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Commercials and Dogs…

By William Brand
Thursday, June 30th, 2005 at 8:46 pm in Uncategorized.

Playing Catch-up from a Lost Week…OK, here we go:

1. Coors. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, which often polices beer ads on TV has sent a nastygram to The Beer Institute, the trade organization representing all the major American brewers, complaining that a recent Coors commercial violates the institute’s standards:

Here’s a quote:

“The subject ad pictures a crowded, lively bar scene, in which an exceptionally industrious worker – a busboy – rapidly clears Coors Light bottles off tables, grabbing every Coors Light bottle in sight. A co-worker (a waitress) remarks to the manager (or owner) about how hard the new bus boy is working. He responds, saying that he hadn’t hired a new bus boy. As he says this, the “bus boy” is seen sneaking out of the bar, with an overflowing tub of Coors Light bottles.

“The ad patently portrays a young man stealing beer from customers in the bar and running off with an excessive quantity of beer…One wonders why brewers persist in suggesting (to its large television audience of young – including underage – men) that anything goes in order to get a beer; even stealing.”

So far no response from the Institute.

Why am I reporting this? Errrrr–uhhhh. At least when I was a bellhop in college, I never stole Coors Light, I tended to go for Courvasier.(I’m from Nebraska where there was NO GOOD BEER, not even Coors.

2. Item. Flying Dog, the Denver, CO brewery that cultivates a doggy image has hit a peak. Consider this from the Dog’s website.

For That Special Bitch! Is an explanation truly necessary?
Let’s just say… Don’t be a bad dog!

How much? You’ll have to follow the link yourself if you want to buy a few.

Howsoever, gotta’ put in a good word for da’ dog. The beer to buy is Wild Dog. It was brewed for the Great American Beer Festival last October. Wish I still had some tonight.

Here’s my note from the time;

— Wild Dog Double Pale Ale, Flying Dog Brewing, Denver, Colo. This is extreme pale ale, in honor of Flying Dog’s 10th anniversary ale. It’s enough to drive conservative Brits wild. This is hallucinogenic stuff — Cascade hops pour out of the glass and circle the brain. It’s hugely hoppy at 85 International Bitterness Units (Bud has 11 IBU), but at 9.5 percent alcohol by volume, there’s enough malt to balance the hops. Well, almost.

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