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The Beer List at a Seaside Cafe in France

By William Brand
Monday, July 17th, 2006 at 10:56 am in Uncategorized.

Roger Stocker, an English member of the Trappist Beer discussion group posted the photo (see below) of a seaside restaurant in the south of France.

Note the beer list on the big board in the center.

I wonder if we have a seaside restaurant anywhere in California with a selection like this one. Answer is easy: Non.

I’m posting the enlarged, photoshopped beer list below the big photo. Here’s what it says, top to bottom. I’ve included explanations of the less familiar beers on the liste. It’s quite a list:

Pressions bottle 25cl 50cl

Campus (Made by the Belgian brewer Huyghe)
blanche 6 euro 3,30 4,50
ambree’ 6 3,10 6

Abbey, Heineken 33 cl 3,00
Ch’Ti (Great biere de garde from the north of France. Usually in corked, Champagne style bottles. Rarely available in California. If you see it, buy it.)
25 cl 3,00
Leffe – Duvel 4,00
Delirium, Guillotine 4,50
EKU 28, (This is a five star eisbock or ice bock. 11 percent ABV, made by Kulmacher in Kulmbach, Germany.
Kappitel Abt (Het Kappitel Abt is a 10 percent triple from the Van Eecke brewery in Watou, Belgium.
Kasteel (another Belgian, comes in either brune (brown) or blonde, both 11 percent, from Van Honsebrouck. Quite sweet. 5,00
Demon (Biere de Demon is Swiss, 12 percent ABV). 6,00
75 cl (This is another excellent biere de garde made by the St. Sylvestre brewery in the north of France (French Flanders). 8.5 percent ABV. 8,00


Kwak- Maredsous 4,50
Bush (Scaldis in the U.S. The 12 degrees refers to the alcohol by volume 12 percent)
Orval -Divine
Fruit defendu (Forbidden Fruit) is a beer long made by Inbev at Hoegaarten.It’s 9 percent ABV, somewhat sweet, kind of a desert beer with a musty, earthy note. Absolutely delicious. 5,00


Pelfort – Rodenbach 3,00
Chimay Rouge 4,00
Chimay Blue – Stout Leroy
Carolus (Guden Carolus), Delerium Nostrum
Leffe 4,50
Kasteel – Rochefort 8
Guinness – Malheur 5,00
Rochefort 10 6,00

Bieres Triples

Karmelite – Leffe
St.Feuilllien – Chimay 4,50
Westmalle 5,00


St. Louis 37.5 5,50
(Kriek, Frambois, Peche)
(Cherry, Raspberry, Peach)
Floris (Pomme – Fraise)
(Apple, Strawberry – these are but two of many flavored beers made by the Belgian brewer Huyghe) 5,00
Chapeau Mirabelle
(Peach Lambic from De Troch in Belgium. Far from my favorite)
Desperados – Smirnoffs 4,00
(Fischer, the Alsatian brewer, bought the trade name Desperado from Coast Range Brewing in Gilroy, CA. Fischer sells Desperados beer in France. Smirnoff’s refers to a vodka-based alcopop with a touch of lime. Full name: Smirnoffs Black Ice. Smirnoffs is owned by Diageo, the English drinks company that owns Guinness, among others. I found a number of references on the web to Black Ice mixed with Desperados. Gawd.)
Pecheresse (Don’t know what this is) 4,00
Pink Killer 4,00
Hoegaarden (Can’t read the next word) 4,00.

At any rate, what a beer list.
Comments anyone? — William Brand,

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