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A Stellar Fest Beer from Flying Dog

By William Brand
Thursday, September 28th, 2006 at 11:01 pm in Uncategorized.

On the way to the GABF…

Made it to Flying Dog to try their GABF special: Colorado Saison****. It’s sensational, I kid you not. A dusty unfiltered gold, with a spicy nose and a taste of malt and spice with a kind of effervescent tingle on the tongue from the sugar added to the beer that lasts into a long follow. It comes in a 750 ml., corked, Champagne-style, bottle. Truly a splendid beer.

Credit: GregoryDaurer

I would love to compare this one side by side with Saison Dupont, the Belgian beer that made this ancient, Belgian, farmhouse-style beer famous today. More about the beer, but first…

The reason I’m writing about it tonight is that Flying Dog Sales Director Kevin Hogan says there’s a fair chance it may make it to the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s what has to be done: Call Flying Dog’s distributor, Wine Warehouse in Richmond, CA (510) 215-3600 and ask them to carry it. Another way to create buzz is to talk to your favorite beer retailer: Berkeley Bowl or the person you know at your local Beverages and More, for instance.

Hogan guesses it will retail for about $12, when it reaches us in California. OK, that’s a lot – but this is a fairly spectacular beer that would set off a dinner with company very nicely.

Brewmaster Eric Warner and head brewer Matt Brophy used imported Belgian barley and wheat malt and Belgian candi sugar. Yeast came from “a small, Belgian brewery (Dupont?). Hops are imported Styrian Goldings and Chez Saaz hops. A pretty package indeed.

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