Basketball: Ex-Cal star Justin Cobbs makes Warriors his latest stop on pre-NBA draft tour

I visited the Warriors’ practice facility in Oakland on Wednesday to talk with ex-Cal star Justin Cobbs, who was among six NBA draft hopefuls who worked out in front of club officials.

Here’s my story on how Cobbs and former Saint Mary’s College guard Stephen Holt are faring in the leadup to the June 26 NBA draft.

Cobbs also said he and his Cal teammates were completely surprised when coach Mike Montgomery announced his retirement after the season.

Jeff Faraudo

  • 707 Bear

    Stephen Holt, guard, St. Mary’s….any Arrested Development fans out there?

    STEVE HOLT !!!!!

  • Larry

    Is it true that TE Wark is going to play at Oregon State next year as agrad student?

  • Steve Fischer

    Oregon St. has picked up another player for the coming season, as former California TE Jacob Wark will join the tight end group.

    Wark, who has graduated from
    the Berkeley campus, becomes the latest in a long list of defections
    from the Bears after the 3-9 campaign that ended the Jeff Tedford era
    spiraled downward to a 1-11 season last fall under Sonny Dykes.

    Wark, who is 6’4″ & 250
    lbs., is a local product, from Portland’s Jesuit High, and will walk on
    at Oregon St., where he can use his 1 remaining year of eligibility due
    to having his degree in hand.

    Wark’s best season at Cal came
    in 2012, when he started 7 games and caught 7 balls for 74 yards, and
    was also the Bear’s third-leading kick returner. But he saw his time
    dwindle when Dykes arrived, and had only 2 catches last season, notably
    in the “Bear Raid”.

    One of those catches went for a
    touchdown, and more Beaver fans will recall that than Bear fans, since
    Beaver fans were about the only ones left in Memorial Stadium besides
    the Cal band when Zach Kline,
    who also has left Berkeley early, for Butte College, a JC, and could
    become a Beaver down the line himself, found Wark for a 1 yard
    touchdown, at Steven Christian’s expense, that was the last score of the
    game, making the final 49-17 in Oregon St’s rout of California last Oct. 16.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Just saying. It’s been awfully quiet for Cal Football.

  • Rollonubears

    anybody else seeing stanfurd grad studies banner ads here? ugh!

  • Steve Fischer

    Tyler Dorsey the #12 recruit in the nation de-committed from Arizona and Cal has contacted him -along withi a host of other schools.

  • Larry

    At this point in the year, quite is good. The only news in June would be players getting in trouble or injured.

  • Larry

    Is this blog dead? June 11th was the last entry? It’s almost July…

  • Rollonubears

    haha! i came here to write an RIP post, too. very sad. no posts and can’t access it from an iphone. i would say it’s at least a few feet underground at this point. go portugal! win by one or tie, please.

  • Larry

    Jeff, have you gotten fired?

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I think he’s in brazil, watching the other football. I have to admit that i’m glad the world cup is here. it helps endure the boring summer without Cal Football.

  • Rollonubears

    nice result for team u s and a today. that final footwork that almost led to a goal was phenomenal!

  • 707 Bear

    Soccer question:

    Now that the knockout rounds have begun, why are these important games sometimes decided by penalty kicks? No other team sport does this for playoff games. They have 23 players. How about allowing unlimited substitution during the overtime periods. Keep playing until someone scores!

    How many days until real football?

  • Rollonubears

    i like the sudden death approach better, too. not sure you need to do the substitution thing, though, as it could just prolong the game. after another 90 minutes, people will start dropping to the ground and it’ll be easier to score.

  • Wehofx

    Twitter rumor: Sandy is stepping down.

    I know I’m in a – very, very small – minority but I thought sb did a very good job, esp Memorial reno involved dealing with – in addition to usual financial issues – tree freaks and fools in city hall. If true, Cuonzo hire is a good way to go out.

    If true, I wish Sandy the best in her future endeavors.

    Waited a coupla days to make sure the fixes to btb are permanent. Fingers crossed. It seems like disqus and bang have finally decided to get on the mobile bandwagon. I like to think my complaints about disqus on twitter helped light a fire under them.

    Android users?

    Here’s to Reanimation of Bear Talk! Go Bears! FB is just a coupla blinks away.

  • 707 Bear

    How about playing 10 minute overtime periods with unlimited substitution after each 10 minutes.

    But add this: remove one player at the end of each overtime period. You could end up with a James Caan “Rollerball” scenario.


    2 goalies…Mesi v Neymar. I would watch that

  • acaldude

    If true, good luck to her. I happen to agree with you, she was far better than people ever gave her credit for. The Memorial renovation never happens without her. She had some weaknesses and made some mistakes, but overall she has done a fine job. Some people have a problem with her handling of Tedford, but I didn’t hear a lot of complaints from 2004 to 2008. But like all things, one hopes the next choice will set an even higher bar. It’s like Martin and Monty, Monty repaired it and took it to one level, let’s hope Martin takes it to the next level.

    I highly encourage people to read californiagoldenblogs.com report on Esquer and baseball for a clearer picture of how some of that funding stuff went down with the 5 sports.

  • Rollonubears

    i can’t believe we have to talk about sb’s resignation on a three-week-old justin cobbs post. is someone holding JF hostage somewhere?