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What Women Drink

By Jessica Yadegaran
Thursday, January 4th, 2007 at 10:27 am in Uncategorized.

Here’s a first. The National Women’s Wine Competition. It’s March 13-15 in Santa Rosa and Ann Noble of U.C. Davis and Margrit Mondavi, both pioneers, will be there. Impressive. But some of my favorite female winemakers are missing from the list. Where’s Michelle Edwards? Helen Turley? And why do the judges and sommeliers have to be women too? The whole wine marketing machine in this country has gotten so out of control. I get the whole millennials thing — I am one, after all — and we do like big, fruit-forward wines with quirky labels. But it doesn’t mean we don’t drink serious stuffy-labeled wines also. It’s just insulting. And the ‘wine for a woman’s palate’ is even more insulting. Get real. I hate chardonnay, a typical ‘female’ wine. Always have. And as sophisticated and dry as they make those roses, I’m still not a major fan. I only like the sparklings. I prefer — and probably always will — heavy red wines. But apparently, I don’t have the chromosomes to prove it. While I like promoting women winemakers and the idea of them having a platform on which to network and advance themselves and each other (no different than JAWS, Journalism and Womens Symposium, of which I’m a past member) I don’t think an all estrogen wine fest is necessary. If anything, I think men should be there to judge the wines. Maybe they’d learn something. After all, aren’t women supposed to have the stronger palate?

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