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Stars in TV Land Are Drinking Good Beer

By William Brand
Monday, January 15th, 2007 at 12:57 pm in Uncategorized.

Times are slowly changing in TV land and the people who stage dramas realize that no one with any taste at all drinks standard American lager anymore.

Watching the exellent ABC drama Brothers & Sisters about the trials of the Walker family, I was slightly shocked, but pleased, when John Pyper-Ferguson, who plays Joe, husband to Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) of the Walkers, grabs a beer from the refrigerator and hands one to his wife, I got a glimpse of the label: Eye of the Hawk**** from Mendocino Brewing. Excellent taste. It’s a malty, strong, 8 percent strong ale, a mainstay beer for me since it first came out in 1984.

A half-hour later on The L Word on Showtime, a couple of the characters share a beer. This time, I believe, it was something from Brooklyn Brewery, proving to me at least that this perplexing, glitzy drama, where everyone is slim, young and beautiful, is done in New York, not in California, where it’s supposed to be set. Or am I wrong?

One comment: Why must actors always drink beer from the bottle, but wine from a glass? It would help craft beer immensely, if they’d just pour it into a glass like ordinary people do.

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