Basketball: Stanford game thread

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FINAL SCORE: Stanford 80, Cal 69. The Bears fall out of a second-place tie, dropping to 15-8, 6-4 in the Pac-12. Stanford improves to 15-7, 6-4. Cobbs had 24 points and Wallace a career-high 21 for Cal. Powell had 22 points, 11 rebounds and six assists. Cal missed nine free throws and shot 41 percent from the field.

1:54 2nd H: Cal has lots of things to point at in this one. Among them, 9 for 18 from the FT line.

2:04 2nd H: A drive by Wallace and Cal pulls to 71-59. But time is running out. Neither team has painted an offensive masterpiece: Stanford at 41.7 percent, Cal at 39 percent.

3:52 2nd H: This one may be over. Anthony Brown just scored on a drive through an open lane, was fouled and will shoot the and-1 with Stanford leading 68-52. Cal has scored five points in its past 15 possessions, shooting 1 for 13 from the floor over that stretch.

5:57 2nd H: Cal has scored four points in its past 11 possessions and Stanford leads 64-51.

9:42 2nd H: Stanford has stretched its lead back out to 10 points at 57-47. Cal simply isn’t playing well on offense. The Bears are shooting 38.8 percent and have 11 turnovers. Powell has 17 points for the Cardinal and Randle has 14. Cobbs stuck on 16 (scoreless in the 2nd H). Kravish has 12, Wallace has 10.  Solomon, Kravish and Wallace each with 3 PFs.

13:21 2nd H: Stanford lead is 52-45 after drive by Randle. Cal with TOs on its past two possessions after getting the chance to cut the lead to 3 points.

15:55 2nd H: Margin remains six points — Stanford 46-40. Cal failed to score on its first five possessions of the half, but Wallace has converted a pair of fastbreak layup. Solomon went to the bench at 16:57 with his third PF. Kameron Rooks in the game.

HALFTIME SCORE: Stanford 42, Cal 36. The Bears outscore Stanford 16-4 over the final 5:15 of the half to erase most of an 18-point hole. Cobbs with a 3-pointer off a feed from Kreklow as the buzzer sounds. Cobbs, in fact, has 12 of the Bears’ past 16 points. He seems to have a recent penchant for scoring in bunches of 12 (see stretch run vs. Arizona). Cobbs with 16 points, Kravish with 10. Powell has 12 for Stanford. Cal had nine offensive rebounds in the half, five of them in the final 5 minutes. Shooting just about even: Cal 42.4 percent, Stanford 44.8.

3:42 1st H: Stanford’s lead reached 38-20 after a 3-pointer by Randle with 6:30 left. Cal has scored the past four points — all by Cobbs — and it’s 38-24. Cal with six TOs, Stanford just two. Stanford 6 for 10 from the 3-point line, Cal 1 for 1.

8:05 1st H: Powell has 11 points, 3 assists and 2 rebounds and Stanford has built a 33-18 lead. Solomon on the bench with two fouls. Cal has five turnovers — one each by five different players.

10:47 1st H: The Cardinal leads 22-14; earlier had a 10-point lead. Stanford is 4 for 6 from the 3-point arc, with four different players connecting. Cal has four different players with turnovers. A little careless early. Ricky Kreklow about to make his first appearance since Dec. 14 vs. Fresno State. The Bears need to do something differently.

15:57 1st H: Stanford leads 10-6 at the first timeout. The Cardinal has gotten 3-pointers from Dwight Powell and Chasson Randle. David Kravish is 3 for 3 from the field and has scored all six points for the Bears. Cal with two TOs, Stanford zero.

STARTING LINEUPS: No surprises on either side. Stanford will start Chasson Randle, Anthony Brown, Dwight Powell, Josh Huestis and Stefan Nastic. Cal will go with Justin Cobbs, Jordan Mathews, Tyrone Wallace, David Kravish and Richard Solomon.

WELCOME: Here at Haas Pavilion for tonight’s Cal-Stanford game. The Bears (15-7, 6-3) are tied for second place after their 60-58 win over then-top-ranked and unbeaten Arizona. Stanford (14-7, 5-4) is part of a five-way tie for fourth place, one game back of Cal and UCLA.

Jeff Faraudo

  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    Stanford players are too smart. It shows in the way they play.

  • Wehofx

    C’mon Bears. Wake up.

    Good news w disqus are no more moron an aliases. Bad news: its posts are no longer blocked.

    Its so stupid it didn’t realize disqus turns his attempt to use an sn alias to “guest. Fool. Lmfao.

    Another train wreck of a para from the idiot.

    ///Stanford players are too smart. It shows in the way they play.

    I don’t think even $c would grant a degree to a sub literate like moron.

  • Juancho

    So is this team good in spite of montgomery? How many of these trap games must we lose?

  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor


  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    I have no idea what aliases you are referring to. This is the one and only one.

  • Gobears49

    Soloman only plays well when he is charged up which, unfortunately, does not happen enough. We were totally outclassed today by Stanford. Hate to say it, but they may have more talent than we have. And they seem to be better coached than we are. They don’t play nearly as much one on one as we do. It’s unfortunate that Cal’s team game is so lacking that Cobbs feels he has to carry the team on his back.

  • Chris

    I thought Jabari Bird was supposed to be good. He looks like a guy that gets into the game when it’s out of hand 1 way or the other. And Richard Solomon – geez man 4 points on 14% shooting. Way to show up NOT! Cal playing its worst ball of the season game in and game out. Every game starts with Cal down by 10 or 15 in the 1st half.

  • Chris

    When you lose 4 out of 5 – there are no TRAP games in the mix. You are what your record says you are – and 8 loss Cal is simply not all that good.

