Basketball: Pac-12 tournament roundup

Here are semifinal results Friday from the Pac-12 tournament at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas:

UCLA 84, STANFORD 59: This one was never close. The second-seeded Bruins (25-8) had leads of 9-2, 25-4 and 41-21 in the first half on the way to clinching a spot in Saturday’s title game. Kyle Anderson had 13 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, Norman Powell scored 22 points and Travis Wear made all eight of his shots to score 16.

Stanford (21-12), which essentially clinched its NCAA tournament bid with a win over Arizona State the night before, never threatened the Bruins. Dwight Powell scored 16 points and Chasson Randle had 11.

ARIZONA 63, COLORADO 43: The top-seeded Wildcats (30-3) pulled away in the second half to advance to Saturday’s championship game. Pac-12 Player of the Year Nick Johnson included a SportsCenter-worthy alley-oop dunk among his 16 points. T.J. McConnell had 12 points and five assists and Aaron Gordon filled the stat line with nine points, nine rebounds, three assists, three blocks and three steals.

Askia Booker scored 12 points and Xavier Johnson 11 for the Buffaloes (23-11), who shot just 22.7 percent in the second half and 29.4 percent for the game.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Ugh Stanford into the NCAA’s- essentially in our place. I think I differ philosophically from other Cal Fans in that I expect a coach who is paid $2 million a year to perform each year- at least show improvement. I do not feel sorry for someone who has collected $6 million the last 3 years without getting us to the tourney if that person gets terminated. If I lost 2-3 big winnable cases in a row I would not expect many people to want to hire me either. In Monty’s Case I simply believe its time to retire, people will remember the great years at Stanford and hopefuly forget that he beat Cal at both places…

    MY other thought is it seems that Sandy Barbour has reigned over the demise of Cal Sports. Football has hit rock bottom. Basketball is trending negatively. We used to be ranked in softball and sometimes in baseball. All that is gone. Women’s basketball is good but not dominant. I don’t care about rugby.

  2. I do apologize for my frustration, Each university I attended has come upon hard times. Indiana will be good next year, Cal not so sure UTEP lost 3 players to gambling and considering that- and the loss of Top 25 Prospect Josh Hamilton, they were “decent” but no tourney. North Texas never was good this year-. My last hope plays tonight on ESPN 2 Sam Houston State. SHSU is one of the top 5 Criminal Justice Programs in the state and usually good at bball. They have to beat Stephen F Austin, however who is better.

    I won’t even watch the NCCAs if no teams I like are involved.

  3. i wonder if colorado beating arizona would have hurt or helped. at least the computers will think we did well to beat AZ. that dance card thing…i hope it’s right. i think we’re going to end up being one of the “first 4.” fingers are crossed. i can see it now…

    “well, this is a bit of a surprise.”

    “that’s true, joe, but this team had injuries early, that accounted for a few losses. they knocked off #1 arizona. beat #10 oregon on the road. and they also finished 4th in the standings. with 6 teams from the pac12, I think, and some may disagree, the bears have earned this spot.”

  4. I see hard drugs are still prevalent among Cal Alum. I always tell my clients If you’re busted don’t add to it by making a statement. Your foolishness makes a prima facie case of guilt.

    Momentum counts in the selection. Were we 2 and 5 down the stretch or 2-6? Yeah we beat Arizona in the game they lost their best player- do you have any doubt of the outcome had Ashley been able to play ? IF so note the rematch.
    We were 1-5 or -1-6 vs the Top 25 and maybe 5-10 v top 50. We should be about even with the Top 50 to be considered. We are ranked #63 in both Sagarin and RPI. Remember because of small conferences roughly the top 30 or 35 merit selection> We are below Belmont, Iona and 23 spots below Stanford. We were supposed to be better than them this year.

  5. Love the results for Cal. But the teams listed look kind of funny and are off a bit. What is this @stuff. And they have Harvard out. Didn’t they win their league and thus get in automatically? When things like this listed, it makes the creditability of everything in it suspect.

  6. @ means automatic bid, thus Harvard gets one. There are 47 teams listed before the “cut” plus 11 that have “@” before them, but are below the cut. They are automatic bids, leaving another 8 slots. I think we could make it. Tough to say. Americans have short memories, and nobody watches us, anyway. Finally, that may pay off!

  7. Was just watching ESPN and they very briefly mentioned the factor of “Injuries.” We did have a few of them this year, probably more than most teams. Maybe that’s the factor that gets us in.

  8. i would be very pleased with a “first four” gift. i think we’d advance, and then promptly lose, but we’d be playing with house money if we got that bid. here’s hopin’

  9. Just getting to play in the NCAA’s again would be cool.

  10. Fingers are still crossed, but at 56 rpi, I just don’t get why we’re so much higher up on the list than the guys in the 40s. 99.99% chance now? doesn’t make any sense. but if we get in, these guys are geniuses.


