Football: Barr to join Cal radio team for Sac State


Dave Barr visits with Cal QB Jared Goff.

Cal alum Dave Barr, who passed for 6,305 yards and 48 touchdowns from 1992 through ’94, will join KGO’s radio team for coverage of the Bears’ home opener against Sacramento State on Sept. 6.

Barr, who lives in Sacramento, will pinch-hit for regular analyst Mike Pawlawski, who is helping with the Pac-12 Networks’ television coverage of the same game.

Jeff Faraudo

  • covinared

    Barr was a very good qb. He would fit right in with this new offense. His achilles heal was his inability to throw accurately after being flushed from the pocket.

  • Iconoclast59

    Bad headline. The reader interprets that Barr is joining the radio team that broadcasts Sac States games. However, when we read the story Barr is joining the Cal radio broadcast team for the game against Sac State. Does the Merc have any competent headline writers?

  • covinared

    not the way it came across to me.

  • Pixilicious

    Barr was my 3rd favorite Cal QB, behind AR & Mike Pawlawski. AR, obviously because of his talent, Pawlawski because of his determination and Barr because of his improvement over the years. The guy started as awful and ended as a really good QB who was 1 season away from greatness. That takes more than coaching, it takes dedication and hard, hard work. Hopefully they’ll find a full-time place for him.

  • Pixilicious

    He got better and he was actually pretty good at that by the end. I remember watching/listening to the games thinking “uh-oh” when he started scrambling then, gradually, I wasn’t saying that any more. He didn’t have natural ability but he sure had a work ethic. And heart. The Air Raid has so distorted things that it’s hard to compare Goff to Barr but in a pro-style offense, I think that Barr in his last year would start over Goff; albeit that Goff is still very young.

  • Calduke

    Headline; Barr to join Cal radio team.
    How does that say he is broadcasting for Sac State?

  • Iconoclast59

    The headline in my (Monterey Herald) paper said: “Barr joins radio team for Sac State” – they left out “Cal”