win over Stanford while the Ducks lost for the first time in their most recent outing, falling 100-91 at Colorado.

It’s a late one and I have print deadlines, but will do the best I can to provide updates here. Will be back with lineups.


Jeff Faraudo

  • wehofx


    Love it when they keep the rock moving like that!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Except for the complete brainfart sequence by Cobbs this has been an excellent half by the good guys. Crazy just how big of a play that brainfart was, though. Cal practically had them by the neck, ready to put them out of their misery before halftime, then let them (and the crowd) right back in it.

    That was a good example of why it is so hard to win on the road. Just one bad play can mean a big swing on the scoreboard, but a huge swing in momentum.

  • Joey

    Well these refs won’t be officiating in the postseason.

  • Joey

    Officiating hasn’t been the worst but very one sided but now it is just ridiculously bad. Refs call this even and Cal is leading by 12+.

  • Will

    Got your wish, Joey!

  • Joey

    Matthews is amazing tonight! What did he eat today?

  • Mitchie V

    Say what?! 2-0?!

    Jim Boeheim was right. We are better than last year.


  • wehofx

    I’m liking the personality of this team more and more. Even through the stretch of really bad calls, little or no whining.

    I think Kravish is going to have a game where he gets a triple double – points, rebounds and blocks – or awfully damn close.

    GB49, you got your wish, behrens was first and only big off the bench. He looked good. imo first time this year he’s played without thinking about the knee.

  • 707 Bear

    Two road wins with two key players out.

    Not too shabby.

    Will these wins bring a few more fans to Haas?

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Does Monty pull this off every year? Lays a couple eggs in the preseason, though containing some top competition, get thin roster-wise, yet still pull off some improbable road victories? This is a very nice 2-0 start to the Pac schedule.

  • milo

    Wow, what a game. Matthews torched the *ucks! And Monty owns Oregon! Eat that Uncle Phil!

  • Eric

    Big win boys, big win. 8 more to the dance.

    F off Lunardi for having the Bears the first team outside the dance!

  • Gobears49

    Happy to see my man Behrens being the third big guy and proving my prediction right. He is going to have to improve to really help us.

    BTW, I didn’t promote it like I have Behrens, but I did visit one spring football practice last spring, and did say, on that day, Goff was a better passer than Kline.

    Talent often wins out and Cal has it this year. Cobbs definitely is an NBA player. I don’t think that Soloman and Kravish have enough multiple skills to quite make it. But maybe Matthews has the makings of a shooting guard in the NBA (better than Bird — Matthews seems to have gotten into the flow of the game better than Bird has so far?).

    Too bad about the injuries. With a truly good third big man (though, like I said, Behrens should help more than Rooks, at least this year), and our two injured players back, Cal could go DEEP in the NCAA’s this year. Now, even with the two guys back, I think we’re still a little too thin up front to win more than two games in the NCAA’s, assuming we get there.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    GB49, you have Cal Goggles on. Cobbs is a fine player that should have a very nice career overseas (and probably make more money than Crabbe does in the NBA!), but he is not an NBA guard.

  • Easy Ed

    Bite me Nike U!

  • Gobears49

    Wisdom Cow,

    I disagree with your assessment of Cobbs. Gentleman’s bet. I say a good indication of Cobb’s talent, and a likely place on an NBA roster next year, is whether he is a first team selection for the Pac-12 this year, this year one of the top conferences in the country. I say he makes it. And you say?

  • covinared

    GoBears49: I usually agree with you, but not on this one. Cobbs ballhanding and passing have improved but is still not nb caliber. He also needs to work on finishing the drives through traffic. I thought Ubaka was a more complete guard and he went nowhere in the pros. Still he is great guy to have now. True leader who comes through in the clutch. I agree with you on Beherens. I think he is the key for us going deep in postseason. Really good athlete to spell Solomon and Kravish. hope he keeps getting stronger. Like the game in Maples, a very satisfying game to watch last night. this team has promise. I saw them lay an egg in Goleta. We will have trouble with teams that are big inside like the Guachos.

  • joey

    Cobbs is not NBA material for a few reasons. First, he is likely to not get drafted as a 5th year senior as younger players with potential will be chosen before him. He’s not very tall and will have a hard time defending bigger guards. He is a scorer but not a shooter. He needs to improve his shooting to be much more consistent. He needs to improve his passing. A more spread out faster game like the NBA will be better for Cobbs but i don’t see him getting a shot because of his other issues. Hopefully he plays in the D league and works his way up to an opportunity. He definitely seems to be a hard worker.

