Basketball: WSU game thread

Click here for my game story. And here for the box score.

FINAL SCORE: Cal 76, WSU 55. Cobbs finished with 16 points and seven assists, Wallace had 13 points and Solomon had 12 points and nine rebounds as the Bears (14-4, 5-0) remain unbeaten in Pac-12 play. WSU (8-10, 1-5) got 17 points and 11 rebounds from D.J. Shelton.

5:09 2nd H: Bears in control with a 61-46 lead, but they have had some slopping moments and Monty not thrilled.

11:35 2nd H: Three straight dunks by Solomon — two of them off assists from Mathews — and Cal leads 52-37. Solomon shooting and-1 after the timeout. Bears have outscored WSU 18-4 in the second half.

13:31 2nd H: Cal on an 8-0 run, just punctuated by a 3-pointer by Jeff Powers, and leads 46-35. WSU calls timeout. Cal ball.

THIS SCORE JUST IN: Utah leads UCLA 43-29 with just under 16 minutes left.

14:47 2nd H: Cal inches into 41-35 lead after 3-pointer by Mathews. Wallace going to the line for two FTs. WSU is 1 for 6 fgs with two TOs in the half. Game being played at a grindingly slow pace — the way the Cougars want it. Cal continues to struggle in halfcourt against WSU zone. The Bears need some more transition opportunities.

HALFTIME SCORE: Cal 34, WSU 33. The first half featured 10 lead changes, eight of them in the final 5:17. Cal scored the final four points of the half to lead. A nice lift off the bench from Rooks, who made four straight FTs. Cobbs leads Cal with nine points, Wallace has seven. The Bears are shooting 46.4 percent from the field, but are being outrebounded 17-14.  WSU is at 40 percent from the field, but 9 for 10 at the FT line. There will be LOTS for Monty to talk about during halftime.

3:42 1st H: WSU leads 27-26 with Kameron Rooks going to the FT line for 2 for the Bears. Cal being outscored 9-1 at the foul line. (BTW: Rooks is 1 for 6 FTs this year).

7:00 1st H: Kernich-Drew hits a 3-pointer and its 24-21 at the timeout.  Cougars shooting 37.5 percent with five turnovers; Cal at 50 percent with three turnovers. But WSU 6 for 6 at the FT line, Cal just 1 for 3. Cobbs already has seven points, four assists.

7:55 1st H: Cal with 14-0 run to zoom into 24-18 lead. Cobbs has seven points (including 2 -3-pointers) and two assists during the run. WSU went six straight possessions without a point, four times coughing up turnovers.

11:18 1st H: After a nice, easy start, the Bears have stalled. WSU has outscored them 18-4 since the opening 3 1/2 minutes and leads 18-10. Cal has made just two of its past nine shots against the Cougars’ zone defense and has turned the ball over its past two possessions. Freshman Que Johnson has seven points for the Cougs.

15:59 1st H: Cal jumped out to a 6-0 lead and is up 6-5 at the first timeout.

LINEUPS: Cal will go with its usual recent lineup of Jordan Mathews, Justin Cobbs, Tyrone Wallace, David Kravish and Richard Solomon. WSU is starting Dexter Kernich-Drew, Jordan Railey, D.J. Shelton, Royce Woolridge and Que Johnson.

WELCOME: Cal (13-4, 4-0 Pac-12) tries to remain unbeaten in conference play today against Washington State (8-9, 1-4). Will have starting lineups in a few minutes.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Wehofx

    As long as our Bears tighten the screws in 2 half, glad to see behrens, bird, rooks and singer get minutes. I was starting to worry about the toll too many 35 + minute games will take on the Big 4 come tourney time.

  • Juancho

    This is a good team with excellent coaching. No doubt about that.

  • 707 Bear

    A few thoughts from someone who attends a few Saturday hoops games per year.

    Pre-game around Haas is great. Small beer garden. Food trucks. Terrific spirit.

    Haas is fun. Band. Replays. Little ones playing during halftime. Mini-cheerleaders doing a routine with Cal cheer.

    Terrific team. Fun to watch. Winning.

    So my question to those with a longer view of the program: What will it take to get Haas full? I was shocked at how few people were there.

  • Phil Green

    They just don’t seem to market to the broader community. Back in the day it seemed like kids growing up in the East Bay (and the Bay Area) dreamed of playing at Cal. All the kids in my neighborhood went to the games. Haas was one of the toughest places to play, even before the marquee names – when we had Roy Fisher, Leonard Taylor, and even Michael Chang. But when the building was remodeled something was lost. And now that IMG is running the sales and we are so focused on maxing out revenue, we’ve lost touch with the common fan.

