Basketball: UCI’s Russell Turner has interviewed, but no word on Cal coaching search timetable

A source confirmed that UC Irvine coach Russell Turner interviewed with Sandy Barbour this weekend at the Final Four in Dallas. But there is no word yet on when the nearly week-long coaching search will end.

Turner could not be reached for comment.

Turner joins Cal associate head coach Travis DeCuire as confirmed interviewees for the position that opened last Monday when Mike Montgomery announced his retirement.

How many other candidates Barbour talked with this weekend is unclear.

Likewise, there is no known timetable on when the process might be completed.

Turner, 43, coached UC Irvine to a 23-12 record this past season, including a 13-3 mark and regular-season co-championship in the Big West Conference. His 21-16 mark in 2012-13 was the school’s first 20-win season in 10 years.

He is 71-67 in four seasons at UCI.

Turner spent the previous six seasons on the staff of the Golden State Warriors, the first two of them under Montgomery. He was with Montgomery for four seasons at Stanford through 2004, during which time the Cardinal posted a record of 105-24, including 59-13 in the Pac-12. Stanford won two Pac-10 titles and reached the NCAA’s Elite Eight in 2001.

Turner also was assistant coach at Wake Forest for five seasons through 2000.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Rollonubears

    so we hired the same amazing search firm that got us sonny delight, and we have interviewed two guys recommended by monty, and got snubbed by the dayton coach. i hope they get paid on contingency.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Where the heck is the Lindsay Gottlieb of the men’s program? Why is there no young dynamic coach waiting in the wings, we knew Monty was on his last legs didn’t we? Does Coach Decuire fit this bill? I don’t know. I want somebody with some energy, some youth, somebody that relates to today’s recruits? Please? I’d rather be disappointed or elated by an up-and-comer than by a retread from sandy’s ND or wherever.

    I’d risk turning the program over to Decuire and Theo because I think they will recruit and coach a more exciting brand of ball – but who knows? Otherwise I want somebody I’ve never heard of that has the above characteristics: energetic, youthful, recruit-relatable and with an exciting basketball philosophy. I want a Calipari or Pitino assistant and all that comes with it…

    Go Bears!

  • GoBears49

    Right on!

  • Wehofx

    Blake, I was thinking the same thing re: gottleib – esp after the uci and nd names were floated. I’d rather have decuire than like the aforementioned retreads.

    SD said the new DC and D staff hires were “Make or break.” I’m pretty sure SB knows this is a “Make or break” hire for her continued employment at Cal.

    I hope we get someone with a track record at a mid major. Like many have said, s smart, wichita state(?) and a miller all would have been “Home Run” hires. All of whom – per the rumor mill – said, “No.”

    I rarely agree w wilner but it seems his recent column on the state of Cal hoops is correct. No brand. Marginal to moderate student/fan interest. Tough academics.

    I hope SB can find a future rock star coach under 40 in the mid major or even small school ranks.

    Failing that, hiring Decuire would be – if nothing else – a BOLD move. We can only hope he’ll be the next Kevin Ollie or Jamie Dixon.

    Saw the semi’s on saturday. Great tourny. My pick for tonight: U Conn.
    BTB’ers, picks? JF?

  • KC

    As noted below, it seems the position hasn’t generated a ton of interest among any big name candidates, so let’s give Travis DeCuire his shot. He’s recommended by Monty, well-liked by the players and other coaches have favorable things to say. It’s risky but I also think it will be well-received for recruiting too.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Kentucky. Too many future NBA’ers (7?)…and that is usually the difference, imho.

    God I wish we could get uconn’s coach, love that guy…but he’ll be there for the next 40 years…

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Can we get Lamond Murray on board as a recruiter? I bet he could sway a kid or two…

  • Steve Fischer

    Calbert Cheaney- Tim Crews and the other guy I mentioned would all be better, Not sure they are interested. Monty was at best a so so recruiter. We lost out on many top prospects in our own area. As Juancho pointed out we are not even in the running for the top recruit from Oakland.Remember Maonty had plenty of years to recurit and we were not in the top half of the conference.

  • Juancho

    Brethren. The fact the opening isnt attracting bigger fish is 100% an indictment on Barbour.

    Chris peterson told her no. Archie miller told her no.

    Its clear to me the most important hire we should be talking about is a new AD.

    Sandy has made mediocrity a successful baseline for football and basketball.

    Look at attendance. Look at recruiting. We cannot afford to pay off the memorial and haas bills unless we get a spike moment at the AD level soon.

  • Rollonubears

    Agreed, Juancho. This song and dance got old a long time ago.

  • eastcoastbear

    Given Cal is one the diverse schools in the country it would be nice to make a hirer for a major sport that reflects that diversity….

  • Wehofx

    Very good game if you’re not watching. I used to be a huge believer in man D but w effectiveness of calipari’s switch to zone and our own, ima seriously considering converting.

    Speaking of converting, Juancho, I’m thinking about bailing on SB for the reasons you mentioned. Although I’m still on the sonny bandwagon.

    Realistically she can’t be fired now but if hoop’s hire isn’t a home run – even w success in other sports and new President – she’s gone.

  • Juancho

    You hit the nail on the head wehofx. The buzz is the new chancellor isnt a big fan of hers. And part of the reason birgeneau stepped down was he wanted to avoid the upcoming sports stress.

  • Steve Fischer

    Decurie would not be a bold move -it would be expected and ignored. It would show there really is no interest in in Cal. CBS Top 25 for next year is out -and ugh Stanford is there even though they are losing players.

    You guys don’t like my choices – I don’t like yours. Why not let Ivan Rabb pick our next coach as long as he agrees to play for a few years. Another Top Five – Top 10 2015 recruit out of California is committed to Tucson- I think that’s in the Southern part of the State.

    Did you know 19 of the Top 150 Recruits Rivals 2015 are from California?USC doesn’t have many openings. One would think we should get 3-4 of them . We may have a chance at Chance Comanche – 6’10 center out of LA.

  • 1brsfan

    It used to be one of the most diverse. Have you been to campus lately? Diversity has taken a big hit.

  • eastcoastbear

    I do recall Cal made a big push for this big man two years ago at the last minute and he ended up at Gonzaga. Monty seemed to have a lot of those recruiting misses despite the great coach he was. You have this kid in the middle on this years team and u are int he sweet 16 instead of Nit

    Gonzaga Bulldogs

    When Przemek Karnowski arrived at Gonzaga, he was little-known outside international circles, and his early struggles didn’t earn him much fanfare. The 2014-15 season may be his coming-out party. He was excellent down the stretch for Gonzaga this past season. Next year’s Bulldogs will keep Kevin Pangos, Gary Bell Jr. and Kyle Dranginis on the perimeter, with the 7-foot-1 Karnowski as the featured post player, and they’ll add former Kentucky forward Kyle Wiltjer. It’s easy to see Mark Few playing a four-out, one-in configuration, with Wiltjer occasionally rotating into high-low and post sets with Karnowski. The results could be devastating.

  • eastcoastbear

    sorry that is Karnowski not to confuse with Wiltjer who we also made a run at