Football: No surprises on 1st Cal depth chart

There were no real surprises on the first Cal depth chart of the fall, released Tuesday morning.

A few things worth noting:

— Junior CB Darius White, slowed throughout fall camp by a jammed shoulder, does not appear anywhere on the depth chart, suggesting he won’t travel to Northwestern.

— Khalfani Muhammad got the nod over Daniel Lasco for the starting job at running back. But Lasco had a strong camp and the Bears intend to use three or four backs.

— Sixth-year senior Austin Clark held off newcomers Trevor Kelly and Tony Mekari for a starting job at DT, opposite Mustafa Jalil.

— As expected, Ray Davison won the SAM linebacker spot, although when the Bears go to a nickel package he is likely to come off in favor of a fifth DB.

— Darius Allensworth edged Cedric Dozier for the other starting CB slot, to be paired with Cameron Walker.

— Freshman Luke Rubenzer, who won the backup quarterback spot, is listed as “or” with senior Austin Hinder. That may mean Rubenzer might be held out (redshirted) unless he is forced to play because of an injury to Jared Goff. Or it may simply be Cal’s way of keeping Northwestern guessing about whether Rubenzer could be used as a change of pace.

Here’s the chart:


QB: Jared Goff, Luke Rubenzer or Austin Hinder, Chase Forrest

RB: Khalfani Muhammad, Daniel Lasco, Tre Watson or Vic Enwere, Patrick Laird

FB: Lucus Gingold, Bradley Northnagel

LT: Steven Moore, Brian Farley, Aaron Cochran

LG: Chris Borrayo, J.D. Hinnant, Myles Bunte

C: Chris Adcock, Matt Cochran or Addison Ooms

RG: Alejandro Crosthwaite, Matt Cochran, Donovan Frazier

RT: Jordan Rigsbee, Dominic Granado, Vincent Johnson

WR (X): Trevor Davis or Chris Harper

WR (Y): Stephen Anderson or Darius Powe, Raymond Hudson

WR (H): Bryce Treggs, Matt Rockett or Bryce McGovern, Drake Whtiehurst

WR (Z): Kenny Lawler or Maurice Harris, Jack Austin


DE: Brennan Scarlett, Puka Lopa, Noah Westerfield

DT: Mustafa Jalil, Trevor Kelly, Marcus Manley

DT: Austin Clark, Tony Mekari, David Davis

DE: Todd Barr, Harrison Wilfley

SAM: Raymond Davison, Jake Kearney, Arthur Waintwright

MIKE: Michael Barton, Hardy Nickerson, Jr., Devante Downs

WILL: Jalen Jefferson, Edward Tandy, Hamilton Anoa’i

CB: Cameron Walker, Caleb Coleman, Trey Cheek

FS: Stefan McClure, Griffin Piatt, Avery Sebastian

SS: Michael Lowe, Cormac Craigie, David Garner

CB: Darius Allensworth, Cedric Dozier, A.J. Greathouse


PK/KO: James Langford, Matt Anderson, Noah Beito

P: Cole Leininger, Noah Beito

SNAP: John Sherperdson, Bradley Northnagel

HLD: Bryce McGovern, Jack Austin

PR: Bryce Treggs, Trevor Davis, Chris Harper

KR: Khalfani Muhammad, Trevor Davis, Bryce Treggs



Jeff Faraudo

  • sunshipballoons

    Dykes isn’t the type of coach to rotate QBs. It was one thing last year when everything was wrong — why not give Kline some reps, since he’d already used his redshirt. But there’s no reason to drop Rubenzer’s red shirt for a few downs, especially because Rubenzer seems pretty okay with redshirting. Hinder is fine if they just need somebody to spell Goff on rare occasions, or come in late in a blowout. If Goff gets injured (or, much less likely, totally implodes), then maybe they use Rubenzer. I’m pretty sure that’s the “or.”

  • covinared

    One thing I noticed is all the new names for the defensive backups. Not much experience. I am an optimist but things could get ugly on defense.

  • Eric

    I am glad to Khalfani getting the starting nod. While he won’t get 30 carries a game, he is speed guy, and this offense needs to use his speed.

  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    Hey Losers
    Just looked at your depth chart. It reminds me of a tampon. It’s good for only one period and there isn’t a second string.