    That said, if we’re 8-0 going into the AZ game and we manage to pull an upset, I’m sure everyone will be back. Let’s just hope we sweep in LA.

  • Juancho

    707, I was there as well. Surprised by how many empty seats. My two cents, it’s cost. Tickets are way too expensive.

    The center sections are way overpriced. I usually sit in the very top rows of the center, and even those are about $30. Those beneath are anywhere between 50-100. I’m one of the folks that realistically has to buy ~3-4 tickets to go. So that immediately creates an issue.

    I’m a marketer, and my recommendation to the school would be to lower prices and make up for that with increased retail & food sales at the games.

    As you folks probably remember, when I posted those basketball attendance stats, it’s surprising that under Montgomery attendance has been lower than under Braun. Better coach but the program has no buzz, even when we win.

    You walk to the arena and you would have no idea there’s a basketball team or game.

  • 707 Bear

    Speaking of the kids.

    Why doesn’t the ticket office give away the unsold tickets to the Boys and Girls Clubs, youth hoop teams, etc.

  • Eric

    My views – when Harmon gym became Haas Pavilion, and they moved the students away from center court, the place lost something. It was a bandbox back in the day, but always loud and intimidating. I remember being 2 feet away from the inbounder, right at center court. It was amazing. Now, it is a smaller version of Pauley Pavilion, which is a boring place to watch a game.

  • 707 Bear

    They need some type of dynamic pricing.

    For every game so far this year, they could have had kids go free with a paying adult.

    It seems the hoops and football facilities are way too big for the fan base. Every game on a big 55 inch HDTV doesn’t help attendance.

  • 66Bear

    You guys beat me to the punch regarding complaining about the turnout at today’s game. I wan’t there like some of you, but I watched on TV in Arizona where I live, and the sparsity of the crowd was shocking. I mean we’re on a win streak and fighting to maintain a share of the PAC-12 lead with a team that’s talented, well coached, and full of developing young players. Shame on the student body and the Bay Area alums for not showing up in droves to root the Bears to victory today. Whatever they call these recent generations of Cal students and alums, they are p__ poor fans, and I doubt if a tenth of them come anywhere close to True Blue. Andy Smith would be turning over in his grave if Sandy Barbour hadn’t excavated and thrown away his cremains.

    But on a bright note, it’s great to see that Sonny Dykes brought Jahvid Best back to the Golden Bears. He’s going to be a great addition to the coaching staff, and he’s going to encourage our young players and our fans just by his presence in Memorial Stadium.

    Go Bears! Stay undefeated! Beat the Trojans!

  • Gobears49

    707 Bear and the rest of the bloggers,

    I also was surprised that there was so few people at Haas today. The announced crowd of 9,348 seemed very high, given the huge empty spaces in back of the baskets, compared to the capacity of 11,877.

    I have two reasons why the crowd wasn’t higher:

    1. I think students are still on winter break, though I could be wrong about that. But I think the student section was filled, so that is not the best reason I can provide.

    2. I could be wrong, but I think ticket prices have skyrocketed since last year. I think I paid about $60 last year for a seat one third to two-third up between the baskets. This year it is $80. Pretty hefty for a college basketball game (just a note — the current ticket prices for the same seat for a woman’s game is $15, which I paid a few weeks ago). Maybe someone can tell me what that seat cost for a men’s game last year.

    Regardless, the crowds will come back, and probably in a hurry, if Cal keeps on winning. They could do that. Clearly, the most talented guys we have this year, in terms of being able to do several things well, are Cobbs and Wallace. Cobbs’ steal and backflip of the ball to start the break was a creative thing of beauty. If Wallace keeps up his shooting, he will get a look in the NBA, though I can’t figure out what position he will play. The guy has lots of skills and is very fluid driving to the hoop (as was Cobbs today). Good that he has abandoned his bull rushes to the hoop he did at the beginning of the year, where his shot prayers were answered by him getting fouled

    My man Behrans was solid, but he needs to learn how to finish his inside shots. Looking at him next to other players, I doubt he is as tall as 6’9.” Rooks was 6 for 6 from the line, so maybe if an opposing coach is given a T, maybe we should have Rooks shoot the penalty shots (if he is in then). Amazing how much weight he has lost from last year. Maybe i should ask him his secret. He still looks too raw out there, and does not seem to know what he doing on defense, but he has improved enough this year already that I can now see him as being potentially very productive — next year.

    Just a thought — does Mathews have more potential than Bird does?

