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Bud in an Aluminum Bottle: The Dry Cooler

By William Brand
Friday, June 17th, 2005 at 12:55 pm in Uncategorized.

An aluminum “bottle” – I was fascinated from the moment I saw it on the beer shelf at my local Safeway. Then, I did something unheard of from me, I bought it, even though it was Budweiser, a beer I usually eschew.

It’s a slim, brushed-aluminum bottle with a clear lacquer coating and it holds a pint. There’s a traditional bottle cap on top. It first reminded me of the Sigg aluminum bottles we used to use backpacking. Next, I recalled STP, so I checked and sure enough, the automotive additive comes in an aluminum can, with a screw cap.

But what’s inside is regular Bud, a pale, fizzy concoction with a light, beery aroma. Dry taste, no sweetness at all and almost undetectable hops. I drank most of the pint, but I was still thirsty. Aside from a slight buzz from the alcohol (Bud is 5 percent ABV), I felt like I hadn’t drunk a thing.

Then, I got the picture. The brewing and marketing geniuses at Anheuser-Busch have created the perfect beer cooler. It’s not sweet like Annie Green Springs (to draw on a cooler from my youth. No, it’s dry and light and pleasantly fizzy and one Bud just isn’t enough. One wants MORE. No wonder it’s the top-selling beer in the world.

This is an amazing product. As a beer cooler, I give Bud ***; as a beer: * .

Oh yes, Anheuser Busch says Bud Light’s now in a blue, aluminum bottle; Budweiser Select’s also coming out in a aluminum bottle.

This aside – the young guy at the Safeway checkout counter approved of my purchase, but suggested I try Bud Select, which he said was a great beer. I suggested he move on to the better stuff. Try Gordon Biersch Blond Bock, I said. Hope he does.

Later, the half-drunk Bud still in my glass, I turned to a bottle of Lagunitas Censored Ale, a hefty 7.7 percent copper ale. It’s definitely not a beer cooler.

Why do they call it “censored”. They call it that because… according to Lagunitas founder Tony Magee, it was originally names Kronik with the last k reversed. The feds didn’t like that; thought it might be a drug reference. So they censored the name and provided the new name. 420 anyone?

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  • sidney hunte

    My wife had a bottle of your bud, in the aluminum bottle on a cruise we went on and she loved it, she also does’nt dring. I have been looking for this aluminum bottle from budweiser for a long time and is impossible to find can you please send me some brochure of this product and i will purchase a small supply of this brand.
    thanks, so much
    sidney hunte

  • William Brand

    Haven’t seen tht bottle in a while Sidney. Check with a good beer store near you.