Football/basketball: Report says Utah to Pac-10

Comcast SportsNet Bay Area is reporting that a press conference is expected Wednesday to announce the addition of Utah to the Pac-10. CSN Bay Area says it has learned of the announcement from sources close to the situation.

The addition of Utah should finalize the Pac-10’s quest for expansion after getting spurned by the teams from the Big 12. It will give the conference 12 teams, which are expected to be split into two divisions. Cal would join Stanford, the Oregon schools and the Washington schools to form the Pac-10 North, while Utah and Colorado would join the Los Angeles schools and Arizona schools to make a Pac-10 South. It is believed the new format will also lead to a Pac-10 championship game for football.


Football/basketball: The Pac-16 is dead

It’s official. The remaining Big 12 teams are staying together. That means, for now, the Pac-10 stands at 11 teams. Will Larry Scott go after Utah next? Here is a statement from the conference commissioner:

“University of Texas President Bill Powers has informed us that the 10 remaining schools in the Big 12 Conference intend to stay together. We are excited about the future of the Pac-10 Conference and we will continue to evaluate future expansion opportunities under the guidelines previously set forth by our Presidents and Chancellors.”


Football/basketball: Hello, Utah?

ESPN.com now is aligning more with the Orangebloods.com report, citing a source that the proposal to keep the Big 12 together with the remaining 10 teams is “gaining traction.” The remaining Big 12 teams are meeting today to discuss their options, but it sounds like the proposed finanical terms of the new-look conference would be comparable to what the schools would get in the Pac-10. If that’s the case, we may have a second “Big Ten” on our hands.

That also means the Pac-10 will be left scrambling to add at least one more school, with Utah being the most likely candidate.


Football/basketball: Nebraska says yes to Big Ten . . . you know what that means

As expected, Nebraska accepted the Big Ten Conference’s invitation today.

Don’t expect the defections to stop there. Texas regents will meet Tuesday to discuss the situation, and it looks more and more like five more Big 12 schools — Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State — will follow Colorado’s lead and join the Pac-10.

So, if you’re keeping score: The Pac-10 now has 11 teams, the Big 12 now has 10 teams, the Big Ten, which had 11 teams, now has 12.

Here’s the latest from the Lincoln Journal Star.

Meanwhile, Boise State — a football powerhouse in the WAC — today jumped to the Mountain West Conference.


Football/basketball: Expansion, USC coverage

–Here’s the story we ran today from the Los Angeles Times about USC’s penalties. It includes quotes we added from Jeff Tedford and Sandy Barbour.

–A thorough story on Colorado/expansion by our own Jeff Faraudo here.

–Columnist Gary Peterson weighs in on the impact the USC sanctions might have.

–Jon Wilner says Pac-10 expansion clearly is motivated by money.