Football: Cal-Northwesten game thread

FINAL SCORE: Cal 31, Northwestern 24. OK, you may now exhale.

Click here to read my game story. And my notebook, focusing on freshman Luke Rubenzer.

END OF 3RD QUARTER: Cal 31, Northwestern 21. Well, at 31-7 it looked like the only way the Bears could lose this game was by giving NU some help. And they did just that, when Goff’s pass went off the hands of Lasco and was picked off by LB Collin Ellis. You remember him, right? He had two INTs for TDs against the Bears last year. The Wildcats cashed in on the next play with a nice trick play: QB Trevor Siemian throws a lateral pass to WR Jayme Taylor, who then throws back to Siemian for the TD. That got the Wildcats within 10 points with 2:06 left in the 3rd Q. Cal has responded nicely so far, moving from its own 12 to the NU35, where it will have a first-and-10 when the fourth quarter begins.

HALFTIME: Cal 24, Northwestern 7. Goff was 12 for 18 for 186 yards with three TDs, one each to Bryce Treggs, Kenny Lawler and Trevor Davis. Cal has a 270-153 edge in total yards, a 14-7 edge in first downs. Hasn’t all been perfect: Cal’s four running backs have combined for 47 yards on 12 carries, just under 4 yards per. Rubenzer ran 9 times for 38 yards, but hasn’t played since being picked off on a pass he should have thrown out of bounds. Cal has held the lead for 23 minutes, 42 seconds — 14 minutes longer than the Bears were ahead of FBS teams all last season. Just one penalty vs. Cal — 5 yards for offsides on a kickoff. And the defense? Cal gave up a staggering 335 points in the first half a year ago, but allowed the Wildcats just one score in six possessions.

END OF 1ST QUARTER: Cal 14, Northwestern 0. Yep, it’s true. Goff threw TD passes of 1 yard to Bryce Treggs and 7 yards to Kenny Lawler and the defense got a stop on a fourth-and-one at its own 22 to snuff NU’s only possession of the game. The revelation has been the contributions of freshman QB Luke Rubenzer, on the field for at least 10 plays. He has run the ball eight times for 36 yards and completed 1 of 2 passes for 9 yards.


Greetings from Ryan Field at Evanston, Ill.

It’s warm, humid, with scattered clouds. But the locals don’t think it will rain. We’ll see.

Will provide periodic updates all afternoon. Or follow me on Twitter at @JeffFaraudo

BTW: All present and accounted for on the Cal roster. DBs Darius White (shoulder) and Avery Sebastian (quad) both dressed and warming up, although still not convinced either will play.


Jeff Faraudo


  1. So you barely beat a cupcake. Two things stood out to me.
    1. NU honored the 1949 Rose Bowl winning team. Who did they play? What they should have acknowledged is that your sorry program hasn’t won a Rose Bowl before NU won their one and only. BTW NU played USC in the Rose Bowl in the 60s. When was your last time.
    2. I loved the comment by Gilmore who said that it has been a long time since your sorry team went into the 4th quarter with the game on the line. HAHAHAHA

  2. Finally BUT they’ve got some work to do before a PAC win comes around. The streak is over, though, so for the moment it’s still good.

  3. It’s warm outside. Why don’t you go swimming in a pool? I’m sure some $C player will save you if you start to drown.

  4. Gee — no comment about your prediction for the game? Such a kitty. Why don’t you cool off in a pool = I am sure some $C player will save you if you start to drown.

  5. Wow! The Defense won the game! Who’d a think it? Not me. Not this year. I just wanted the D not lose any games for us this year.

    Great adjustments by AK in 4 Q.

    While TF made some puzzling calls in 2 half, the zone read w Benz to get last first down was BALLSY!

  6. You said that already. Did you forget like you forgot your prediction for the game? Here kitty, kitty.

  7. Its nice to see a victory and its nice to know we are improved from last year. To be fair Nortwestern is somewhat worse than last year after losing its two best players. We looked good under pressure and winning on the road is also gratifying. We have potential.

