Basketball: DeCuire gets his interview

Associate head coach Travis DeCuire got his interview for the Cal basketball head coaching position and got another strong endorsement.

DeCuire, 43, met with Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour on Friday at the Final Four in Dallas. “I saw him after his interview and he was relaxed, felt it went well,” said Blaine Taylor, who coached DeCuire at Montana and later was an assistant coach for Mike Montgomery at Stanford.

Five days after Montgomery retired as Bears coach, little tangible news has emerged from Cal’s secretive search process.

Former Cal assistant and current Arizona associate head coach Joe Pasternack has been mentioned as a possible candidate, but has not returned calls to reporters in the Bay Area or Tucson.

UC Irvine coach Russ Turner, a former assistant under Montgomery at Stanford and with the Golden State Warriors, has declined comment.

Former UCLA coach Ben Howland is keeping a low profile.

Dayton coach Archie Miller, the brother of Arizona’s Sean Miller, said through sources he has no interest.

But Montgomery gave DeCuire, his assistant of six years, a ringing endorsement last Monday, and Taylor said he’s ready for the assignment. DeCuire started every game at point guard his final two seasons at Montana and still holds the school’s career assist record (435).

Later, he spent five seasons as an assistant to Taylor at Old Dominion.

“Travis has always had an intellect for the game, always had a passion for competition,” Taylor said. “In the huddle, you’re very aware of who has an aptitude for the game.”

Taylor said DeCuire’s experience at Old Dominion in Virginia gave him a national view and honed his recruiting skills. He also said DeCuire grades high on the academic and business side of college basketball.

“He’s more aware of things away from the court than some assistants might be,” Taylor said.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Steve Fischer

    Who has he recruited either here or at ODU? I have never heaed of him despite his stardom at Montana. Have the players said anything about him? Has he had offers from other majo0r schools?

    What about Calbert Cheaney or Tim Crews at St Louis?

  • Rollonubears

    he apparently is the reason we got bird, wallace and at least one other.

  • Steve Fischer

    OK that’s a plus but we lost out on many gododrecruits as well. We are probably right near the middle of the Pac 12- maybe 5th or so in recruiting over the last few years.

  • Juancho

    He’s not the answer. Ivan Rabb the #1 recruit in the country is not even considering Cal, and he’s in Oakland.

    Decuire’s been recruiting him. Decuire is not a name that creates a spike moment. He’d be a good candidate if he was inheriting a sweet 16 program, and if our attendance numbers were good.

    It’s my belief that Cal needs an uptempo high octane offense team to fill the seats. Monty’s style of basketball just never resonated with the East Bay.

    Look at the Warriors, that’s the brand of play that kids in the east bay want to be involved in.

    A hire like Howland in my opinion would also fail because of his style of play.

    Cal shouldn’t be a learn on the job program. We made that mistake with Dykes. Can’t make it with Decuire.

  • Eric

    Juancho – good points re what local kids are interested in.
    I do have to take a little jab re your Dykes points. Dykes’ offense for football is pretty much the same as the offense for b-ball you are suggesting. So if you are going to knock Dykes…
    Though to reconcile your points, the U$C coach is a good example. He ran an uptempo offense at FGCU that he parlayed into the U$C job, but he definitely was out of his element this season. Time will tell how recruiting goes for him.

  • 1brsfan

    The players have all come out in his support, stating that they love coach DeCuire and hope he gets the job. No other head coaching offers from other schools that I know of.

  • Tall Bear

    Juancho… typically I agree with your sentiments but in this case I don’t see things the same way. “It’s my belief that Cal needs an uptempo high octane offense team to fill the seats.” Couldn’t disagree more. As Eric said, we all know how that is working out for our football team. Over the last 5 years we have one of the best records in the Pac 12. Why not give Travis a chance to take us to the next level, if he struggles for a year or two then go in another direction. Its not like there are a ton of better/more affordable candidates out there.

  • sunshipballoons

    Bird came out in favor of DeCurie. So, yes, players have said stuff about him.

  • sunshipballoons

    Wait, Cal didn’t get every good recruit it went after? Shock!!!!