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Chris Isaak at Wente

By Jessica Yadegaran
Friday, July 21st, 2006 at 9:43 am in Uncategorized.

"Let’s face it. You’re in a vineyard in the middle of the night with a man in a pink suit."

Crooner Chris Isaak’s words pretty much summed up the night. An ’03 Merlot that was too heavy for me on a 90-degree night and an astonishingly crisp ’04 Chardonnay rounded out all that is perfectly gorgeous about a summer concert in Livermore. Stockton’s own Chris Isaak wooed the crowd with his pelvic thrusts and feather-like wails and the food was deelish.

With the exception of the couple in front of our table — why do 50-year-olds need to smother their 25-year-old girlfriends at these functions? — and the staged hootchie dancers (Roy Orbison is rolling in his grave) I think a concert at a winery is just about the most amazing thing you can do for yourself this summer. (I also saw Fiona Apple at Mountain Winery last month) So put down that magnum and spend your money on this instead. It’s a pretty penny. ($71-$215). 

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