  8. We are Undefeated and tied for 1st place in the PAC-12 North!

    I think we needed this game to be close so that we got the win, but know there are definitely things to work on.

    Running the ball still needs to get better. Play calling in the 2nd half was too simple and predictable. Defense looked better, but the DL didn’t get much pass rush, especially in the 4th qtr when they looked a bit tired. Got lucky on that INT in the 4th qtr, otherwise we could be 0-1 right now.

    Looking forward to get a big lead next week and see some 2nd-3rd stringers get some field time. Rest up and hit the Arizona desert next.


  9. Fight On!
    The Sarks era has begun. MoreNCsarecoming

  10. Fight On!
    USC – 21
    FSU – 0
    End of the 1st Quarter

  11. I hear that the reason you post on Cal blogs is that all the sc sites have banned you. How sad that this is the only place to go. I will pray for you and your sad life as I jump into a pool to save a drowning child.

  12. You forgot to like your own post again. You don/t seem to have done that again since I pointed it out and everyone laughed at you. Your team may be good, but you just got owned.

  13. Let’s see if his prediction for the Sark era will be as accurate as the prediction for the cal game that he’s too much of a kitty to address. Remember when Trojans went from #1 pre-season and then had the worst slide by any team into irrelevancy? I wonder if the kitty remembers that? And at last count didn’t $C go backwards and lose an NC they won by cheating? Cheat on!

  14. Fight On!
    USC – 31
    FSU – 7
    End of 1st Half

  15. I really like our new DC. His name is Justin Wilcox.

  16. How good a swimmer is he? Can he post on SC sites? Can he admit to making a bad prediction (which is also gramatically incorrect?) and not kitty out like you did?

  17. Fight On!
    USC – 52
    FSU – 13
    We could have painted 100 but we have class.

  18. What you don’t have is a pair — you like to talk trash but can’t take it or man up when you are wrong.. Tonite a guy on BI said you been doing this troll thing for 15/20 years – so you are like 40/45? How freakin’ pathetic is that? I also hear you do this cuz you got no family, no children, no wife, and are probably a virgin. Dude you are too sad for me to deal with anymore. Really sad, guy. I’d hate to be you. Bye virgin.

  19. A win is a win is a win! Happy for my Bears!

    1. Goff and the O-Line played well

    2. We had a running game to balance the NorthWestern defensive push.

    3. Liked the change up with Rubenzer, but he has to stay on his feet or he WILL get hurt as he continues to leave his feet.

    4. No more passes to Lasco. Nice guy. Plays hard, but cannot catch a cold in Siberia.

    5. Defense made some stands. Unheard of last year. Proud of the way they played for 3+ quarters.

    6. On to B-Town! Beat Sacramento State with EXTREME PREJUDICE! Go Bears!!!!

  20. Great Win! After last year I’ve learned that we should savor any wins we get this year. The running game was better but still not good. Our offensive line was better but still too slow. Finally, we are still doing some real stupid stuff out there. BTW, I’m real happy for Jalen Jefferson who had a tough time last year but always gave a strong effort, he really has improved as a player this year.

    Ignore the Moron, I have no desire to talk about classless Toejam Football with their sleazy coach and lying team captains.

  21. Talk about “homey” officials. Northwestern wasn’t called for a single penalty in the entire game, in spite of at least a dozen flagrant holding incidents by the offensive line alone. Cal should have won that game by at least 35 points with honest officiating.

