Football: Bears hope off-season `Swagger Games’ strength competition adds muscle to their bid to improve

They were called “The Swagger Games,” hardly a term you’d associate with Cal football after last fall’s 1-11 season.

But Damon Harrington knew he had to get creative. The team’s strength and conditioning coach faced a mountain of discouraging data from 2013. The Bears were winless against Football Bowl Subdivision opponents, they had 148 designed running plays that produced 2 yards or less, and the defense allowed an average of nearly 28 points in the first half.

So Harrington devised “The Swagger Games,” an offseason competition designed to generate leadership, increase the strength of the team and improve performance inside the weight room, and most importantly, on the field. Harrington, 36, who came with coach Sonny Dykes from Louisiana Tech after the 2012 season, recognized the urgency of the moment: Get stronger or get trampled again.

“The development from that point to the (start of) the season can make or break us,” he said.

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Jeff Faraudo