Basketball: UCLA game thread

Click here for my game story. And here for the box score.

FINAL SCORE: UCLA 76, Cal 64. The Bears (14-6, 5-2) go 0-for-2 on the L.A. weekend, falling into a second-place tie with the Bruins (16-4, 5-2). Jordan Mathews finished with 18 points for Cal, Justin Cobbs had 14 and Bird 12. Richard Solomon had nine points nad 14 rebounds. Kyle Anderson had 17 points, 12 rebounds and five assists to lead UCLA while David Wear scored 18.

3:22 2nd H: UCLA has gone 11-2 on the Bears and rebuilt its lead to 66-55.

7:56 2nd H: Bird scored 12 points in a span of 3:56, sparking an 18-2 Cal run. UCLA now leads 55-50.

9:41 2nd H: We have a game. Imagine that. Bird has scored back-to-back fastbreak drives and Cal is within 53-47 after trailing by 19 just 5 1/2 minutes ago.

10:55 2nd H: Down 51-32 with 15:21 left, Cal responded with an 11-2 run and now trails 53-44. Fueling the burst were 3-pointers by Bird and Cobbs and a jumper by Mathews. Bird’s shot, with 12:15 left, was the Bears’ first field goal of the half after eight straight misses.

14:16 2nd H: UCLA up 51-33.Cal still without a FG in the half.

15:53 2nd H: UCLA leads 49-32 and this one is just about over. Kyle Anderson taking over the game. He already has seven points in the half, including a 3-pointer, and is going to the line for an and-1 FT after a gliding layin.  In seven offensive possessions this half, the Bears are 0 for 3 from the field, 3 for 4 from the FT line with two TOs.

HALFTIME SCORE: UCLA 40, Cal 29. The Bruins were so good they even scored a point after the half ended. An earlier 2-point jumper by Adams was ruled to have been a 3-pointer, so the UCLA lead is 11 points. Cal is shooting just 34.5 percent (10 for 29) and has made 1 of 9 shots from the 3-point arc. Cal is getting outrebounded 21-13. UCLA shooting 53.6 percent (15 for 28), including 4 of 6 from deep. Mathews leads Cal with 9 points and Solomon has 8 pts and 6 rebs, but he missed an alley oop dunk try midway through the half and couldn’t get a layup in traffic to fall in the final seconds of the half. Tyrone Wallace is 0 for 5, and scoreless in the first half of both games in L.A. this week. UCLA’s David Wear, who scored just 4 points against Stanford on Thursday, has 16 already. 

3:12 1st H: Cal tries to stop the bleeding. A dunk by Solomon off a lob from Cobbs, then a fastbreak layup by Mathews off a feed from Singer and it’s 33-23. Jabari Bird came in at 8:43, but left for Singer with 4:31 left. Bird still looking tentative.

5:00 1st H:  Big trouble for the Bears, who trail 33-19 after a 14-2 run over the past 7 minutes. Cal has turned the ball over on its past three possessions, so its 31.8-percent shooting mark remains unchanged. UCLA moving the ball well and getting easy shots. Cal struggling to get a good look against the UCLA zone defense.

6:51 1st H: Cal got within 19-17 after a jumper by Kravish, but UCLA now leads 25-19. Cal is shooting 31.8 percent (7 for 22), including 1 for 7 from the 3-point arc. Wallace and Cobbs are a combined 1 for 9. The Bears also continue to get bludgeoned on the boards, outrebounded 17-9 so far.

11:55 1st H: UCLA is up 19-13 with Christian Behrens going to the FT line to shoot 2. Behrens and Sam Singer came into the game at 12:09 as Cal’s first subs. UCLA killing Cal (10-3) on the boards. Bears shooting 5 for 13.

15:10 1st H: UCLA leads 11-7. Bears shooting 3 for 9 to open the game. UCLA is 5 for 8, but has three turnovers — all by PG Kyle Anderson, who is being defended by Tyrone Wallace. Jordan Mathews with five points for Cal.

STARTING LINEUPS: Cal will go with Richard Solomon, David Kravish, Jordan Mathews, Tyrone Wallace and Justin Cobbs. UCLA goes with David and Travis Wear, Norman Powell, Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson.

WELCOME: My two-day hiatus is over and I’m back at Pauley Pavilion for today’s Cal-UCLA game. Just as the Bears did, I went home to split up this long road trip, trekking back to the Bay Area after watching Stanford lose to the Bruins on Thursday night.

It’s a big game for Cal and it won’t be easy.

But the Bears have a secret weapon . . . pink sneakers they will wear in honor of Coaches vs. Cancer.

I’ll be back with starting lineups.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Wehofx

    Measuring stick game. Are we for real?