  22. Hey Gummy Bears

    I forgot to congratulate your team for breaking that losing streak to FBS teams. However lets look at the other ones…

    1. No Rose Bowl win since 1938 (1937 season).
    2. No Rose Bowl appearance since 1959 (1958 season).
    3. No sweep of the other three California-based conference schools since 1958. (We have gone 0-3 19 times in that span, and 0-2-1 two times.)
    4. No New Year’s Day bowl since 1992 (1991 season).
    5. No win streak over 5 games to begin a season
    6. No conference win since October 13, 2012 (14 game losing streak).
    7. No Big Game win since 2009.
    8. No lead in the Big Game since the first half of the 2011 game.
    9. No win over USC since 2003.
    10. No lead over USC since the first half of the 2007 game.
    11. No bowl game win since 2008.
    12. No bowl game appearance since 2011.
    13. No shutout by Cal since 2005 (Arizona).
    Fight On! Cody Kessler is the real deal.

  23. Old Blue – I noticed two blatant holds (including the one where our guy was flagged for defensive holding).
    That being said, did we have any offensive holding or false starts? I am trying to remember.

  24. I hope you run that freshman QB against SC. Big Cat will beat that little punk like a wet sock.

  25. We were penalized 6 times for 69 yards. NW wasn’t penalized a single yard in the whole game. That said, I don’t think we had any false starts or offensive holding. We had a really phony personal foul for a late hit that barely touched the other player, and several defensive holding calls.

  26. Amazing! If Moron had put as much energy into his SATs as he does in this blog he would have been admitted to Cal, he wouldn’t be a bitter disappointed Moron and Daddy wouldn’t be a drunk. Sad, really sad.

  27. “Ignore the Moron, I have no desire to talk about classless Toejam Football with their sleazy coach and lying team captains”
    Wow…didn’t take you long to become a hypocrite.

  28. I guess the posters at BI are right. I come home from a fun day to find the troll spent the whole day posting on a holiday weekend? You do have no family or social life. So sad.
    And since you spent the day posting here instead of on $C boards, I guess it’s true that you are banned at your own team;s boards. So very very sad.

  29. Gee idiot == that $C didn’t do you much good . First you mention multiple armageddons which can’t happen since just one is a world-ending event, and now you call la ed out but he said he didn’t want to talk about toejam (I like that name) football — and he didn’t — he talked about you. And you are clearly not toejam football since the toejam boards have banned you. LOL

  30. “Dude you are too sad for me to deal with anymore.” Andre Jackson
    What do they say about birds of a feather?

  31. nice counter – no denial.

    45 and no family == spent your day on the internet but not sc boards cuz you are banned by your own team. you are the owned one here == nobody wants you. LOL

  32. Moron is definitely a fruit; not so sure about the irresistible part, though :)

  33. Re: Moron. I am one of the oldtimers here posting since 2006 or so. Moron has been been a constant. There was a big push about five years ago to not feed the troll. I think this is the only way to deal with Moron. There seems to be a developing consensus to recognize a troll personality disorder characterized by cowardice, sadism, narcissism and psychopathy. Basically we are dealing with a very unhappy and lonely person who finds some relief in inflicting distress on others. Moron will likely be this way for the rest of his or her life. Moron actually gets pleasure from our negative responses to him or her because it proves he or she has caused some type of unpleasant feeling in another human being. Until Moron is banned from our board, which the Times cannot or is unwilling to do, I think we should do our best to ignore the posts. I recognize its hard to do.

  34. Agree 100%. For a while I would answer, eventually calling it the Blind Squirrel, but it is pointless to try to respond to it. Any rational, reasonable person would recognize Cal’s win yesterday was impressive (not surprising, the team of the week according to Ted Miller, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Jefferson gets Pac-12 defensive player of the week) but we know it cannot be rational or reasonable.
    I am more interested in why Chris has played the radio silence card. Nom de guerre for the Moron?

  35. Michael Hendricks’ brother also had a big day for ucla. He’ll probably get it.

  36. Agree 100%. I also noticed Northwestern defenders offsides on numerous plays with no penalties called, including that play in the first half where Cal’s center allegedly snapped the ball early and Cal had a huge loss of yards. Undoubtedly, the guy who snapped the ball was expecting a free play since the defenders were clearly offsides.

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