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Beer, Beer and More Beer

By William Brand
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005 at 11:23 pm in Uncategorized.

Well, we’re back home in the San Francisco East Bay, which indeed is beer country. Checked out an Andronico’s, the fancy supermarket chain, this morning. Of course, I had to do my beer shelf survey.
This new store in Walnut Creek, CA is a fine place to buy beer. All the beer, except for a few caseload specials, is displayed on refrigerated shelves. Would you believe it? Thirty five linear feet of craft beer and import shelf space.
Now get this: About two feet of shelf space for Bud and all the rest of America
‘s yellow beer. Amen.
One last note on our trip to the Palm Springs area. At one, fairly fancy restaurant, Sam Adams, the only decent beer available, was listed under imports.

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