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Predictions for 2007

By Jessica Yadegaran
Friday, December 29th, 2006 at 9:58 am in Uncategorized.

So when you’re out tasting, you talk to a lot of people — winemakers, sommeliers, collectors, connsossieurs — and you get to discussing the Next Big Thing. Here are some trends on the horizon that I think will really take off in 2007:

Finger Lakes Reisling: Germany is the King of Reislings, but recently, this region of upstate New York has been churning out medal winners. Hard to find in California, since we produce more than 80 percent of wine in America, and don’t take kindly to domestic competition. Unfortunate. But ask your favorite wine merchant. He’s no doubt carrying something, or can get it for you.

South African Sauvingnon Blanc: I cherish my bottles of Sauvignon Blanc Cellars from Stellenbosch. These wines are so crisp, limey and almost vegetal, they make me forget my precious white Burgundies. Keep an out out for more producers and affordable pricings. I really recommend SBC.

More dry rose: The pink bubble burst this year on sophisticated, food-friendly roses and sparkling roses. Schramsberg sold out of its J. Schram, which at the end commanded $120, unheard of for a rose. (I have one bottle) So there you go. So much press, two huge Pink Out! events at Butterfly, so many producers making top-notch versions. It will continue to flourish. At this point, if ANYONE tries to mock the blush or tell you it harkens back to their days of Lancer’s, slap them. That argument is so 2006.

And lastly, gru-vee: Gruner Veltiners from Austria are already huge, appearing on many wine lists and commanding upwards of $15 a glass. Since more than a third of Austria’s vineyards are Gruner Vetliner, I have a feeling more competition will yield some affordable options. There are a few out there now, but they’re questionable. Hey, it’s not everyday you can find a peppery white. It’s worth the money.

Anything else? Organic will continue to boom. Oh, and if you haven’t already, give Greek a try. Lodi, too. It’s only five years, if that, behind Paso Robles and Santa Ynez.

Cheers to your New Year!

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