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What Beer WOULD Rocky Drink: The View from Philly

By William Brand
Tuesday, December 26th, 2006 at 11:10 am in Uncategorized.

Don Russell, who writes the Joe Sixpack column for the Philadelphia Daily News, wrote a brilliant piece this past Friday (Dec. 22, 2006). Here’s the top of it. Click on the Title to read the rest…

WHAT BEER WOULD Rocky drink?

It’s mere idle speculation, as the Philly fighter’s new movie, “Rocky Balboa,” fills theater screens this weekend. But the question did provoke a small storm of discontent on the Internet earlier this month when Sylvester Stallone himself weighed in with an answer.

The setting was a terrific, far-reaching Q&A between Stallone and his fans posted at Ain’t it Cool News, an entertainment news Web site. Among other things, the actor revealed his worst movie (“Stop! Or My Mom will Shoot!”) and why he’d like to box Hitler.

The beer topic was raised when one fan wrote:

“I am throwing a Rocky party to celebrate ‘Rocky Balboa’s’ release and I need to know what kind of beer Rocky would drink so I can buy it for the party.”

“No question about it,” Stallone replied. “Rocky drinks Rolling Rock, especially in the ‘pony’ bottles, which are the small bottles.”

Rolling Rock!? ((READ THE REST OF THE COLUMN…)))

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