Football: Bears start anew in Year 2

While I spent the day at Haas Pavilion for Mike Montgomery’s retirement, staff writer Jimmy Durkin pinch-hit for me at the Bears’ first spring football practice.

Click here to read his report from Day 1.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    How was the Sonny Dykes hire? Look at the fact there have been zero comments on this blog regarding spring practice. Balloon deflated.

  • c98

    Liar. There have been 2 comments.

  • c98

    Now 3. That’s three times the Sonny Dykes awesomeness for anyone keeping track. So there.

  • Larry

    Now 4 comments. There isn’t much information out, therefore not much to say.

    I am curious about two things.

    1.The OL and how it is shaping up. I’m guessing it will be:


    but the other question is the depth and where the JC guy, Granado, will fit in.

    2. The whole defense. Most of the projected starters either started last season or played a lot last year. Which could be argued as a bad thing. We still need to see if the new DC,DL, & DB coaches make a difference or not. If so, how much of a difference?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • Juancho

    Now we’re at 5. Ever since this new commenting system the number of comments has gone way down. I miss the old system.
    Larry I’m really excited to see how good Borrayo will be.
    The D will be the area to watch. How do the new coaches improve, and how healthy can the team be.

  • Eric

    The new system is terrible. I am sure the paper gets some revenue through discus and the other ways of signing in, but the result is going to be far fewer people, which means far fewer clicks. Same thing has happened to espn.com and its comments to stories – way, way down since it required a facebook account. Stupid.
    As for the football practice, I’d like to hear more on what happened with Lee, Lapite, and Ervin. Wark I totally get – he is a solid baseball prospect.

  • Steve Fischer

    LOL the system, by it’s own peccadillos is distracts and somewhat deflects criticism of Monty _Sykes Barbour et al. On the plus side Moren hasn’t figured it out yet.

    I would prefer Facebook ( Or Google Posting) I don’t like the idea of anonymous posting, people should stand by what they say.

  • Wehofx

    Agree! This sucks. JF, please, please get your it guys to debug btb.

    Yenser is posting some very cool and informative gif’s on twitter:

    Zach Yenser (@CalCoachYenser)
    4/3/14, 7:39 PM
    Look at the big fella get out in space! Great screen release but got to get #hotfeet and break down. #small… vine.co/v/MiqOwtndnjw

    Download the official Twitter app here

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  • eastcoastbear

    Hey Juancho I agree this new system is terrible. I miss the old system and sad to say miss the old Bear teams as well. I wish I could be optimistic about this year, but I find it truly hard to have any faith in Dykes and his coaching staff (revolving door that it is). The Pac 12 it a killer conference with some of the top coaches in the nation. I do not see that we have coaching talent or player depth to measure up to the task. Given the stadium financing burden we are carrying a quick turn around is essential. I do hope to be proven wrong.

  • Rollonubears

    false start 🙁

  • Rollonubears

    i only look at this site on my desktop now.

  • Wehofx

    Roll, are you ref to RG? If so, I’m pretty sure that’s not procedure because it’s pre-snap signal.

    Only time I use my desk top is on weekends. C’mon JF, please get the it guys to fix mobile problem.

    Question about gif: was the look backside power that made the call a screen? What look(s) make O call screens?

    @CalCoachYenser: @BamaWaldo got to keep the defense honest with screens! We run a lot of power and depending on how the DE is playing the gap hinge by OT

  • Wehofx


  • Rollonubears

    it looked like qb flinched, but maybe that was just a hand signal as well. thought they just had to do foot stomps.

  • rotfogel

    DB depth is abysmal heading into this season. I’m hopeful some talent can emerge from there. Bears WR core is really deep, if they can shore down the OL I think Goff can have a good/great year. LBs could be really solid this season but the DL and Secondary I just don’t know about. Hopefully the new D coordinator is a good one, that could have a huge impact. Go Bears!

  • rotfogel

    I must say that I am as high on Luke Rubenzer as any QB ever coming into Cal. After seeing a lot of his tape, there’s little chance he won’t be a good QB. He’s got everything plus the ‘it’ factor.

  • Yes, Disqus is abysmal, and seems to make it more difficult for me to load pages and comments on mobile and desktop, meaning I visit this site much less frequently. I assume the change has to do with cost, and likely a new way to generate revenue, as there are now teaser links at the bottom of the page for other web sites, though completely unrelated to Cal or sports. I would definitely prefer the old system, but will not hold my breath. At least I don’t miss Amy’s comments (John Wilner?).

  • Rollonubears

    Disqus works on ever other mobile site for me. Ibabuzz is the issue.