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Quote of the Week

By William Brand
Tuesday, April 19th, 2005 at 12:41 pm in Uncategorized.

Ken Wells, The Wall Street Street Journal Reporter, had an enviable assignment: Go out into America and tell us about beer.” The result was a book. Picked this up from The Beeryard, a beer distributor in Wayne, PA, near Philadelphia. Directions to the place: “Right behind Starbucks.’ Yeah. Anyway, we digress:

“Ken Wells, author of Travels With Barley: A Journey Through Beer Culture in America, attendees at the Grand Banquet which closed the 2005 Craft Brewers Conference last night (Sunday, April 17, 2005) that getting to travel around drinking beer on the company credit card for 18 months was a great gig (“Would you give a gun to a baby? What were they thinking?”) and that he is now a “Beer Geek in training” and obsessed with hops.

“He cautioned the crowd, however, not to dismiss or ignore the passions of those who love “fizzy yellow beer” out of hand, admitted that he too sometimes wanted nothing more. “There are people all over who drink Bud because they like it and think it tastes good.” he said, “and you have recognize that.” He added that “in fact, Augie Busch told me he understood what you’re all about and that he would like to buy you all a drink…oh wait, I misread my notes. He actually said he’d like to buy you all, period.”

There was a lot more, follow the link to read it all.

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