Football: Oregon announces Ragin has enrolled

Oregon announced that former Cal linebacker Johnny Ragin has enrolled at the Eugene, Ore., school and will be placed on scholarship immediately.

Ragin, who left Berkeley after his freshman season this fall, is a former three-star recruit and native of Wilsonville, Ore. He received a waiver from the Pac-12 Conference, allowing him accept an immediate scholarship and become eligible to play in 2015 after sitting out next season, Oregon said.

Ragin saw action in eight games for Cal last fall, totaling two tackles. He is the third Cal player to transfer since the end of the Bears’ 1-11 season.

Jeff Faraudo

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Remember just before Tosh-gate, when it was hard not to daydream about Cal developing a Nebraska-with-Suh type defense after so many quality defensive classes had signed up?

    cues Free Four by Pink Floyd . . .

    The memories of a man in his old age
    Are the deeds of a man in his prime
    You shuffle in gloom of the sick room
    And talk to yourself as you die

  • Easy Ed

    Enjoy the Brazilian Hardwood Floors and Nike swag hopefully, the NFL is in your future because there is nothing else that you’ll get from a University of Oregon education.

  • covinared

    Ed: Comments that put down other schools academics are oftentimes unfounded. I know some ducks at work who obviously got a good education in college. Our graduation rates for fball players are still shameful. College is what you make of it. I knew quite a few Bears in my day that got by on beer, bong hits and black lighning lecture notes that played only intra mural sports.

  • Mr. B


    Maybe we were amigos at CAL, bc you just described me perfectly…beer, bong hits and black lightning.

    Perhaps that was the secret of my success? Maintained my alumni scholarship, went to a top law school, have a great family and actually enjoy being a lawyer.

    College (and life) is what you make of it!

    ps- I agree, bashing is not cool.

  • Easy Ed

    Well Covinared, I’m reminded of an episode of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series where a fictional jerkwater college called “Whatsamatter U” decided they wanted to be a prominent school. They hired a high dollar coach built a huge stadium and recruited the best players money could buy while the academic side of the school was in a building the size of a garden shed.

    That my friend is Oregon. If you go to Cal and play ball you have the option to get a GREAT education, if you go to Oregon and play ball, even if you get a degree, it’s the equivalent an AA degree from Contra Costa CC.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Mr. B, you had me until the enjoys being a lawyer part. That and the black lightning. I never could use another persons notes, another person’s law school outline, however . . .

  • Juancho

    My former boss is an oregon guy. Its a good school. Academically theyre a public school brother.

    I spent half my time in the bears lair at cal. The other half working twerking or in the library/class.

  • Woj

    @Easy Ed Says:
    January 10th, 2014 at 8:50 am
    That my friend is Oregon. If you go to Cal and play ball you have the option to get a GREAT education, if you go to Oregon and play ball, even if you get a degree, it’s the equivalent an AA degree from Contra Costa CC.

    Wow – the height of arrogance above and totally wrong. According to you – the only school offering degrees that matter and educations that benefit today’s young adults are apparently the king of quotas and worst in NCAA Fball grad rates = UC-Berkeley.

    I hate to break this to you Ed – the type of degree matters WAY more than where you get it. I’ll bet bottom $$ 95%+ engineering graduate from Oregon makes more than most political science or African/Asian American majors from UC-Berkeley. And have a more rewarding career too.

  • Mr. B


    I know, happy lawyer is usually an oxymoron.
    Guess I am fortunate to be the exception.
    40 yrs old, married, 2 kids and happy as can be.

    Actually did my own outlining in law school, so we must be wired oppositely…could never use another’s outline, but black lightning was my BFF.

    Only thing I’ve dropped from my routine is the black lightning.

    Life is what you make of it.

    Go BEARS!

  • rotfogel

    Was Ragin the one who punched out the Santa Cruz kid?

    Regardless, that’s sad, he looked like he could have been a good one, I hate to see him on the ducks.

    I just watched some highlights from Luke Rubenzer. His tape backs up his stats. He reminds me of Johnny The Man Must Sell Man-Sell.

    Rubenzer was the MVP of the high school all-star game and really looks to be the real deal. I thought Zach Kline would have been ‘the man’ but his scramble ability wasn’t as good as I had hoped and his accuracy wasn’t the best either. Although at this point I cannot be certain of Rubenzer’s accuracy, he is elite when it comes to his ability to scramble and improvise. I’m extremely high on him and given our shaky offensive line, perhaps he can supplant Goff this year as the starter. Rubenzer’s upside is through the roof.

