Football: Spring’s 1st depth chart released

Cal has released a depth chart entering Saturday’s Cal Spring Football Experience, otherwise known as its spring game, otherwise known as its final practice of spring ball.

This is not the depth chart we will see the week of the 2014 opener against Northwestern. This reflects who has practiced during spring ball and/or who is available to participate Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

You will notice, for instance, that WR Chris Harper is not listed as a starter because he has basically sat out spring workouts following offseason shoulder surgery. Same thing for CB/safety Stefan McClure (knee) and DT Mustafa  Jalil (knee). Chris Adcock (knee) could alter the offensive line picture when he returns in August. 

RB Khalfani Muhammad has practiced this spring, but isn’t expected to participate Saturday because he’s running in Cal’s Brutus Hamilton track invitational.

We’re also awaiting word from coach Sonny Dykes on the long-term status of DT Jacobi Hunter, who currently is attending to a personal matter. 

Keep in mind also that competition makes the depth chart fluid at many or most positions, most notably right tackle, where Brian Farley is battling to hold off Christian Okafor.

64 Steven Moore OL 6-6 295 So.* 1L Elk Grove (Elk Grove HS)
75 Aaron Cochran OL 6-8 355 Fr.* RS Atwater (Buhach Colony HS)
66 Chris Borrayo OL 6-3 310 So. 1L Paramount (Paramount HS)
78 Vincent Johnson OL 6-5 275 Fr.* RS El Dorado Hills (Christian Brothers HS)
67 (Myles Bunte) OL 6-7 320 Fr.* RS Laguna Niguel (Mission Viejo HS)
73 Jordan Rigsbee OL 6-4 315 Jr.* 2L Chico (Pleasant Valley HS)
77 J.D. Hinnant OL 6-4 280 Fr.* RS Fountain Valley (Fountain Valley HS)
58 (Chris Adcock) OL 6-3 295 Sr.* 3L Rowlett, TX (Dallas Christian HS)
71 Alejandro Crosthwaite OL 6-4 295 Sr.* 2L Rosarito Beach, Mex. (Cathedral HS)
61 Donovan Frazer OL 6-3 290 Sr.* SQ Martinez (Laney College/Alhambra HS)
74 (Matt Cochran) OL 6-3 310 So.* 1L Atwater (Buhach Colony HS)
59 Brian Farley OL 6-7 285 Jr.* 1L San Diego (Patrick Henry HS)
76 Christian Okafor OL 6-6 325 So.* 1L Houston, TX (Westbury HS)
16 Jared Goff QB 6-4 195 So. 1L Novato (Marin Catholic HS)
7 Austin Hinder QB 6-4 200 Sr.* 1L Steamboat Spgs, CO (Steamboat Springs HS)
– or 17 Kyle Boehm QB 6-3 225 Jr.* 1L San Jose (Archbishop Mitty HS)
13 Joey Mahalic QB 6-3 210 So.* RS Portland, OR (Wilson HS)
18 (Cole Webb) QB 6-0 180 Jr.* San Pedro (El Camino CC/Mary Star of Sea HS)
2 Daniel Lasco RB 6-0 210 Jr.* 2L The Woodlands, TX (The Woodlands HS)
20 Jeffrey Coprich RB 5-8 175 So.* 1L Watts, CA (W.Ranch HS/Golden Valley HS)
24 Austin Harper RB 5-6 160 Fr.* RS Oakland (El Cerrito HS/De La Salle HS)
82 Kenny Portera RB 5-10 170 Fr.* RS San Jose (Leland HS)
29 (Khalfani Muhammad) RB 5-7 170 So. 1L Los Angeles (Notre Dame HS)
44 Lucus Gingold FB 6-0 245 Sr.* 1L Clovis (Reedley College/Buchanan HS)
37 Fabiano Hale FB 6-0 225 Fr.* RS Santa Cruz (Soquel HS)
15 Jack Moffett FB 6-3 225 Jr.* RS Stockton (Marist/St. Mary’s HS)
9 Trevor Davis WR 6-2 180 Jr.* RS Martinez (Hawai’i/Alhambra HS)
3 Maurice Harris WR 6-2 195 Jr.* 2L Greensboro, NC (Northern Guilford HS)
88 Patrick Worstell WR 6-1 185 So.* SQ Danville (San Ramon Valley HS)
89 Stephen Anderson WR 6-3 215 Jr.* 2L San Jose (Piedmont Hills HS)
10 Darius Powe WR 6-3 220 Jr. 2L Lakewood (Lakewood HS)
11 Raymond Hudson WR 6-3 235 Fr.* RS Pleasanton (Foothill HS)
1 Bryce Treggs WR 5-11 185 Jr. 2L Inglewood (St. John Bosco HS)
81 Drake Whitehurst WR 6-6 215 Sr. 1L Portland, OR (CCSF/Lincoln HS)
86 Bryce McGovern WR 5-10 205 Sr. 3L Danville (Monte Vista HS)
4 Kenny Lawler WR 6-3 190 So.* 1L Pomona (Upland HS)
85 James Grisom WR 5-11 180 Sr.* 2L Lynwood (Lynwood HS)
21 Jack Austin WR 6-3 210 Fr.* RS Chino Hills (Chino Hills HS)
6 (Chris Harper) WR 5-11 170 Jr. 2L Northridge (Crespi HS)

