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Zin State Debate

By Jessica Yadegaran
Friday, February 24th, 2006 at 10:55 am in Uncategorized.

I had to take a few days to think about this state wine thing. And I’m still torn. While I like Zinfandels fine, I really don’t think of them as the epitome of Cali.

When it comes to national foodiness, it’s certainly not our cheesesteak or Guiness. If anything, I sort of equate California with Cabs, even though our foods don’t necessarily comply. And I don’t think sales really weigh into it. If they did, that black bear on our flag would be replaced with a big fat glass of Chardonnay (nearly 20 % of the state’s grape harvest). Now that would be a shame.

The reason winemakers have their knickers in a twist is because California is blessed with the resources to make all varietals very well, so why highlight just one? I tend to agree. We’re Californians, after all. We eat avocados and order Diet Cokes with our In ‘n’ Burgers. We’re too quirky to be known for one wine.

But in the spirit of great Zins, I do have to reveal my latest fave: Cline’s 2003 Big Break Zinfandel. Good old Oakley terroir, and it tastes like mint! 

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