    Go Bears!

    JF and my btb brothers, what do you think of freedom of movement/no hand checking rule?

    Me: limited sample but so far I like it and there’s still plenty of contact. Plus PAC standings show if you can’t play D, you can’t win.

  • Wehofx

    Welcome back Mr Bird!

  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    Counting the days, hours and minutes before Monty shoves another UC East Bay player.

  • Chris

    Fugly last 2 games for Cal. Never led for 1 second of either game. Showed up cocky and complacent against USC and got their behinds handed to them. The loss against a much better UCLA team was predictable. Should have won the SC game b/c today’s loss was expected from day #1. Tumbling out of the NCAAs? Quite possibly.

  • Gobears49

    Soloman has confirmed that he should not be shooting unless he is dunking it. He’s very athletic, but he’s just not a shooter. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the pass inside/pass outside game from using either him or Kravish. We have decent outside shooters to utilize that type of scheme. Now, once the ball goes into the paint, it stays there, with all sort of collapsing on the inside guy who gets the ball. There would be less collapsing if the ball started to go back outside some.

    Also, I thought UCLA pushed Kravish a bit outside his true shooting range, which is normally about ten feet.

    We are still in the hunt. UCLA just has more consistent talent than we have. We have only played at home two of the seven league games played, and we are close to the top. We just need to get better shots, somehow. Wallace had better start shooting better. He will never make the pro’s shooting like this. But I actually think we have a very good shot to be the third best team in the league, after Zona and UCLA If we get those results, we should make the dance in a breeze.

  • Eric

    While any loss is not good, this was not surprising. UCLA is talented.
    We need to get to 20 wins to makes the NCAA as our RPI will remain strong. There are easily six wins in the remaining games. We just cannot lose the gimmees.

  • Rollonubears

    chemistry is shot. free throws starting to take their toll, as suggested earlier in the season. they haven’t gotten better. 5 on 7 doesn’t help either, which is always the case for us on the road. horrible road trip. we blew it.

  • BlakeStreetBear


  • Mitch

    The awful former-UCLA player turned commentator (Corey Williams?) made one interesting observation: As Tyrone Wallace goes, so goes Cal.

    We’re ok. Let’s turn this around Wednesday night.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Relax dude.

    “we blew it”. Really? losing on the road in the pac12 is “blowing it”? you sound like a pouty 5th grader. And how did we “blow it” if it was the refs fault, which you certainly allude to.

    “chemistry is shot.” were you in the locker room after the game? How do you know that? The team battled after they were down, that isn’t the sign of a chemistry-less team imho.

    “free throws starting to take their toll”, 20-27 last night, 74% is pretty good, so not sure what game you were watching…

    Post with intelligence please, the unsubstantiated ranting is tiresome, yet I will pick apart these lazy posts nevertheless.

    Let’s take it one game at a time, forget about the NCAAs, and lay a beat down on asu. It is still January, plenty of time for this team to gel (again.) we were 5-0 just 5 days ago, the sky is not falling, I promise.

    Go Bears!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I will gladly take a 5-2 record after starting the conference season with 5/7 games on the road. Shoulda beat $c, yes. But probably shoulda lost one at oregon or the ‘furd. All in all this is a great start, not perfect, but great. With 7/11 remaining games at Haas, the bears just need to handle their home business and maybe steal a win or two at asu, wsu or uw and we are looking at 13-5 or better in league. Not too shabby…Go Bears!

  • JB Don’t Dance

    This was the same way Cal played WSU and OSU. Slow start, giving up some easy lay ups, missing some opportunities. Ucla is just better than those two. The slow start is the biggest problem, Cobbs and Solomon have to move past quiet senior leader to show/demand more effort out of the gate.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Absolutely correct. The slow starts are the problem.

    Cobbs seems reluctant to attack until it seems “necessary”. He needs to realize that it is “necessary” to attack the moment the first whistle blows, not just when you are down by 8 5 minutes into the game. As soon as he starts going to the rim hard, it seems like the rest of the team goes a bit harder too.

    Cobbs is the leader along with Solomon, they need to set a bit nastier of a tone in the locker room before the game. I bet Jorge was masterful at that…

    Go Bears!

  • I missed that comment, but was just thinking the same thing.

  • Dan

    Love the optimism BSB. I’m sorta still hung up on the brutal feeling on the $C loss- they’re atrocious. Very beyond puzzling how Cal can lay an egg there. The weekend had that “TypiCal” kinda feeling – but love your big picture perspective.

  • Dan

    NOT counting the “days, hours and minutes” before the sad little loser that is you posts your next asinine comment. Im sure it won’t be long now.