Live chat with Sandy Barbour

Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour will join us for a live chat on Thursday, June 2 from 2-3 p.m. A lot has obviously gone on during this academic school year and Sandy will be here to answer your questions. We’ll have some reminders and the link to participate as we get closer.


Baseball: No decision on reinstatement this week

The Cal baseball team must wait at least until next Tuesday — who knows when exactly — to find out whether its program will be reinstated for next season.

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau met with heavy-hitter fundraiser Stu Gordon on Friday morning and told him the group’s $9 million is still not enough — supporters must reach $10 million before he will reinstate the program.

A campus spokesman said there will be no announcement at least until Tuesday.

Here’s our early story on the issue.

I talked this afternoon with Doug Nickle, former Cal pitcher and one of the organizers last fall of Save Cal Baseball. He told me it’s a matter of when, not if, but declined to speculate on a timetable.

“Our commitment and the fact that we remain positive has not changed at all,” Nickle said. “We know that we will earn reinstatement.”