Football: Granado states his case for right tackle job

With projected starter Jordan Rigsbee still working his way back after knee surgery last spring, JC transfer Dominic Granado seemingly has the hand at right tackle. At least for now.

Granado has gotten the majority of the first-team reps, and coach Sonny Dykes has been pleased.

“He’s competing well – that’s the biggest thing he’s done,” Dykes said after Wednesday’s workout. “We recruited him because we thought he was a tough football player. We’ve gotten what we hoped to get.

“Quite frankly, he’s been a little more consistent than I thought he would be at this point. It’s still early, but three practices in he’s been pretty darn good.”

Rigsbee, who had his meniscus repaired at the end of spring ball, actually is ahead of schedule, Dykes said, and should be ready to play by the Aug. 30 opener at Northwestern.

Others are competing there too – Brian Farley and brothers Matt and Aaron Cochran. Figure it to come down to Granado or Rigsbee, who also can play center or guard and gives the Bears a versatile player to plug in anywhere on the line.

Dykes doesn’t anticipate naming a starter at right tackle anytime soon. “That’s going to play out for a while,” he said.


Senior center Chris Adcock, who missed the final eight games last season with a serious knee injury, is holding up well so far.

“Adcock’s been solid. He’s held up incredibly well. He feels so good right now, he keeps going,” Dykes said. “We’re talking about backing him off a little bit, just make sure we’re not loading him with too much too soon.


A name you probably haven’t heard: Addison Ooms.

He’s a true freshman walk-on center who has caught the attention of the coaching staff.

“Looks like three practices in he’s got a chance to play,” Dykes said of the 6-4, 295-pounder from Mater Dei High. “That’s a pretty dang good surprise.”


The battle for the vacant placekicker position seems to be down to senior James Langford of Pleasanton vs. redshirt freshman Matt Anderson of Danville.

“James Langford has been pretty consistent. I’ve been pleased with him,” Dykes said. “He’s got a big leg. He hasn’t always been the most consistent guy but so far his consistency is where we want it to be.

“Matt Anderson is stronger. He’s making a little bit of a push as well. It’s encouraging to see. I think it’s going to be a good competition.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Wehofx

    Call me a dumbass w Training Camp delusions but I am optimistic about this team.

    Per twitter Vic enwere is a beast – HT to Marshawn. We need a banger to go w km’s speed.

    Also per twitter: chase Forrest is making a real run at 2 qb. Forrest and Ooms can only help build our pipeline to Mater Dei.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Feeling optimistic? Me too? But I’m pessimistic about my optimism. Why? I’m a die hard Cal Fan, and I’ve been burned many times. For some reason, the gods are against us. But I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

  • Eric

    6 wins. That is what Sonny needs to get. And it is doable.

  • rotfogel

    I’m optimistic as well. Thing is, IF the offensive line is just decent, I think Goff’s improvement coupled with the fact (and it is a fact) that the Bears have 3 NFL caliber WRs (Treggs, Harper, Lawler) will have them scoring a lot more often than last year. Also, the defense will be better for the simple fact it just couldn’t be worse. I also am happy that ‘Buh’ is gone, that in itself is also a massive improvement. I also really like Lasco. If he’s healthy he is a good back, kinda reminds me of Roy Helu (who Cal didn’t offer a scholarship to while he was basically in the nostrils of Cal playing at San Ramon high).

    But the secondary, in particular the CBs, has the worst depth I can remember as a Cal fan.

  • 707 Bear

    What 6 are you looking at?

    Seems week 1 will be key.

  • Eric

    Let me frame the context. Given the exceedingly difficult schedule and the inordinant number of injuries, Sonny gets a pass for going under .500, and thus a pass for the entire season (unlike others who wanted him fired, I was of the view, and still of the view, he deserves this upcoming season to implement his system and show what he can do). But he still should have won three games – the one we did win plus Washington State and Colorado. So when we measure this season, we want to see improvement on where he should have been, not where he ultimately ended up. So winning 3 or 4 games this year is not enough. I think he needs to go 6-6.
    Is that realistic? Well, if I were a betting man, I’d like some odds on it, but it is not out the realm of realistic thinking. It starts with NW – we have to win that game. We should win that game, just like we should have won it last year. Add Sac State, Colorado and BYU at home. We should win those three, with no excuses. That leaves two more. The rest of the schedule is challenging to say the least, so we need a little luck, but I like the UW game at home, and we need either at WSU or at Arizona – each of which on paper is definitely possible. I think there is zero chance of beating the Oregons, UCLA, U$C, or Furd (absent just crazy luck like multiple turnovers, etc.) so I write those off.
    If we lose at NW, forget it.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Only 6 wins!?!
    I could see the Bears ripping off seven straight wins to start the season! 😉

    1. @nw- they are not great and we should be VERY MOTIVATED!
    2. csus – hopefully a blowout at halftime…and everyone plays.
    3. @ua – they are decent and this will be a tough road game, but not impossible, hopefully a cooler night game in the desert.
    4. cu – gotta win this one at home, we may even be the vegas favorite!
    5. @wsu – October in Pullman certainly beats December, this game is tough but winnable.
    6. udumb – This is a tough but certainly winnable home game.
    7. fucla – see #6
    8. ou@Levi’s – probably not gonna happen…too bad this isn’t a real home game… ;(
    9. @osu – probably not gonna happen…
    10. @usc- probably not gonna happen…
    11. furd – I hate to admit this but, they are frickin’ good…a win is highly doubtful.
    12. byu – no reason we can’t beat these religious folks and rally towards a bowl game!

    So, imho, best case is 8-4 (losses to ore, osu, usc and furd) and worst case is 2-10 (home wins vs csus and cu)

    I’d take the over in vegas on the Bears win total, currently at 2.5. Seems a no-brainer actually…

    Go Bears!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    LOL. you sound exactly like my late father…I’ve heard that sentiment countless times…RIP dad.

  • Larry

    Ahh, Football is back baby!