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Correction: Pliny and Old Stock

By William Brand
Saturday, February 25th, 2006 at 11:58 am in Uncategorized.

A reader points out that I made a couple of mistakes in my column last week.

1. Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Bistro’s Douple IPA Festival in Hayward Feb. 11 was Pliny the Younger.

According to Russian River, it’s a “modest” 11 percent alcohol by volume and has “gobs of IBUs.” They call it a triple IPA, three times the hopping of their standard IPA. It’s dry hopped four different times.
Oh my. And I thought it was the more modest Pliny the Elder, an 8 percent, 100 IBU beauty.

2. Correction two: Old Stock Ale from North Coast Brewing Co. tests out at 11.4 percent alcohol by volume. 10 percent, 11 percent, 11.4 percent. I love this beer.

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