Football: Bears land two junior college prospects

Cal nabbed two JC commitments on Sunday, led by three-star cornerback Darius White, according to Scout.com.

White, a 6-foot, 170-pounder from Itawamba JC in Mississippi, is rated the No. 14 JC cornerback prospect in the country by Scout. He had six interceptions this season.

Scout also reported that the Bears also got a commitment from Dominic Granado, a 6-foot-5, 270-pound offensive tackle from Golden West JC.

Granado, who attended Edison HS in Huntington Beach, is rated as a two-star prospect by Scout.com.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Would be interesting to see some research on our JC guys over the past few years. Seems like this year we ate going JC heavy to shore up depth issues caused by the departures.

  2. Two possible views:

    Good players that can immediately contribute.


    Quote from the Animal House actives when considering pledging Larry Krueger, “We need the dudes.”

    Go Bears

  3. Vinnie Strange was from Goldenwest. I approve of Sonny’s JC heavy strategy.

  4. Not many recent JC guys have done much for us, but much of Tedford’s early success was due to JC players. It can be a quick fix with some luck. CJ Anderson was recent as was Chris Moncrease and the reserve OLB Ryan, plus the big ex marine who started as a DE. Tedford had Strange, Maningo, Cross, Hawkins,Rodgers and the mlb who has played for the packers and vikings, plus Guirodano and Gutierrez in the 2004 defensive backfield.

  5. Cov

    Vinny’s TD catch from Rodgers in the 2003 Big game at Stanford was a thing of beauty.

    That 2003 Big Game launched Cal’s fortunes. It was a win and in game for a bowl berth, which led to the thrilling victory over Va Tech in Phoenix.

  6. Cal JC transfers that went to NFL….

    Mike Gibson (Solano CC in the 707)
    CJ Anderson
    JJ Arrington
    Bishop (from Fairfield in the 707)
    Verran Tucker
    Matt Giordano

  7. My thought though is seeng the full list. Not just the ones who did well. I wonder if jcs have succeeded at a higher %.

  8. Transferring from a JC is part of the UC mission (not true of Stanford).

  9. Sonny better announce D coaching hires today so I can stop checking twitter like a social media d bag. It’s killing my productivity.

    Juancho, kinda troubling no tweets from T Watson about ov?

  10. Disqus acting buggy?

    Sonny better announce D hires today so I can stop checking twitter like some social media d bag. It’s killing my productivity.

    Juancho, troubling t Watson didn’t tweet up cal during ov? When Ucla got j Starks I thought we were close to a lock?

  11. Wehofx i think tre is solid. Ucla is going in another direction running back wise.

  12. I guess White must know who the coach(es) is(are) or else he’s just so high on Cal, it doesn’t matter. Either way, that’s great news. I would want to know who the DC is, though. Hope we find out soon.

  13. Happy MLK day to the brothers. Another call out to those who have yet to signup for the new comment system. We need you. What has set this blog apart from the competition is the regulars. And a few of them have yet to be visible in the new system. Bovine, Easy, etc., etc.

    I decided to do a little fun research since I’m off work today. Here are the past 10 years of JC recruits. Any follow up questions or requests just let me know.

    2004 David Lonie (Kicker)
    2005 Joe Ayoob (QB), Desmond Bishop (MLB), Lavelle Hawkins (WR), Mickey Pimentel (LB), Nuu Tafisi (DL)
    2006 Andrew Larson (Punter), Mike Gibson (OL), Rulon Davis (DE), Mark Gray (OL)
    2007 Alex Cook (LB), Skyler Curran (TE), Devin Bishop (LB), Charles Johnson (LB)
    2008 Verran Tucker (WR), Kamaron Yancy (CB), Bryant Nabuife (S), Donovan Edwards (OL)
    2009 Chris Moncrease (S), Ryan Davis (DL), Markish Jones (WR), Jerome Meadows (LB), Jarred Price (LB)
    2010 Coleman Edmond (WR)
    2011 CJ Anderson (RB), Matt Williams (OL)
    2012 Antoine Davis (LB)
    2013 Marcus Manley (DL), Drake Whitehurts (WR), Sione Sina (DL), Kyle Kragen (DL)

  14. I can see my brother Covinius reading this and saying we need to look at the previous years as well. So just say the word and Juancho is on it.

  15. Any thoughts on the rumored hiring of Akina as DB coach? Any truth to it? If it is true, I like it a lot.

  16. Marshawn Lynch and Brandon Mebane v. C. J. Anderson in the Superbowl. Congratulations to all!

  17. After all the insults that Moron (our awol troll — I LOVE that he’s lost the last place he can use that screenname) used to give Mebane on the old BI boards, it’s so sweet that now Mebane goes to the Super Bowl and Moron continues to stay home alone on weekends.

  18. Rope man, I’ll be honest. I’ve been completely unable to crack the nut on who the hires will be.

    Who is Akina?

  19. Yup. No real trend I see in JC versus high school guys. Looks like about half are guys that never played. And the JCs are guys who played in their second year at Cal. So realistically that’s about the same as we do with our high school players. But this year we need to roll the dice with more JCs like Tedford did in 2003 to build some short term depth, that we can leverage into results that will help with long term recruiting.

  20. Marshawn is the great role model for youngsters that Richard Sherman could be, if he would grow up a little.

    Guess that’s the difference between Cal and Stanford. Even the guys who grew up rough, adopt the entitled and arrogant persona of Stanford.

  21. He was DB coach for Texas. CGB thinks it would be a slam dunk hire if we do indeed get him, and may provide some hints as to our DC hiring. Not to divert traffic away from this blog, but check out CGB for this rumor.

  22. He was referred to as the “Ron Gould” of defensive backs on CGB

  23. Let’s please keep the CGB references at a minimum on this blog.

    We have an actual journalist, Jeff the Golden Cat Faraudo. Whereas CGB is amateur hour.

  24. Here I disagree with you Juancho. I think the more Cal sources that are read the better. Each site has its pros and cons, but both are immeasurably positive in value by covering Cal athletics.

  25. Last try. Over/Under new D hires are announced before 5pm today


    Juancho, pretty sure most everyone will return. Bet we get 100+ threads by loi week.

    Even better news, seems like moron and its multiple sn’s are gone. Thanks JF and it.

    If db coach is Akina I think/hope odds of keeping koa greatly increase in our favor

  26. Strange coincidence, but if it is Art Kaufman as the DC, both of Cals OC (Franklin) and DC would be OC and DC previously fired by Tommy Tuberville

  27. Thanks to you Sherm Mebane scored a 9 on the Wonderlik. You cost him a lot of signing money.What was it like being Teddy’s lap dog? You know getting all of those football players into the Social Welfare program in order to keep them eligible. And you still failed with the most deplorable APR in the Pac 12 and close to the bottom in the country.

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