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Letters: Brew-On-Premise Idea DOA

By William Brand
Thursday, June 1st, 2006 at 10:02 pm in Uncategorized.


Hello Bill,
I recently saw something on TV about a place where one could brew beer at an established location(i.e. all equipment and materials supplied). Might you know where this place is and its name? We live in the S.F. Bay Area and I wanted to give this as a gift for my husband on Father’s Day. I’d appreciate any help.

Many Thanks, N.

Hi N… Unofortunately, most of those brew on premise places have gone out of business. I just did a web search and talked to someone know at OakBarrel in Berkeley. The only one I know about is in Sacramento, which would be a bit far. The truth is, brewing beer is pretty simple; there are inexpensive beginner kits and most homebrew shops can be very helpful. You’d probably have to brew a batch at a friend’s house.

One homebrew shop in your area is: The Good Homebrewer, 2960 Pacific Ave., Livermore,925-373-7333.

Another is Hoptech — 6398 Dougherty Road, #7 , in Dublin — 925-875-0246. I believe The Good Homebrewer is geared more to amateurs, but both have beginner kits.

Another idea is to approach a homebrew club and see if someone would agree to brew for you. A great East Bay club is The Draught Board. A contact can be found by calling Brewmaster Homebrew Supply, 2315 Verna Ct., San Leandro, 510-351-8920. I believe The Draught Board has a number of members who live out your way.

Oh Yes…the Sacramento brew on premise is: Brew It Up! Personal Brewery and Grill, 801 14th St., Sacramento, CA 95814., 916-441-3000. You could probably do a batch in two trips. First to brew. Second to bottle. Give them a call.

Good luck N. And hey– let me know what you do. best. William.

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  • Daniel Goodman


    Thanks very much for mentioning us in your blog. While it’s a little late for this person, but another option is a brew class where they can watch and learn how to brew. The Good Brewer offers basic brewing classes on the last Saturday of each month.


    The Good Brewer