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Beer Shipments Inch Up in 2006 in U.S.

By William Brand
Saturday, December 30th, 2006 at 12:58 am in Uncategorized.

Among odd, end of the year, beer factoids is this from the Beer Institute, the Washington D.C.-based association that includes nearly all major American brewers:

Beer shipments, in other words the amount of beer shipped to retailers, consumers in the U.S. through November, 2006 are up a skinny 1.7 percent.

Beer shipments to California are up 3.6 percent. Best-performing state was Nevada, up 6.5 percent. Worst was Michigan, where shipments fell 1.4 percent. Shipments also dropped 0.5 percent in Rhode Island. All other states showed increases, however slight.

The numbers if you care can be found here. Hint: It’s a downloadable Excel file.

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