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Halloween candy and wine

By Jessica Yadegaran
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006 at 10:35 am in Uncategorized.

What a great Halloween. Went over to Jenny’s and did a few candy and wine pairings. Confused? You shouldn’t be. The flavors in candy — caramel, butterscotch, fruit, and chocolate, of course — are the same ones that pop up in fancy desserts. So why not have fun? Our favorite combo is a big red with Reese’s pieces. We also thought Sauternes and candy corn would be good, though we didn’t try it.

My curiosity for French biodynamics got the best of me and we went with Marc Kreydenweiss’ 2003 Perrieres for dinner and candy. The Southern Rhone blend is 50 percent carignane (which is all vanilla and caramel itself) and equal parts syrah and grenache. This wine was unbelievable. So much structure and not that much alcohol, just over 12%. It only costs $14 and it’s a gorgeous wine. The wine went really well with our mushroom and spinach stuffed pizza from Zachary’s.

For dessert, we had a pumpkin ice cream pie (Michaela made the ice cream) and Jenny folded it into an Oreo cookie crust and topped it with Cool Whip and Hershey’s syprup. For this, we put the Perrieres to the side and paired the pie with Schramsberg’s Cremant, a demi sec sparkling from one of my favorite Napa wineries. It was sweet enough to be considered a dessert wine, but not over the top for those, like me, who hate cloying wines.

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