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Snacks and wine

By Jessica Yadegaran
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006 at 10:09 am in Uncategorized.

Recently, a friend mentioned that he needed to pick up a bottle of wine for his parent’s anniversary dinner — “a special occasion.”

That’s when it occurred to me: People still think of wine like Hallmark cards. Meanwhile, I’m drinking the stuff with popcorn (sprinkled with pepper), Chinese take-out and frozen pizza. When I visit a friend’s, it’s not uncommon for us to pop some break ‘n’ bake Tollhouse chocolate chocolate chip cookies in the oven and wash them down with that half-bottle of merlot.

Wine is a lifestyle, so when you’re into it, you drink it with everything, not just filet mignon, and certainly not just on a fancy date. Try it. Here are some of my favorite snack wines. They’re all around $10. 

Smoking Loon Pinot Noir: Everything.
Papio: Any cheese.
Robert Mondavi Grand Reserve: I like this one with nuts and olives.
Coppola Claret: Brownies, people, brownies.
Bonny Doon Dry Reisling: Try it with the Trader Joe’s Crab Cakes or Chickenless Nuggets, with a sweet and sour dip, like the kind from McDonald’s.

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  • Ed Jose

    Do you realy like Smoking Loon “everthing”. We buy it cuz it’s cheap but not necessarily good. Hell we drink so much of it we’d be broke if we bougth “good” stuff..LOL..

  • Mike The Wine-0

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    Mike The Wine-O