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Cav Wine Bar and Kitchen

By Jessica Yadegaran
Monday, November 27th, 2006 at 10:20 am in Uncategorized.

So I continued my wine bar discovery over the weekend. I’m trying to hit one every week. It’s a great ritual. Saturday night was Cav Wine Bar and Kitchen. Weird location. Not exactly the Loin nor the Castro, just somewhere in the middle on Market. Where Yield was barebones and arty, and Parea was cozy and Mediterranean, Cav is modern and minimalistic. It’s the slickest of the wine bars, but not even like Nectar in the Marina, which is sleek and still comfortable. (Amazing the difference that ‘ick’ vs ‘ee’ makes). I had a Vermentino from Corsica, France, as I was curious to see what that region produces. It was nice, typical, medium-bodied with a lychee nose. I had it with a little hamachi and sesame seed tapa. I’m all for small plates, but this was no plate, more like a saucer of hamachi. The red I had was more interesting than the white: It was a Dolcetto, all earth and blueberries. The list isn’t as long as Parea’s nor as diverse (no Greek, Turkish or Indian wines). So far, my friends and I concur: Of the new wine bars, so far I like Yield the best.

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