    Our team was hurt today by having knavish, our best shooter, play so few minutes today, apparently because of hour trouble. With him playing more, the rout would have been bigger.

    Our team is getting very interesting, but I don’t think they have generally played the toughest teams in the league yet — Arizona, Colorado (though their best player is out), UCLA, and maybe Utah. So the jury is still out as to how good we are. Still, was thinking how much fun Las Vegas would be watching Cal play there and seeing some shows there, as I did last month (if Jerry Seinfeld is ever there and you are in Vegas, you should see him — he’s hysterical).

  • 707 Bear


    Did it seem that Bird was getting some hard coaching from Monty?

  • Juancho

    They have dynamic pricing. Which means prices just go up under current structure. Look at the arizona prices.

    Cal has not learned from the oakland As even though we have the same attendance issue. The east bay was hit hard economically. Tickets need to be cheap. And make money on the rest of the things attendees can buy.

  • Juancho

    Something else I will throw out there as an idea, issue, is that too many of the good seats in Haas are designated for higher prices. Essentially all the decent center seats are super expensive. And given recent attendance trends, the number reserved for this exclusive experience is unwarranted. They should greatly reduce what they consider to be those VIP seats, and make the rest of the center seats more appropriately priced.

    The empty seats, like our football games, are always in the same place. The expensive seats in the middle. As well as the “end zones”.

    The middle is b/c of business development decisions by the athletic department, i.e., pricing strategy. The end zones is due to the overall unaffordability of going to a game. Which should not be the case. The other issue in my opinion for those end zone seats is that, without being a top 25 program, we don’t have a compelling reason for anyone other than alumni or long time supporters to join.

    We need a compelling reason in the bay area to attract new consumers. And right now we don’t have one. For any of the major sports.

    We’re a great academic school. And kids that I talk to still dream about going to Cal. But in terms of fans that want to spend discretionary income and time on the weekends or weeknights, there is no hook.

    And that falls on the athletic department and their planning and strategy.

  • IAmAlcindor

    Classes start on Tuesday. A LOT of students are still not back.

  • Juancho

    Bird got yelled at by Monty for not shooting. It was funny to watch. I’m a huge Bird fan. But he has regressed since high school. I think he is having a hard time finding his role in this offense. Monty yelled at him for NOT shooting.

    I hope Bird sticks around a couple more years. Will do him a lot of good. He is easily in my opinion the most talented player on the team. He just doesn’t seem to “fit” yet.

  • Juancho

    I feel your comment is unfair and provides you a convenient way of saying you and your generation are the real fans and others aren’t.

  • Juancho

    Somebody from my generation could say the previous generations are responsible for the lack of success any of our major sports have had. And they built this culture of Cal sports mediocrity. As my brother Dan has so eloquently mentioned prior. And that would be unfair. But it would make a nice comment.

    The old blues who refuse to offer constructive criticism to the administration or programs is what led us to having Tedford three years too long.

    That commentary based on this versus that generation of Cal folks is unfair either way you slice it.

    The facts are prices are much higher to attend a game. We haven’t been ranked in years. And the economy is much worse today than it was 10 years ago.

  • Juancho

    707. That’s a great point. I’ve had this feeling for all of our major sports. As someone who coaches in an underserved area, I’ve reached out to Sandy and the athletic department, and they don’t give me the time of day. Even though I’m an alumn, even though I give, and even though I bring the Cal experience to youth in the bay area.

    In my opinion the current administration could care less about the local community or non-donor fan.

  • Juancho

    Students don’t sit in the center sections that continue to be spartan.

  • Juancho

    Just as a reminder to people, thanks to increases to tuition, Cal students today in real monetary terms pay a lot more to get an education in Berkeley than previous generations. So let’s cut these younger brothers a break.

    Let’s also posit the concept that due to the state budget problems a greater percentage of Cal students are (1) not from California and (2) International.

  • Gobears49

    It would be great if some season ticket holder, who saved this year’s prices for all seats and the same for last year, could give us a comparative breakdown, area by area, of prices this year and last. Today, I had a chairback seat jn section 17, between the baskets but on the south side, at row L, about two-thirds of the way up. Cost me $80 per. Don’t know how high you go up above me and still pay that price, but I think it is several rows. Decent seats and, unfortunately, they were generally filled in my area so I couldn’t sneak down (difficult anyway with the six year old buy — the son of a cousin — I brought with me to the game).

  • Juancho

    Brother GB49. $80 per in my opinion eliminates 90% of the consumers we need to attract to fill Haas.