  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    Hey Losers
    Just looked at your depth chart. It reminds me of a tampon. It’s good for only one period and there isn’t a second string.

  • Rollonubears

    covina, i don’t think the new names matter all that much as the system is and approach are different, so with the whole “clean slate” thing, these are the guys that showed the best ability to understand and execute the kaufman D. i guess we’ll find out in a few days. gonna be a wet one.

  • covinared

    80% chance of T storms!

  • Juancho

    I’m going to continue to use the Buh unit of measurement of 21 points. Just a heads up to everyone.

  • Darren-daredevilfan

    Hope our crazy year of playing kids last year pays off with unexpected depth this year. I am in Chicago to drop off my daughter as a freshman at DePaul. So…. I will be at the game to see us get off to a great start. GoBears!

  • Andre Jackson

    Just when you think the troll can’t get more pathetic – go check the like history – the troll liked his own post. How sadly insecure can he be and how hilarious is his desperate need for approval. Big time lol.

  • Milo

    Tampons are red, meaning Furd or $C.

    Hey so who has that blocking app?

  • CallMeDaddy

    Dear Cal Alums and Fans,

    Yet again I offer my most sincere apologies.

    Can I describe my conundrum?

    I toil at the coalface, working long hours in order to bring home the bacon and to provide a comfortable living for my family.

    I arrive home, usually in the deepest hours of the night. I am greeted by the glow of a flat screen monitor emanating from behind a locked door to the basement. Outside the door are empty bags of Cheetos and discarded bottles of Mountain Dew. From behind that door comes forth a blizzard of “HAHAHAHA” and “LOL,” leading me to think I have a mental health patient residing in the bowels of my house.

    I asked the police how I should handle this matter. They told me, “Daddy, this is civil issue. Besides she’s an adult. Have you thought about pulling the plug on her computer and getting an eviction order?”

    24/7. 365. Holidays included. It never ends.

    Every now and then, she shrieks, “I HATE Paul Dee!” I often get a call or e-mail from some such site like WeAreSC, telling me that they have banned her. It makes no sense to me, as I could care less about that lesser institution of learning or any other institution but the finest one in the land, the University of California.

    My psychologist is currently using her as a case study, as it is level of dysfunctional behavior that he has never encountered in all of his years of practice and research.

    I’d like to think that I put forth my best effort in raising She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. I taught her to sing “Hail To California” but she sings off key. I tried to get her into to Cal, but the College of Natural Resources wouldn’t even accept her.

    Sigh. Where did I go wrong? I remain humbly contrite and apologetic.

    Best Regards and Go Bears,


  • Rollonubears

    i’m jealous! i suggest stopping by a walgreens and picking up a $2 GOLD parka to stay dry. GO BEARS!

  • Eric

    It was the best thing from last year, so by all means please do continue, I forget – is it 21 points total, 21 points in a row, 21 points in a half, or 21 points in a quarter?

  • Darren-daredevilfan

    Great idea, will do! Still gonna be in the doghouse for dragging my wife into bad weather but she should know the way us guys get this time of year!

  • Andre Jackson

    Maybe our depth would be better if our players jumped off of balconies to save small children from drowning.

  • Andre Jackson

    Maybe our depth would be better if our players jumped off of balconies to save small children from drowning.

  • Andre Jackson

    Maybe our depth would be better if our players jumped off of balconies to save small children from drowning.

  • IHeartDaddy

    Daddy says that the most exciting and popular class at La E$Cuela Del $ur Central is “Stranger Than Fiction: You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.”


  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    I just read that one of our players posted that Coach Steve is a racist because he treated a player like a “slave.” I don’t think so!
    Racism is when someone calls an African American the ‘N’ word. It makes no difference if that person was employed by the university, teaches in a diversified department and/or that the victim was a woman and a defenseless one at that.
    People who are guilty of racism should not be employed by a university which promotes diversification. Double standard.

  • Andre Jackson

    What about jumping off of balconies? Should university employees do that?
    And you forgot to like your post. And then come back on as a guest and like it again. LOL! What an insecure tool.

  • covinared

    sc has had a bad couple days.

  • AngrySocialWelfareAdvisor

    UC East Bay has had 55 bad years