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Harvest Wine Celebration

By Jessica Yadegaran
Monday, September 4th, 2006 at 10:27 am in Uncategorized.

If you’re thinking of hitting the 25th Annual Harvest Wine Celebration in Livermore today, I went yesterday and can tell you what to try and avoid:

— Drive to the wineries. Don’t take the shuttles provided unless you mind waiting around in line in the sun (without wine) for up to 40 minutes. The event is only five hours, so at that rate you’ll probably see 3 wineries. If that’s ok with you, by all means, take advantage of the transporation.

— Bring cash. There are no ATMS and all the food costs money. That said, the best food is at Garre, try the barbecued oysters with Garre’s dry rose.

— Check out Rios-Lovell. They have a newly constructed cafe and do a mean sparkling, 50/50 cab-merlot and 2001 cab. Their prices are reasonable ($15-$22) and their wines are very well balanced.

— Definitely hit Steven Kent. Bustling with young people. He makes the house wine for the Ritz Carlton Hotels (2004 Ritz Cuvee Cabernet). La Rochelle is based there too, and their Petite Sirah and Pinots are amazing. The Pinot grapes come from San Jose. Few people can make a good Pinot in Livermore. Too hot.

— My favorite spot was probably Tesla. There, you can kick back and try the goods from five wineries: the fabulous almond sparkling from LVC, the just sweet enough Bianca and red blend Melody from The Singling Winemaking and of course all the goodies from the o-chem professor turned winemaker at Fenestra.

— I didn’t have a chance to hit Wente, Retzlaff or Wood, but suggest you do. You can’t go wrong there. My general observation was that the event drew tons of Milennials, the new generation of wine drinkers that are in their 20s and 30s. They probably made up more than half of the audience.


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