  • Gobears49

    Justin Cobbs — 4 assists, 5 turnovers. Any ratio of assists to to turnovers under 2 isn’t very good. A ratio under 1 is atrocious. Certainly won’t help Cobbs in the eyes of the NBA scouts. Increasingly, Cobbs is playing more like a shooting guard than a point guard (and he may actually be more comfortable as a shooting guard, but he is a little small for that in the NBA). But Cobbs forcing up shots not be all of his fault, as he is not getting good outside shooting production help from Mathews of Bird. Wallace is streaky, but it is clear he is super quick and has a lot of good, creative, shots, that he can make with either hand. If he had a consistent good outside shot he’d have a super shot at the pro’s. But he’s not close to being there yet.

  • Juancho

    Well we started losing when jabari lost his starting spot. Which goes to my critique that monty is a system guy who doesnt tweak his style for his best players.

  • 1brsfan

    He was injured and hasn’t worked his way back into starting spot. We need to figure it out soon!

  • Steve Fischer

    A disgusting loss on national television, proving to all that Arizona was a fluke win because its star was injured. Montgomery blows in many of the big games.

  • IHeartDaddy

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  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    $3M and a NIT invitation.
    Wake up UCEB fans. Monty’s best days were back coaching Stanford.

  • Rollonubears

    we actually started winning when he and kreklow were injured, and losing when he returned, although arizona was a big win. i think they got too high on themselves after the az game and forgot how every game is a battle. monty failed in this one. the furd wanted it more. i swear, no other teams beside cal have as big of swings from up to down. it freaking driving me nuts.

  • Will

    He definitely hasn’t looked the same since he returned from injury. I don’t know what his deal is or whether his injury is still bothering him…but I was definitely expecting more from him. He showed flashes of what he’s capable of early in the season against weaker competition.

  • Rollonubears

    it’s kind of funny how bad their basketball team is, even without sanctions. at least the football team has an excuse.

  • Gobears49

    Who is “UCEB?” “UCBE” wouldn’t even be correct. Looks like that was written by someone who roots for an inferior “college,” USC.

  • Wehofx

    Last night was brutal. Last time I yellled at the tv like that was during last year’s stretch of bad ball starting w Harvard loss – which was also at home.

    I don’t know what to make of this team. Last night’s lack of energy/intensity was as disgusting as the loss to $c.

    I remain, however, Optimistic. Monty will get the rock moving again. The D will return.

    The team needs Someone else has to step into a leadership role and help cobbs light a fire. It doesn’t seem like it’s in kravish or solo’s personality.

    Re: Bird. He started to play so well before his injury. He’ll find his game before March.

    Look forward to Blake St’s observations – despite his LA bias:) it seems we’re among the few remaining on the bandwagon.

  • Wehofx

    You mock Social Welfare majors yet you finish a sentence w a preposition. I guarantee SW majors know the basics of grammar. Illiterate idiot.

  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    UC East Bay

  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    USC – 77
    UCEB – 69
    I can’t stop laughing

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Thanks for the smiley wehofx, yeah I got in trouble yesterday for making some immature comments about our sprawl of a city to the south.

    I’ve got nothing to say about the game last night that you haven’t already said. The energy just was not there from the get-go and furd hit their first 5 threes I think. You can’t dig yourself an 18-point hole and expect to climb your way out every night – the league is too good this year.

    I am wondering what happened to the somewhat effective top of the key “weave” play that seemed to be working so well in the beginning of the season, has it disappeared!? This play used to allow Wallace and Cobbs easier access to the lane and would often lead to poor defensive rotations and Bear dunks or open 3’s. Now it seems like a Braun-coached offense is out there…and that ain’t good; lots of one-on-one and poor/slow passing. I saw numerous Bears sitting open for 3’s last night but rarely did the ball get there in time.

    I too have faith that Monty will get these guys going again – but it is not a super-strong faith as this team is really underachieving imho. I think we should be 8-2 in league, I can accept the losses to asu (even though it was a home game) and ucla (they are good), but not to furd and $c. Maybe a trip to the NW will get these guys going again? Lets hope.

    Good atmosphere at the game last night despite the crummy outcome. Go Bears!

  • althebear

    SCS…South Central State or Ghetto U

  • Wehofx

    It mocks Social Welfare majors yet the idiot ends sentences w a preposition. (See post below)

    Not even scs would grant a degree to such an illiterate troll.

  • WanderingBearIV

    I always enjoy your thought out and informative posts Gb49

  • WanderingBearIV

    The truth hurts.

  • WanderingBearIV

    I don’t believe the injury is bothering him. It’s the lost time with the team. He’s trying to find his role on the team again and that is affecting the flow of his game. It’s an identity crisis. He’s never had to deal with this before at any level of basketball.

  • WanderingBearIV

    I believe it has less to do with the competition as well. The talent level is there. We regained a glimpse of it in the UCLA game when he went off in the 2nd half to get us back in the game and that is against some of the better competition in the conference. We need more of that if we are going to be a successful team.

  • WanderingBearIV

    Different sport, same story. I grew up in the 80s and my dad would listen in his den to Joe Starkey make the call. It seemed almost every time at some point I’d hear my dad yell, ” God Dammit Bears!” I knew not to go bother Dad. After growing up and getting my degree in 2004, now I understand.

  • WanderingBearIV


  • Mitch

    I love Wallace’s game. The X factor. Mr X-citement. I just hope he’s more of a regular factor in each game.

  • Dan

    At least he has had “best days”. I’m sure you’ve had none.

  • Dan

    Bird is a freshman let’s remember. He’ll get there. It’s trial by fire for him, and missing games during the season due to injury didn’t help.

  • Dan

    Why are you here loser? Seriously.