Football: Pac-12 title game to Levi’s Stadium?

Here’s our story on the Pac-12’s look into possibly moving its championship game to Levi’s Stadium.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Let me take a wild guess: MONEY to the schools will trump any argument for allowing the top school to host.

    Besides, the Bay Area is a hotbed of college football and fans will certainly pay top dollar for tickets, fight South Bay Friday traffic, and fill Levi’s.

    Any word on how ticket sales are going for our own little trip to Levi’s?

  2. Not surprised. Pretty our graduations will be held Oracle Arena. Then our classes held at Apple’s new headquarters.

  3. Can we buy a Pac12 championship yet, or do we still have to play the games?

  4. Every Niner game will be sold out. As would the Pac-12 game at Levi’s.

  5. This is a win-win for the bay area schools. Essentially, this would be a home game. No complaints here. Now all we have to do is the hard part, that being winning the PAC 12 North.

  6. Living in the bay area, if prices are reasonable, I’d go to an Oregon State vs. Arizona or something like that PAC-12 championship game.

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