17 Brennan Scarlett DE 6-4 265 Jr.* 2L Portland, OR (Central Catholic HS)
41 Todd Barr DE 6-2 250 Jr.* 2L Lakewood (Lakewood HS)
24 Antione Davis DE 6-5 250 Jr.* 1L El Sobrante (CCosta JC/Pinole Valley HS)
92 Marcus Manley DT 6-2 295 So.* SQ Los Angeles (S.Monica JC/Fairfax HS)
91 Trevor Kelly DT 6-2 315 Jr. So S.Francisco (CSM/Sac St/El Camino HS)
95 (Jacobi Hunter) DT 6-0 305 So. 1L Houston, TX (Cypress Falls HS)
54 (Austin Clark) DT 5-10 270 Sr.*^ 3L Tampa, FL (Plant HS)
80 Harrison Wilfley DT 6-5 265 Sr.* 1L Sacramento (ARiver JC/Casa Roble HS)
97 Tony Mekari DT 6-1 270 Fr.* RS Thousand Oaks (Westlake HS)
48 Bradley Northnagel DT 6-3 260 So.* SQ San Carlos (Junipero Serra HS)
90 (Mustafa Jalil) DT 6-3 305 Jr.* 2L San Diego (Cathedral Catholic HS)
13 Kyle Kragen DE 6-2 240 Sr. 1L Danville (DVC/San Ramon Valley HS)
75 Puka Lopa DE 6-2 260 Jr.* 2L Sacramento (Grant HS)
11 Jonathan Johnson DE 6-2 235 Jr. Pittsburgh, PA (Pierce Col/Snow Col/Woodland Hills HS)
99 (Sione Sina) DE 6-3 265 Jr.* RS Elk Grove (Col of SMateo/Monterey Trail HS)
19 Maximo Espitia LB 6-2 215 Jr. 2L Salem, OR (South Salem HS)
46 Drew Bryant LB 6-1 215 Fr. HS Sparks, NV (Reed HS)
9 (Jason Gibson) LB 6-2 210 Jr.* 1L Gardena (Junipero Serra HS)
8 Michael Barton LB 6-0 230 So.* 1L Concord (De La Salle HS)
32 Edward Tandy LB 6-1 225 So. SQ Tustin (Tustin HS)
22 Nathan Broussard LB 6-3 235 Jr.* 1L Plano, TX (Plano West HS)
47 (Hardy Nickerson) LB 6-0 225 So.* 1L Oakland (Bishop O’Dowd HS)
7 Jalen Jefferson LB 6-2 220 Jr.* 2L Oxnard (Ventura St. Bonaventure HS)
31 Raymond Davison LB 6-2 220 Fr.* RS Encino (Crespi Carmelite HS)
1 Devante Downs LB 6-3 240 Fr. HS Mountlake Terrace, WA (Mountlake Terr HS)
3 Cameron Walker CB 5-10 180 So. 1L Los Angeles (Loyola HS)
37 Cedric Dozier CB 5-10 180 So.* 1L Roanoke, AL (Lakes HS)
29 Vachel Samuels CB 5-11 185 Sr. SQ Compton (Lynwood HS)
18 (Joel Willis) CB 5-10 185 Jr.* 2L Garden Grove (Pacifica HS)
4 Avery Sebastian S 5-10 195 Jr.* 2L McDonough, GA (Eagle’s Landing Chr HS/UnGrove HS)
26 Griffin Piatt S 6-3 195 So.* SQ Moraga (Campolindo HS)
42 David Garner S 5-9 190 Fr.* RS Fort Lauderdale, FL (University HS)
5 Michael Lowe S 5-11 220 Sr.* 3L Hyattsville, MD (DeMatha Catholic HS)
27 Damariay Drew S 5-11 205 So.* 1L Livermore (Livermore HS)
38 Cormac Craigie S 6-2 200 Jr.* SQ Piedmont (Trinity-Pawling Sch/Piedmont HS)
2 Darius Allensworth CB 5-11 185 Fr.* RS Menifee (Heritage HS)
10 Caleb Coleman CB 5-11 185 Fr.* RS Berkeley (St. Mary’s College HS)
23 Trey Cheek CB 5-10 175 Fr.* RS Lawrenceville, GA (Archer HS)
21 (Stefan McClure) CB 5-11 200 Jr.* 2L Vista (Vista HS)

