Basketball: Is Notre Dame’s Mike Brey on Sandy Barbour’s coaching wish list? Conflicting reports

Mike Brey, who has won 300 games in 14 seasons at Notre Dame, is on the short list of coaching candidates with whom Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour would like to speak, according to a report in the South Bend Tribune.

Update: A source just reached out to me saying not to believe the South Bend Tribune report.

Brey, 55, is coming off a 15-17 season, including 6-12 in Notre Dame’s inaugural season in the Atlantic Coast Conference. He won coach of the year honors three times in the Big East.

The newspaper cited a source familiar with the Cal search, and noted that Barbour worked as an associate athletic director at Notre Dame from 2002-04 while Brey was basketball coach.

After the 2012 season, Brey signed a 10-year contract extension with Notre Dame that runs through the 2021-22 season.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Rollonubears

    Looks like Sandy’s going for one final punch before she gets the boot. And we’re going to be reeling from it, for 5 years. Can we please get the clown show out of the AD’s office?

  • GoBears49

    Brey has a very good overall record. Went to the NCAA’s nine out of the fourteen years he’s been the coach at ND (about the same percentage as Monty did at Cal). Only two of the nine were first round losses and he went to the Sweet 16 once. Also went to the NCAA’s two out of the five years as the Delaware coach. But why would he want to move from ND, especially since he has a long term contract?


  • BlakeStreetBear

    Archie Miller or bust!

  • Steve Fischer

    He way underachieved this year and hasn’t been good in a long time.

  • Steve Fischer

    I’m afraid with the names thrown about, we are not competitive with all the other programs searching, if we are competitive then there is probably something wrong with that candidate.

    This leads me to go beneath the radar -the same way I wanted Jason Kidd years ago. I thought I posted this once and hope it wasn’t deleted.

    I would like to take a chance on .. Nolan Richardson. Richardson is outspoken and left with bad feelings at Arkansas. He had them in the NCAAs 13 of his 17 seasons and Fayetteville is not a big media market or a basketball haven . He also had two NITs. I think he had 3 or 4 Final Fours. Nolan’s teams were known for giving opponents “40 minutes of hell”. Arkansas is a powerhouse no longer, they lost twice to .. Cal lol.

    On the surface the issue would be age. His was born in 1941 but I saw him speak and talked to him last year and he has lost none of his fire nor his clarity. I know him a bit -we both met in El Paso and spoke withhim after his speech ( to the Texas State Bar).

    Id be happy to speak to him again if Barbour gave me the go-ahead. My fear is that of the 5-6 names going around, there are perhaps 20 suitors and if they aren’t flawed or untested -we wont get them.

  • GoBears49

    Either you didn’t take a look at the link I posted (most likely), did look at it but didn’t have your glasses on, or just don’t give a s*** (also very likely). Brey has taken ND to the NCAA’s in four out of the last five years and had a 4 and 4 record there. “Hasn’t been good in a long time”?

  • 1brsfan

    I think many others have already posted that your suggestion of J Kidd was a good suggestion but he could not coach at a D1 university without a college degree. Unless he went back to school to finish his degree he couldn’t have coached Cal 5 years ago and he can’t coach them tomorrow.

  • Steve Fischer

    Darn! and Jason is not likely to come back and graduate because he lost his eligibility and got this other gig. LOL

    Well what about Nolan Richardson? It be nice to have teams that gave opponents “40 minutes of hell” instead of 20 minutes and a choke.

  • Steve Fischer

    You are correct – he ws bad just this year 1013-4. I remember Indiana beating them most of the time but they still were good. I apologize. So why would he leave Notre Dame and come to Cal?

  • GoBears49

    Great college coaching career, but come on, he is 72 years old. Can’t think of a D1 school hiring a coach at that age for a major sport with lots of pressure. Hope we’re not the first one to do so.


  • Phil Green

    What about Larry Brown, who beat us in the NIT? Not that I’m advocating for Nolan, but I think this issue is less about age and more about ability.

    Those Arkansas teams were fun to watch. There was a kid, Darnell Robinson, from Emeryville High who left the Bay for Arkansas back in the day. Was a big deal because he played Div 5 high school basketball but made McDonalds All American. Shoulda coulda woulda joined the ranks of J Kidd, Antonio Davis and other local legends, but never made it to the NBA. http://www.sfgate.com/preps/article/Professional-Vagabond-NBA-eludes-state-s-2906453.php

  • Steve Fischer

    Gobears I totally acknowledged the age issue, however I saw him give the Texas Bar Association a powerful speech and chatted with him afterwards. He has plenty of energy and is in great health.

    I’ve learned not to discriminate about age and take each person as an individual. Nolan Richardson is still an imposing figure and the years off give him some perspective. He might only give us a few years but his name alone would put us in the spotlight. If Bray is well=thought of , we probably won’t get him.

  • Steve Fischer

    Look at that link Gobears provided. We all remember Nolan Richardson as the Arkansas Coach but look how he turned Tulsa around in just ONE YEAR.

  • GoBears49

    I think we need to get a coach who will be productive for at least 10 years, if he is good. Can’t see that happening for Richardson or Brown.

  • Steve Fischer

    I’d rather have 3 good years at the end of which we are are known as a national power, then 10 mediocre years. The reason is because at the end of those 3 years , we would be in a great position to lure any coach we want. Of course maybe Barbour will come up with something creative. As I made inaccurate comments about Brey I agree he would be a good get.

  • WanderingBearIV

    Gus Argenal. High risk, high reward. Young, energetic, will recruit hard. Next great young coach.