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Hotel Biron

By Jessica Yadegaran
Monday, January 15th, 2007 at 10:03 am in Uncategorized.

Finally made it to Hotel Biron. Tried going there on New Year’s Eve when I was doing a 4-course pairing at Cav, but alas, Hotel Biron was closed. First off, I love having two wine bars around the corner from each other, especially when they’re so different. Cav is on Market at Gough, next door to Zuni Cafe and reminds me of a Manhattan bar. Hotel Biron is on Rose, that little alley around the corner and reminds me of a half bottle of a bar you’d find somewhere in Aix-en-Provence. Tiny. Brick walls, dim lighting and a faint aroma of oak barrels are a sharp contrast to Cav’s modern minimalist feeling. The bar is totally DIY. You go up to the counter, order your glass or bottle off the double sided menu and pick up your glasses. Sometimes they uncork the bottle for you right there and you take it back to your table, other times they bring it to you. While I was there, I also ordered a Portugese goat’s milk cheese and baguette (cheese are $5, sides like dates or fruit are $3) and that was delivered to our table. Lots of reds from the States on the menu, including a Zin from Turley (yum) and a pinot from Heintz (yummier). The menu when we were there on Saturday differed from the one currently online because we definitely would’ve tried that Hungary/Austria/Germany sparkling Apfel-Cuvee Obstau Reisetbauer. In its absence, we went for a NV Prosecco, whose sweetness nicely complemented the mildly pungent cheese. I’d definitely go back to Hotel Biron, especially on a first Thursday of the month, when the space hosts a reception for local artists.

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