  11. While I would love to see the Bears in, it would be undeserved.

  12. Reality check – Cal is not a lock .. even for the NIT. Using RPI they are #8 ranked after the NIT Automatics. using Sagarin and Pomeroy they are #13 and # 16. There is an advantage to being in major conference as the NIT needs revenue and they assume more people might go watch Cal than say Richmond.

  13. Cal needs to make a major hire like Shaka Smart. Otherwise were mired in this mediocrity for the forseable future.

    Sad how our sports programs are these days. In particular the low attendance. Without an exciting new coach attendance, recruiting and coverage wont change.

  14. My strategy is to fill out a perfect bracket and then use some of my billion dollars to revamp the entire athletic department.

  15. i applaud Rollon and GoBears enthusiasm but can’t ignore their total lack of objective intelligence when it concerns the program. Not only didn’t we get in but there is no evidence that we were ever in the conversation- we were not in the first four out either. We can’t say They discriminated against the Pac 12 as 6 teams were chosen -probably as many as the Big Ten and we are not on their level.

    Rollon and GoBears perhaps you can learn something from this. 1. Never in your wildest dreams did you think at the beginning of the season that we would A. Not be one of the 6 top teams in the Pac 12 and B .that we would not make the tourney while 6 others did.

    Understand when we lose 80% of our last 7 or 8 games we deserve nothing -except a new coach. Understand we have been left out what 4 tourneys in a row. Almost every other Pac 12 team has been in. Now matter how high you shake your pompoms – we are at best a mediocre program. if you go into your foolish predictions again next year, you are part of the problem. When all of the alums understand we need a new coach and athletic director only then will we move in the right direction.

  16. SF,

    You are a total i _ _ _ _ You make up statements that you said I made (I can’t vouch for Rollon). The statement you invented, at least with respect to me, is as follows

    1. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would not make the tournament or not be within the top 6 teams in the league. Fact is I never made any predictions as to where we would finish. That’s not my thing.

    You are also a total m _ _ _ _ with your other statements. The statements you made which are the most foolish are as follows —

    1. We were in the conversation to get into the NCAA. Fact is, until our last loss, to Colorado, plenty of people thought we were.

    2. “Understand we have been left out of four tourneys in a row.” What planet do you live on? You clearly don’t know your facts. In the prior three years, Cal has been to the NCAA two times, and in Monty’s five prior years at Cal, he has taken Cal to the NCAA’s four times. Compare that record to any other team in our league and I’m sure we would rank 3rd or 4th at the worst (which I doubt) 5th. See below.

    2008–09Mike Montgomery22–1111–7T–3rd0–1 (NCAA First Round)

    2009–10Mike Montgomery24–1113–51st1–1 (NCAA Second Round)

    2010–11Mike Montgomery18–1510–8T–4th1–1 (NIT Second Round)

    2011–12Mike Montgomery24–1013–5T–2nd0–1 (NCAA First Round

    )2012–13Mike Montgomery21–1212–6T–2nd1–1 (NCAA Third Round)


    Cal’s record since Monty has arrived at Cal has been stellar. I have criticized him on occasion, mainly for not enough ball movement on offense, which TV commentators are increasingly noting as well, but overall we have done well under him. Why don’t you get off of your high horse and look at facts and stats instead of just moaning and groaning about our program. Sure we are not at the top of the league since Monty started. But we are clearly in at least the top third in terms of overall winning percentage and appearances in the NCAA’s. The facts are on my side and not yours, mister. But, because you are so s _ _ _ _ _, you’ll probably rattle on, mindlessly, about a bunch of nothingness. That’s your style and that’s how I believe people judge you.

  17. Cal’s record with monty has been stellar? GB49 we don’t disagree often, but I can’t agree with that.

    College basketball is measured by success in the ncaa tournament. How far has he taken us and how often?

    Is that stellar?

  18. YOu are right that we have been in the tourney . As for Monty if he cant finish in the top 6 in our conference-he doesnt deserve to be rehired. This is not the first time he choked.

  19. You’re still a F _ _ _ _ _ _ M _ _ _ _. I can’t wait to read more of your mindless drivel so I can have a good laugh.

  20. Disappointing season. Had we lost 5 of 7 to start the Pac-12, and had a very strong finish I bet you we get in. Proof positive? Oregon. The tournament is as much about momentum and the eyeball as anything else. We actually had a decent strength of schedule. Losing on the road/neutral courts to Syracuse, Creighton, and Dayton is respectable. Even losing to UCSB was not terrible – didn’t it win the regular season conference, only to be upset in the conference tournament?
    I have a lot of respect for Monty. He came into a tailspinning program, turned it around and won the Pac-10 regular season. He has gotten us to the tournament a majority of the time (haven’t gone far, granted). But this season was no doubt trouble. With his own recruits – and highly regarded ones – we started strong but only regressed throughout the conference season. And the freshmen generally did not improve. That, my friends, is on the coach. That is what he is paid to do – make us better. Oregon improved. ASU improved. Utah improved. The Colorado coach deserves coach of the year after losing Dinwiddie. Even freakin Stanfurd improved. That is why they are in, and we are out/

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