Football: Coordinator candidates emerging


Among the candidates who have emerged to fill two football coaching vacancies at Cal is former Texas defensive coordinator Greg Robinson, who says he isn’t inclined to retire at age 62.

Coachingsearch.com reported that Robinson has interviewed with Cal coach Sonny Dykes for the defensive coordinator position that opened when Andy Buh was demoted last week following the program’s worst-ever season on defense.

The website said that one-time USC defensive backs coach Marvin Sanders and recently fired Cincinnati defensive coordinator Art Kaufman also are believed to be on Dykes’ short list of candidates.

Dykes has two positions to fill, and needs coaches who can handle defensive tackles and defensive backs, one of whom is likely to be the coordinator.

There was less than three weeks left until the Feb. 5 national signing day for high school recruits, so there is urgency for Dykes to identify for prospects who will be handling his defense.

Robinson, who has served as defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, had not coached in two years when Texas coach Mack Brown hired him last summer to work as a quality control coach.

Robinson was elevated to defensive coordinator after the Longhorns were blasted 40-21 by BYU on Sept. 7, and he is credited with settling the Texas defense on the way to an 8-4 regular-season record.

Not retained when new Texas coach Charlie Strong named his staff this week, Robinson nonetheless is energized to continue coaching.

“I’ve got a lot left in my tank, ” Robinson told the Austin American Statement on Dec. 28 before the Longhorns played Oregon in the Alamo Bowl. “I really was considering darkening my hair, but my wife won’t allow it. I can coach. I’ve still got a lot of energy left, and I can outrun a lot of younger coaches, too.

“I got at least 10 more years left in me.”

Sanders, 46, currently is head coach at Loyola High in Los Angeles. He coached USC’s defensive secondary in 2012, but was not kept on staff when former Cal aide Clancy Pendergast took as over the Trojans’ coordinator for the 2013 season.

Reached by phone, Sanders said, “I have not had any conversations.” He did not say whether he was expecting to talk to Dykes.

A former player at Nebraska, Sanders coached defensive backs at his alma mater in 2003, when the Cornhuskers set a school record with 32 interceptions. He also served as co-defensive coordinator at North Carolina in 2004.

Kaufman, 55, has coached for 29 seasons, including 11 as a defensive coordinator on the Football Bowl Subdivision level. During Cincinnati’s 9-4 season in 2013, Kaufman’s unit ranked ninth nationally in total defense (315.6 yards per game) and 16th in scoring defense (21.0).

Bearcats coach Tommy Tuberville made changes on his staff on Jan. 4, saying he wanted a greater emphasis on recruiting the Midwest. “The defense played well,” he said. “This is more about recruiting.”

Kaufman has coached at Texas Tech and Louisiana Tech — two schools where Dykes spent time — but the two did not cross paths at either place.

Jeff Faraudo

  • covinared

    Old Texas guy sounds best to me.

  • wgward

    “Bearcats coach Tommy Tuberville made changes on his staff on Jan. 4, saying he wanted a greater emphasis on recruiting the Midwest. “The defense played well,” he said. “This is more about recruiting.””

    Hmmm, a bit disingenuous.

  • wgward

    @30 years experience: cannot go wrong.

  • Benny Gessurit

    hope sonny finds something.

    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Not the calibre i was hoping for.

  • Juancho

    Were getting killed in recruiting in california. We have enough southern touch. We need a guy local kids resonate with. Unless its orgeron.

  • Juancho

    Juancho is afraid of change. And i dont like not knowing these names. Are all of these names new brothers?

    I recognize eric. Esteban in texas. Rope man. Covina. Rotfo.

  • Larry

    None really jump out at me.

  • Larry

    An old guy, a guy coaching H.S., or a guy whom just got fired. Them is slim pickins!

  • Gobears49

    Test (hopefully I’m back)

  • Gobears49

    For those who were on the prior blog, since I’m not a techie, how I rejoined the blog under the new structure may help others.

    To make sure my actual name was not shown by logging in using Google, I decided to register for the first time (at least to my knowledge) under Disqus. But I couldn’t do that immediately, as Disqus somehow had my two existing email account names and wouldn’t let me enter post because they had those account names. So I had to go to Comcast and get a new email address. That was not simple, but I had someone walk me through it, which took about 10 or 15 minutes. Just used my old email password with my new email name and posted my old handle as my “name,” Gobears49, on Disqus. Hope this helps. I don’t know about other people, but posting comments on this blog is a nice hobby of mine.

    I will now try to post a link using this structure to see if it works. This will be the current Cal RPI ranking, which is #32. Can’t see how Arizona is not #1 — they are undefeated and have played a decently tough schedule.


    Before I finish, how about my man Behrens! He was three for three from the floor last game. Going to the game tomorrow and may go to the rest of them. With Behrens doing well, maybe he is the guy who will fulfill what I say is a need for a good third big man.

    May post later about the possibilities of who will be the new defensive coordinator. As some of you guys may recall, I was one of the first guys to be very critical of Buh, even before the season started. His comment that he couldn’t coach the 3 -4 make him, by definition, inadequate for Cal.

  • Gobears49

    What’s the deal on Clancy Pendergast? Has he signed to coach anywhere. A quick search of Google didn’t turn up anything, though there was a link listing 10 places he might end up.


    All Clancy needs is to fake a southern accent and he’d be perfect for Sonny. Actually, given his great record at Cal (except for one year), I’d take him back in a second. Much better, I think, than the other candidates listed.

  • AustinBear91

    Robinson is pretty good – he really turned things around at Texas fast. But he had a lot of talent. We don’t seem to have much these days at Cal. I went to the Alamo Bowl and his defense held Oregon to 16 points which is impressive. I really like Clancy Pendergast but I don’t think he is on the list.

  • Wehofx

    Last coupla days I’ve been checking twitter way too much hoping for school announcement.

    Big ov weekend and no dc!?! Wtf?

    I was hoping for randy Shannon or Pendergast.

    G Robinson did hella job w Tx and his nfl exp should be selling point to recruits. To be “ageist” If hired, I hope he brings a coupla young guns w him.

    Looks like I got my wish. Now – I think/hope – moron’s use of sn aliases should be severely curtailed.

  • Juancho

    Brother wehofx. Randy stewart this year showed old age and recruiting doesnt mix.

  • Larry


    You probably already know this, but every year it seems like 2 guys who sign on the letter-of-intent day do not qualify academically and disappear as a footnote to Cal football. Another 1-2 guys who have committed flip to somewhere else. Then we get 1-2 guys that were no expected to sign but flipped to us. I just wait until the next day after the signing day and buy the newspaper. For me, that’s the closest to being ‘set in stone’ as it gets. Ever since the Chris Martin fiasco, I don’t put too much into recruiting until fall camp opens and summer bridge is over. Just my thoughts on the matter…

  • JB Don’t Dance

    Shaw just lost his DC. I don’t think he will re-hire Buh…

  • Wehofx

    Twitter rumor I hope is true: Jhavid Best is going to be student assistant while working on his degree.

    Occurs to me c whiteside transfer rumor – which I passed on – might be false . Let’s hope.

    Over/under we get announcement of new dc by 5 today. Me: Under.

  • Juancho

    Scuttlebutt is koa farmer may flip to vandy given their hiring of mason.

  • Juancho


  • Wehofx