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High school winemakers

By Jessica Yadegaran
Tuesday, September 12th, 2006 at 10:17 am in Uncategorized.

Did you know the Aussies start their winemakers early? Since 1992, students at Nuriootpa High School in the Barossa Valley have been making and bottling a shiraz and a chardonnay, designing the wine labels and developing sales and marketing strategies. The only thing we made in high school was posters.

So do the wines suck? Actually, no. They cost $20-$45 and are so good that The Grateful Palate here in the CA imports the Nurioopta High Wines. The vines used for the Shiraz are the same ones that go into E&E Black Pepper Shiraz, and if you’ve had that you know it’s good. Grateful Palate sends the money from the sales back to the school to help pay for winemaking equpiment. Some seniors may be lucky enough to taste the labor. The drinking age in Australia is 18.

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