  • Drizzlyboy

    Another transfer? If you don’t want to be a part of this program, good riddance. Not sure why he gets to keep his scholarship, but I don’t know the rules. I’m tired of wishy-washy guys who don’t want to be at Cal. I don’t wish him injury, but I have no reason to wish him well, especially at a conference rival.

    Perhaps I’m just too cranky today.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #8 – You are absolutely correct but these UC East Bay fans are blind because they are so over the top arrogant.

    Daddy knows a young man who played football at UCB and graduated with a Social Welfare degree. Today he works in the mall. He told Daddy how upset he is that “they” pushed him into that program just so that he could stay eligible to play. He realizes now how it got him nowhere.

    True story.

  • Eric

    It is amazing how hypocritical the Moron is. USC’s 2013 roster is chock full of the majors the Moron criticizes:

    Cody Kessler – sociology
    Max Wittek – social sciences
    Max Browne – communications
    George Farmer – sociology
    Marquis Lee – sociology
    Nelson Agholor – communications
    Silas Redd – communications
    Devon Kennard – communications
    Marcus Martin – American Studies/ethnicity
    George Uko – sociology
    Morgan Breslin – sociology
    Leonard Williams – none listed

    Notice any patterns?

  • ScottyBear

    My nephew was in town for the holidays and he plays football for Desert Edge HS outside Phoenix. He knows Rebenzer and his family and says he is definitely the real deal. Toughest guy mentally and physically he has ever seen. Rebenzer’s team beat my nephew’s team and hung 77 points on them. Scored every possession but one (fumble). This was a state playoff game! Luke’s mom was a Bear and is definitely supporting him to come to Cal. He has 4.4 GPA. Close the deal, or actually, maybe, get out of the way!

  • covinared

    Now Moala? lets hope the new recruits are ready. He was mostly a bust, but was one of the few competent defenders we had last year. Something is going on.

    in my day the usc athlete major of choice was speech communications. I was impressed with the center they had last year who majored in classics. pretty cool.

  • Juancho

    There was just an article on moala in the sac bee a couple weeks ago talking about his commitment to cal. And how he was ready for next year.

    Like covina says something is up. I have respect for dykes and his willingness to make changes.

    But geez its getting to the point where he may have dug himself too deep a hole to get out of in his last two contract years. And he may just be keeping the seat warm til tedford comes off the books.


  • Juancho

    I wouldnt mond seeing dykes make a run at raiders d coordinator jason tarver. His blitz would create havoc in college.

  • wehofx

    oops. mistakenly posted this on hoops thread.

    Ya. now this one I really don’t get.

    is it because buh got demoted? sacks fired? wtf?

    I wasn’t really counting on him for next year because of his exp w injury bug.

    we sure have a lot of nfl talent for one of the worst ranked D’s in the country.

    Feels like the importance of SD’s dc hire is growing exponentially by the day/transfer/nfl declaration.

  • wehofx

    Juancho, you think we have a legit shot at tarver?

    I thought he was on the nfl hot list – which also means future candidate for college hc given furd exp.

  • Juancho

    Everyone ive decided to enter the nfl draft.

    He didnt miss a game last year did he? I think jalil is the chronically injured lineman.

  • Wehofx

    You’re right. My bad.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    V Moala another Social Welfare major has declared early for the draft.

    Sherm failed again.

    BTW is there any reason why the recent Grant High School players were all Social Welfare majors include SydQuan who never graduated and now Moala. W. Williams did graduate.

  • Easy Ed

    Woj, you must be either Moron or an Oregon Alum. I said you have the OPTION to get a great education, unfortunately over the years there have been guys who failed to exercise that OPTION. BTW, As a Poli Sci major with a degree for Cal I’ve earned six figures for most of my working life and now earn well into that amount.

  • Easy Ed

    Moron, does Daddy still drink Bloody Marys to numb the disappointment he feels as the result of your inability to get into Cal?

  • Juancho

    Wehofx I offer you brotherhood and kindness on this fair Friday.

    I think we do. I think Tarver was a hot name the first half of the year. But given the Raiders second half (and regularly scheduled) meltdown I can see him deciding he wants to stay in the bay area and coach at Cal.