  • Rob Bear

    Cobbs is a First Team PAC 12 if Cal finishes in the top 3. He however will not be drafted in the NBA Draft (2 Rounds). Nice win Bears! On to Beaver land. Get healthy BEARS and with EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!!

  • Gobears49

    You guys may be right about Cobbs but I think he will prove you all wrong. He definitely has more potential than Crabbe. Just as good a shooter and can do other things that Crabbe cannot do (primarily create his own shot and pass). Couldn’t say how they compare on defensive skills.

    Cobbs is not small (6′ 3″) , which is clearly tall enough to play the point in the NBA.

  • joey

    A lot of really good college players never make it in the NBA and a lot of average college players have been great in the NBA so who knows but Cobbs will have a tough time getting in unless he somehow gets drafted. At 6’3″ (6’2″) he has to be much better at shooting and passing to make it. I like his toughness and desire but i never feel like he is making the other players around him better. Still a lot of games left for him to prove himself and I hope he proves me wrong.

    The shooting touch of Matthews and Bird could make them NBA candidates. Solo is much improved so he could get a look but I think he is not heavy and strong enough to keep PF’s from backing him down in the paint.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    A first team All Pac 12 is very possible for him. I love him as a player and absolutely loved watching his leadership skills develope over his time here. Most of all, I wish he had a deeper team which he could lead on a good NCAAs run.

    That said, Joey is dead on it. At best, he could fight very very hard for non-garaunteed money as the last guy on an NBA bench, compared to being a star on a team overseas. We don’t get much info on our players that go over, but many have excellent careers with very good money (and probably a better head on their shoulders for the experience).

    The NBA is also a joke in many ways. They have not played basketball in a long time.

  • Gobears49

    I don’t think that Solo and Kravish have the range of shotmaking and movement with the ball that I see in big forwards in the NBA. Kravish is an excellent straight up shooter, but not outside the arc, which will hurt him for NBA consideration. I don’t think rebounding and shot blocking skills (and even Kravish’s straight up shooting) are enough to make it in the NBA. But they are excellent college players and, I think could both play overseas

    Cobbs is a leader and seems to be very determined. I expect he will improve over the course of this season. Way better than he was last year with his out of control drives to the hoop. Wallace emulated that at the beginning of this season, but somebody on Monty’s staff must have told him to stop that, as he has done.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    And technically, Jorge Gutierrez made the NBA with his near month long stay with the Nets, but All-Pac doesn’t exactly translate to the NBA.

    Refreshingly, the All Pac team has consitently valued guys that are important to their teams over NBA draft status, at least for a few spots. For me, it’s one of those few parts of the college game that gives me hope it can remain something not entirely bastardized by commercialism.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    On a different note, what did people think of the announcers? The Oregon homerism didn’t bug me, but could they have been more monotone?

    Producers need to hire more radio guys like Roxy. I mean, when I leave the room, I’ve got crowd noise or silence to tell me is something important happened, but announcer voice inflection alone should at least be able to let me know when plays ended, a nice play happened, or there has been a change of possession.

  • Picard

    Cobbs is absolutely good enough to play in the NBA. He drives well to the basket and is a good passer. He runs this team and is the reason why we are winning these games.

  • wehofx

    Sean Marks – approx 10 years in nba and 1 ring. Do you think he had a better skill set than Solo?

    He’s in the Spurs front office now. Cal education at work.

    Ryan Anderson – first rounder but only those of us wearing Cal glasses thought he’d have the kind of career he’s had to date.

    Also another case of the Cal curse. “If only he stayed for one more year. We coulda…”

  • Gobears49


    Good point about Sean Marks. Given what he did at Cal, where he clearly was not a star, he had an amazing (or at least long) NBA career.

    I don’t watch very much pro basketball. Do you have any examples of guys who play a lot who are primarily rebounders. Maybe others could chime in here.

  • The Wisdom Cow


    Uh, yeah. Sean Marks could rebound AND had a 15 ft turn around fade away jumper from the baseline. There was little doubt in my mind he’d find a place in the NBA. That fade away shot from the baseline was obscene, especially from a forward. So, yeah, he had a better skill set than Solo.

    Don’t get me wrong, if Solo continues to improve, he may end up a bench guy with some sub minutes in the NBA because his body is maturing nicely, but it’s going to take some work and some luck for him to stick with a team, I believe.