19 Noah Beito PK 6-0 190 So.* RS Scotts Valley (Scotts Valley HS)
– or 45 James Langford PK 6-3 215 Sr.* SQ Pleasanton (Cal Poly/Foothill HS)
– or 9 Matt Anderson PK 5-11 185 Fr.* RS Danville (San Ramon Valley HS)
41 Robbie McInerny PK 5-10 175 Fr.* RS Laguna Beach (Laguna Beach HS)
16 Cole Leininger P 6-1 200 Jr. 2L Fruit Cove, FL (Bartram Trail HS)
19 Noah Beito P 6-0 190 So.* RS Scotts Valley (Scotts Valley HS)
69 John Sheperdson LS 6-3 220 Sr. 3L Danville (San Ramon Valley HS)
48 Bradley Northnagel LS 6-3 260 So.* SQ San Carlos (Junipero Serra HS)
86 Bryce McGovern HLD 5-10 205 Sr. 3L Danville (Monte Vista HS)
21 Jack Austin HLD 6-3 210 Fr.* RS Chino Hills (Chino Hills HS)
1 Bryce Treggs PR 5-11 185 Jr. 2L Inglewood (St. John Bosco HS)
9 Trevor Davis PR 6-2 180 Jr.* RS Martinez (Hawai’i/Alhambra HS)
6 (Chris Harper) PR 5-11 170 Jr. 2L Northridge (Crespi HS)
1 Bryce Treggs KR 5-11 185 Jr. 2L Inglewood (St. John Bosco HS)
9 Trevor Davis KR 6-2 180 Jr.* RS Martinez (Hawai’i/Alhambra HS)
29 (Khalfani Muhammad) KR 5-7 170 So. 1L Los Angeles (Notre Dame HS)

(Players in italics and parenthesis injured and/or unavailable for the Cal Spring Football Experience listed at their positions in no specific order)
*has utilized redshirt season prior to 2014; ^sixth-year senior in 2014 

Jeff Faraudo

  • sunshipballoons

    Any sense of which receivers will actually play? Assuming they use 8-9 guys like last year, I’m thinking: Harper, Anderson, Powe, Treggs, Whitehurst, Lawlor, Davis, Grisom and not sure who the 9th is. Harris, maybe.

  • Wehofx

    Per twitter: Jacobi hunter on campus and will return!

    Bubble screen to strong side…no, make that bubble screen to weak side…jk

    More twitter:

    @CALCoachDykes: Have you ever wanted to call a play for Cal Football? You can this Saturday during our Spring Experience at CMS! #GoBears #CalFamily

  • Larry

    Stephen Anderson lands a starting position! That’s cool, I like how he played last year. The clutch catches as well as the solid down field blocking.

  • Larry

    Not too much depth at DT. We need both Hunter and Jalil to play or we will be in trouble at that spot again.

  • Larry

    Lastly, why is McClure listed under cornerback when they switched him to safety?

  • Calfan1

    For past several weeks, this blog loads very very slowly on my iPhone. Is anyone else having this issue? I used to check this all the time from my iPhone but it takes way too long now.

  • 1brsfan

    i stopped checking it on my iphone or ipad. takes way too long. I just go to a different blog now when away from my PC

  • Rollonubears

    yep. it’s desktop or laptop only, for me here now. probably cut my viewership by more than 75% as a result. this was my favorite potty read. not so much anymore. yes, that’s too much information.