    We’re charging more than the Warriors?

  • Juancho

    The people we need in order to fill Haas are those that live locally, love sports, and are not connected to Cal.

    That person, in a family of 3 is not going to spend $240 on a Saturday afternoon to watch Washington State.

  • Juancho

    In my time, the era I can offer as being the most productive in getting local residents to support Cal, is Desean Jackson’s time. Those stadiums were jam packed week after week, and I worked in Oakland at the time, and everyone knew what Cal was doing, and more importantly everyone identified with Desean as our guy and rooted for him and paid $ to come support.

    That to me has been the highlight of local Cal support.

  • 707 Bear

    Talking money and the Haas crowd.

    Looked up Udub vs Cal in Seattle next month and ticket prices for adults were 60, 40, 32.

    I guess we should feel better that our cheapest nosebleed is 20.

    I’m embarrassed to say my bar tab in the beer garden was more than my ticket.

  • 707 Bear

    Did you mean Oakland’s own Marshawn Lynch?

  • Juancho

    Yes sir. But oakland adopted desean. Bc cal had a clear reason to follow.

  • Steve Fischer

    Many of you brought up ticket prices at Haas, so I did a bit of comparison on Stub Hub using the cheapest seats. There are many factors involved but it does seem like Cal charges more than the average school for its seats.
    Most CAL Games has seats starting in the low $30’s
    This is about the same as UCLA but perhaps 50% more than Oregon or Colorado both of which have some seats for under $20
    The same can be said for Texas and Oklahoma -also seats under $20 however Kansas Jayhawk’s seats start at $95.
    Cal is also considerably more expensive than the famous venues at Michigan Indiana and Georgetown.
    Factors to be considered are the cost of living in the various areas and the competition. The Bay Area has NBA Teams. Indiana U is 53 miles from the Pacers. Kansas has nothing.

  • Gobears49

    Thanks, Steve.

    A comparison of Cal’s pricing to other schools’ pricing is relevant, but I think what is more relevant to determine whether Cal has raised their prices, and by how much (I think substantially) from the prior year. It would be great it someone can provide some data on that for us. Obviously, a big increase in prices this year would explain why attendance for Cal this year is down (though I think it will pick up substantially again, if Cal keeps on winning, though maybe not to the level of prior years if there has, in fact, been a substantial price increase).

  • Juancho

    The thing is attendance has been down for 5 years.

  • Phil Green

    Exactly. It’s not a one year change. Been trending downward for a while, as college sports becomes more corporate.

  • Phil Green

    Well said. This issue is gaining traction. Hopefully the athletic department is paying attention.

  • Phil Green

    Great stroke, amazing athlete. But doesn’t have a natural feel for the game yet. Could probably get away with sheer athleticism in high school. It’s pretty obvious that Jordan Mathews has better handles and a better feel for the game at this stage – which is great for us, because I don’t see either leaving in the next two years.

  • IAmAlcindor

    What about when Powe and Obaka were playing — did Cal get support from Oakland then?

  • Juancho

    Yup. Those were the same years as desean. Thats when i was in school. The stats i posted show call bball attendance peaked with the powe years and has fallen off since.

  • 66Bear


    You’re absolutely right about Harmon Gym being a much better place for fans and the team. In those days it was about the joy of the competition in intercollegiate sports, rather than entertainment and spectacle. And the fans and the team both felt that they were a part of the competition and the University community.

    The genie is out of the bottle, and I don’t know if the genie can be put back in, but I just wish that the students could share the experience that I experienced a half century ago. Student athletic cards cost $5.00 per semester, which admitted you to any home game in any sport. (And the student sections were where they could have the most impact on our and the visiting teams.) Without concern for money or obtaining tickets in advance, everybody who could just showed up and supported the teams.

    Also recall that Andy Smith coached the basketball team and the football team, and nobody got rich for life coaching a college team. Plus, get this, the instructors outnumbered the administrators and bureaucrats at the University. And all the students, including athletes, faced the same academic standards. And no individual student’s tuition included thousands of dollars that the University took from that student to distribute to other students (now we can take pride in the University’s national leadership in jacking up student tuition more than any other public university does so that they can take money from the paying suckers’ to pay for other students that the University favors). I guess that we were crazy in those days, because we didn’t yet know all the wonderful things that the University and our government could do create the Utopian paradise that they are building for us (but I confess that I sometimes fear that they are building it for themselves rather than us). Go Bears! 🙂

  • 707 Bear

    Cheapest Arizona ticket for adult in the nosebleed corner, $80.


  • Rollonubears

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