Cal rolls out new uniforms, updated Bear logo


The Bears' new look


Determined to create unity in its look while embracing tradition, Cal athletics unveiled a new visual identity on Wednesday, including uniforms for all its sports and a more ferocious update of its Golden Bear logo.

“To me, it says we’re not messing around,” linebacker Nick Forbes said of the growling Bear logo. “It’s an aggressive Bear. It’ll be true to how we’re going to play next year.”

Nike developed the new line of uniforms, which will be rolled out at the start of the 2013-14 school year on all fronts. The changes are distinct, but hardly a dramatic departure from what fans are accustomed to seeing.

Cal is not following the lead of the Pac-12’s most famous Nike school, Oregon, which seemingly introduces flamboyant, non-traditional new uniforms on a regular basis.

“We’re not trying to create an identity for ourselves — we have one. It’s the University of California,” new football coach Sonny Dykes said. “I don’t think we need to try to get into uniform battles. We’ll let other schools do that because that’s what they’re particularly good at.”

The traditional Cal script is intact, as is the Bears’ blue and gold color scheme, which will be augmented at times by gray. Black is not part of the new package.

Dykes said he expects the football team to wear blue jerseys and gold pants for all home games. On the road, he said a combination of white and gray likely will be used, although he also envisioned blue pants and gray jerseys.

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Pac-12 Networks

Commissioner Larry Scott announced today the formation of the Pac-12 Networks, which will consist of one national network and six regional networks. There will be a network specifically in Northern California to serve Cal fans (and Stanford).

Under this new agreement, every football and men’s basketball game not shown on national television will be aired on one of the Pac-12 networks.


Baseball: Bears play Sunday

Cal’s first game in the College World Series will be Sunday at 11 a.m. Pacific time and will air on ESPN. There are two opening-round games Saturday — Vanderbilt plays North Carolina and Texas takes on Florida.  and two on Sunday. The Bears will play the winner of today’s UC Irvine-Virginia game Super Regional game Sunday while South Carolina will take on the winner of today’s Texas A&M-Florida State Super Regional game.