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The Grief A Simple, Stupid Typo Can Cause

By William Brand
Sunday, October 29th, 2006 at 7:15 pm in Uncategorized.

Ooops. I typo’d the adress of the Toronado in a posting a few days ago about the Toronado’s Wet Hop Fest. …I’ve changed it now. But for the record, it’s 547 Haight St. in San Francisco, NOT 57.

Consider this sad tale:


I first heard about the Toronado while reading your blog
at So when I saw
that it was having a Wet hop fest I talked my wife on taking
a trip to the city for an evening of beer tasting.

I got the Toronado’s address off your Blog, checked BART’s
web site for the nearest station and saw that the 16th St
at Mission station was the closest one. Only 0.5 to 0.6 miles

Next I printed out a google map of the 16th St to 57 Haight area . With that we hopped on BART at the Dublin/Pleasanton station and we were off. Getting off at 16th, we walked over to the address 57 haight and found 57 Haight.

Only it is not the Toronado. It is a private residence! Ha! now what did I write down the wrong address?
Now we were lost in San Francisco, and to make mattersworse I had a call of nature that was not going away and was only getting more urgent. So back we go towards Mission and Market.

Luckily we spotted a Cafe at the corner. We walked in I headed straight for the rest room and my wife ordered a tea and asked for a phone book. After my ‘rest’ I decided to call 4ll on my cell to get the Toronado’s address.

The phone company puts me through, but with this being a Saturday evening and the wet hop fest going full tilt, the woman answering the phone was hard to hear clearly and she spoke so quickly that I could not make out her super fast reply to my simple request for an address.

I was left with a my mouth gapping open and the tone of a phone that had hung up.

Lucky for me my wife has more patience then me and she continued to look in the phone book. She found the Toronado’s entry! It read Toronado, 547 Haight St. Aha! It is only another 5 blocks, why not walk there now knowing the correct address. Well, it is San Francisco, and we are from the flatlands. Haight is mostly uphill from there ooops.

Still 15 minutes later we found the place and it was packed, which is not hard to do since it is a rather small narrow bar. Still it was fun and I did happen to meet an old friend I used to work with, who I had not seen him in 5 or 6 years. Odd how life deals you such twists.

As to the Beer it was good. I only tried 4 of the hop fest specials, and found that of those I like the Drakes Harvest Ale the best.

The short story is that your reference to the Toronado’s address is wrong. It is located at 547 haight and not 57 as you show on your web/blog site.

Cheers. Peter.

NOTE: I changed it Peter and do I ever owe you a beer. And yes, the Toronado is a special place. The decor is Lower East Side New York City circa 1955. But the beer is somewhere west of heaven. b.

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